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Lewis Thompson: Comparing Adam Collin and Ross Fitzsimons

Whichever goalkeeper you prefer, there is no doubt that Notts County have two very capable players in contention for the number 1 jersey in Adam Collin and Ross Fitzsimons, the debate on who should start has valid points for both keepers.

However, I aim to explain the difference between the two and who I feel should be the first choice keeper for the Magpies.

The knee injury to Collin during the 2-1 win over Barnet within League Two saw Fitzsimons step into the main role and during a heavy spell of pressure, he made several outstanding saves which kept Notts in the game.

This was the first time that I had seen Fitzsimons in action and I was genuinely impressed with his reactions, as the game was played largely on the back foot for Notts after Collin was substituted.

If he'd been on the field for longer, I would easily have considered him as one of the key candidates for Man of the Match.

And I thought if this was the standard he set, well I really couldn’t see how Collin could force his way back into Kevin Nolan’s squad at all.

Yet I wanted to write about this subject, but only after having enough time to fairly judge what Fitzsimons brings to the table.

Fans who feel that the two keepers are like-for-like are wrong in my opinion, I feel Collin’s experience and age makes him a more polished keeper at this level.

However, I certainly see the potential within Fitzsimons and I think overall he’s the much better shot stopper.

That said, I disagree that he is better currently and I feel he’s lacking the understanding with the back four that Collin has established over the course of this and last season.

I can fully understand why Nolan prefers Collin in goal, but being an unpopular figure at Meadow lane I don’t expect many other fans to give him the credit he deserves.

There’s still time however for Fitzsimons to establish himself further, all depending on when Collin returns to action.

It is quite possible that we might not see him for a few more months - I believe he was expected to be out for a minimum of 8 weeks which has recently passed.

And there is still little news coming out regarding how serious his knee ligament damage is.

If Fitzsimons can work on his consistency - as the past few games I feel he’s been quite shaky and I would also say he has shined as much between the sticks as I assumed he would have done - there might be a chance he will retain the position even after Collin’s return to match selection, but I don’t think this is all that likely considering.

Collin is more experienced, he’s switched on and alert. This season alone he seems a much different character than he was in his debut season and I think the weaknesses such as his communication have largely been worked on.

He seems more confident which I imagine can be hard when the Notts defence switches off, but again we have two capable keepers and the prospect of Fitzsimons is one I feel will only grow in strength during the coming games.

I would also like to point out that the position is the most scrutinized positon on the pitch, with fans perhaps being unforgiving of minor mistakes.

Fitzsimons has a valuable learning experience and I do feel he will take it, it just may take some time for him to establish the position for his own.

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They're very similar in terms of ability, but I do agree on the different styles.

Fitzsimons will only grow in confidence and experience by playing, so it is important that he gets his game time and I do think it's useful that he's only what 24? There's plenty of time for him to learn and improve. Collin is at his peak IMO and won't improve much further, so it's about right this.

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Fitzsimons has definitely proven himself but Collin has age and experience on his side so when he's back to fitness he should be integrated slowly back into action (it's great to have the luxury not to have to rush him) with a view to a first-team berth, but if Fitzsimons begins racking up clean sheets and becomes indispensable, then he stays.

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I prefer Fitzsimons myself but understand the view points shared by Lewis. Collin has been much better during this campaign and most of the mistakes was pushed onto him, so Nolan will have a tough decision to make eventually.

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Fitzsimmons is the better goal keeper, he's only going to get better the more games he plays.

I would think (without ever working it out) that if you counted the potential points gain from vital saves / saves they had no right to make (to coin that phrase) and the obvious loos from mistakes that Fitzsimmons would be by far the better statistically rated keeper.

Lets not forget that Collin's run in the team was for the most part during the period in which we hit a purple patch and Fitzsimmons has been during our more difficult period so far.

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I thought Fitzsimons looked awkward in the air yesterday.

Yes he caught the ball confidently the majority of times he was required, but at stages he seemed out of position or risked things which made me nervous. I both keepers have done well this season, I just think we should stick with one or the other because I dislike seeing keepers change for the sake of it.

Fitzsimons distribution is excellent, so I would go with him.

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This for me is difficult thing to answer I like both players they have both proved this season they have What it takes to help notts in different games and different times. 

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