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Chris Buckley: 'We witnessed Notts County's rebirth in 2017, let's roar the club on to glory in 2018!'

What a transformation 2017 has been for Notts County. Ever since the arrival of Alan Hardy and Kevin Nolan, things have just been an amazing whirlwind.

After last season’s terrible drama, both on and off the pitch, I would have been happy enough for just a mediocre campaign for once.

However, this being Notts, things are never going to be dull are they?

This said now that we have enjoyed what can only be described as a very successful 2017-18 League Two season so far, I really don’t want it to change.

The club’s takeover has revived a new lease of life into the Magpies and on the field everything seems to going from strength to strength – it’s really hard to see how anything could actually change.

And even the optimism of the fact the club only requires a few key areas to be strengthened in the January transfer window, shows the amazing turn around, as usually we the fans do eye up improvements across the field.

It’s the little things which I feel have gone the furthest with Notts, a sensible manager at the helm, a chairman who believes the club can move forward without shortcuts and players so ingrained and in tune with the core heartbeat of the football club.

Honestly, I feel there’s a large element to the success of this season coming from the fact the players enjoy performing under the environment created and are thriving thanks to the extra support given by the fans during what seems to be an incredible run.

I feel there’s a lot of ambition around the club, which really does add to the solid foundations trying to be created – when Hardy spoke ‘a new era’ last season he really meant it.

There’s a noticeable increase within the supporters’ base, something which I noticed quite early and as I have written before home games feel very special when attending – almost like we realise that the club is on the verge of something vastly different to prior campaigns.

I would even praise how things have been increased within the club's marketing department, as the income generated within this area will naturally increase what we can spend and what further improvements can be made.

Honestly, I hope the fans that haven’t been able to attend games – look at this season and try to get down to Meadow Lane when possible.

The additional support is something I consider to be paramount, and during the difficult seasons I really found it difficult when I noticed friends and Notts fans becoming ever more absent.

Thankfully I have seen many return and you can’t blame people for not being there, yet I would urge any support – as the club is doing themselves.

Hardy’s desire to personally hand sign all of the Christmas cards sent out to season ticket holders was a nice thought.

A gesture that didn’t go unnoticed by me or my family, in fact my youngest daughter who has always loved the club from birth actually kept singing ‘I had a wheelbarrow’ and of course saying how much she enjoys being part of this fanbase.

It makes a positive difference doesn’t it? So, lets continue delivering the fantastic support build up in 2017 and emerge a much stronger community based football club in 2018 where hopefully we will be able to do something extra special on the field, and put further implementations to continue the club's fantastic start under Nolan and Hardy. You Pies!

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Edited by Joe Jones

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Terrific read pal , what a rallying call , and bang on the money with what you say , who would have thought we could have come so far so quickly , it really is the beginnings of an exciting ride , Mr Hardy as been and is a breath of fresh air , Mr Nolan an exciting young manager, the lane is buzzing it's brilliant , COYP 

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