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Kevin Nolan: A Notts County era

So as I write this on the 26/08/18 Kevin Nolan has been sacked following a termination of his contract by the NCFC board following a 3-1 loss to Lincoln City.

After around 18 months in charge it was with Mr. Hardy’s best interests to part ways with the ex- West Ham, Bolton and Newcastle midfielder.

I am writing this article to understand the thought process behind his sacking, will we miss him? And is promotion still achievable?

During Nolan’s time with the Magpies he managed 85 games with 35 being victories, 23 draws and 26 lost. With recent form the Scouse came under constant fire from media and fans. Notts County managed only 8 wins in 28 games in the football league which could be compared to relegation form at parts. However, it was not all doom and gloom for Kevin which as Notts fans we should remember.

The reason I have called it an era in the title is because in my opinion it was. Kevin Nolan restored one thing with his time at Notts which we had not had for a while and that was HOPE.

Nolan grabbed the team by the scruff on the neck on their knees in January 2017 and turned a 10-game losing streak into promotion form to keep the magpies up. He also brought some amazing talent in Jorge Grant, Ryan Yates and Josh Clackstone. Since then Ryan has now exceeded a 500,000 price tag and Jorge Grant has now moved up in leagues. Clackstone now plays regularly in the Championship with Hull City and Kevin Nolan has contributed to their careers and made them better players. Nolan also reached his first play off as a manager last year in the 2018/19 season which as fans we were extremely happy with but also disappointed as his decline in form as a manager cost us automatic promotion. It definitely was a era in my opinion because he was the first manager under Hardy that actually achieved something and provided the fans with some memories we will never forget and for that we can’t thank Kev enough.

Will we miss him? My answer is 50/50. I think Yes because he was a very strict manager with high standards which reflected on the pitch. Last year we played with heart and desire and he made every player work to wear the Notts County shirt. I also think No because his off-pitch attitude has been rumored to be unprofessional and lazy. I also think he has lost passion for the game which reflected on the touchline in recent games. Kevin Nolan could’ve done so much more to turn around his bad patch but decided not to. He became arrogant and in denial about problems within the team. So overall I think it was best for him and Notts County to move on.

Is promotion still achievable? My honest opinion, No. It is not the fact we have lost 4 game sin a row but we now have to go through a transition period with an new manager and set of backroom staff. I think it will take another few months for the team to gel and settle down unfortunately, and in this league, you have to hit the ground running otherwise It will eat you up and spit you out and then next thing you know you’re bottom of the league. It depends how well we do under Chettle but before you know it we could be in serious trouble and then we will once again be in a fight to get into the play offs. It is paramount we turn this form around soon to restore the faith in Hardy and the signings.

I am sure everyone from PON sends Kevin Nolan their best wishes for the future and really hopes to see him succeed. On a personal note, Kevin Nolan is the manager who brought me back to Meadow Lane after 2 years away from the sport and in turn got me involved with PON so for that I can’t thank him enough and the work he has done at the club has not gone unnoticed and in my opinion should be remembered forever for what he has done for Notts County. My first game I attended in 2 years was against Mansfield to watch this man’s managerial debut and I am now proud to say I am once again a season ticket holder to this amazing club. It’s because of the faith, hope and determination that was restored into Notts County by Kevin Nolan. Thanks for everything Kev.

Whether you were Nolan IN or OUT, I would like to hear your thought on the sacking and where you think the club goes from here. Also, one memory that stands out over the past 18 months under Kevin Nolan. Mine would be the Jonathan Forte equalizer against Cambridge.

Thank you for reading PON.

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Where did it go wrong? Refusing to play Jonathan Forte is where I would say things began but failing to buy a striker during the 2017/18 season seems to have impacted things.

I would like to think Forte would have done better with a younger striker to support him.

Good write up @samwatto2008.

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Agreed. The refusal to play Forte swings me towards the 'good decision' overall. Playing croonies such as Duffy isn't the way forward. I get loyalty, but I prefer skill and form to be at the top of the list.

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It feels like the end of an era for Notts.

I would hope if Notts continue struggle that Alan Hardy doesn't come under scrutiny for making this decision, despite me hoping that he had given Kevin Nolan more time.

KN could have turned things around IMO.

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Disappointed with the decision.

The players have let Kevin Nolan down and the next manager faces the same problem, if he don't win in the same amount of games will he be given time? I would imagine he would.

I just hope if this happens the same fans who wanted Nolan out say the same if the scenario does happen.

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Firstly it is a great article by @samwatto2008. I would of liked to see Kevin Nolan have a bit more time in charge but, can see why he has gone. I also agree that automatic promotion is gone now. However, with the players we do have I still believe that we can make play-offs. It will not be easy but, I still have hope.

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