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Chris Buckley: Key Notts County players have considerably upped their game

Winning football games is never the easiest thing to achieve. However, when you do manage to pull it off, it restores a sense of pride, not just within the club and its players but it spreads within the fan community.

The momentum it builds can be a very powerful psychological tool, which I believe is a part of why Notts County have managed to assert themselves strongly after the opening day defeat to Coventry City.

It’s been a long time since the club has felt like it’s moving in the right direction, and I believe we should continue to aim high.

Another aspect which only deserves praise is the fact that key players have upped their game – something which started from day one after Kevin Nolan arrived at Meadow Lane.

It would be unfair to suggest that the form which turned the club around during the 2016-17 season lies anywhere else and I feel strongly that the majority of the squad have continued this within their own right into 2017-18.

It’s this kind of form and focus which I would like the club to work towards now. However, I don’t suggest this isn’t the case – I do feel the focus has been lost somewhat.

Adam Collin has been a different keeper this term, he’s really impressed me and I still feel right now he doesn’t get the praise he deserves.

For the most part Richard Duffy has been solid, although admittedly I am not his biggest fan – I do feel he offers something which contributes to the success we are seeing on the field.

Dan Jones as a new signing has been paramount and has given the club a lot more pace at the back – after the shaky start he really has found his form prior to the recent injury.

At right back, Matt Tootle has been probably the most consistent player, something which I noticed myself last season.

He just seemed a different character on and off the pitch, and I am pleased to see that he feels open enough to talk about depression – something which I myself suffer from.

That’s the thing about the 2017-18 season, every player has largely been working towards the same goal and the added competition really has helped people thrive – perhaps not Tootle as much as Nolan has suggested recently but it certainly has for players such as Collin, Jonathan Forte and Carl Dickinson.

Whilst Nicky Hunt is a good character to have around, and someone capable for players to learn from, he really hasn’t done anything to push Tootle for his position.

I know it won’t be a popular opinion, however I would rather see Elliott Hewitt push Tootle because all Elliott requires is time to learn and gain experience.

However, it is still a positive note just how much widely across the pitch we have improved and there is depth within the squad when you take games seriously.

Whilst again, people suggest that Notts are unable to maintain their current form, if targets are a part of what got us here, ambition and desire should be more than enough to help us on our way with a return to form.

This is exactly why I feel the club should continue to aim high, we need to dig deep and believe – reverting back to the basics will help (as will keeping the ball on the ground).

And I really don’t believe in the curse of the Manager of the Month, if you remain grounded and focused on your tasks at hand, this is nothing more than praise for a job well done.

The majority of fans know that have leaders on the pitch, perhaps not captain material but we have a squad which cares – so let’s keep Notts flying high.

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agree but we need to see them do it again. i wished the club would focus on the football rather than the silly things like the hunt story and what not.

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Its a long season, plenty of bumpy roads but provided Nolan is focused on his job. We all be okay. We have a good manager, a lot of things are working in our favour also.

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