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Match Reaction: Macclesfield Town 0-1 Notts County


Notts County now sit 17th in the League two table, six places above relegation, maintaining their unbeaten record after their third win this season, which ended 1-0 against Macclesfield Town on Saturday 6th October.

Macclesfield had three shots on goal, along with the Magpies also having three shots but they were all blocked. The match remained goalless at half time.

In the second half County's Jon Stead, Enzio Boldewijn, Nathan Thomas had a shot on goal and Macclesfield's Scott Wilson had one too.

Enzio Boldewijn got fouled in the box in the 80th minute, resulting in a penalty being awarded to Notts, and Stead duly converted in the 82nd minute.

Macclesfield's Callum Maycock attempted another shot in the top right corner but it was saved. The final score was 1-0 to the Magpies.

Here's a round-up of the post-match reaction from us at Pride of Nottingham.

Harry Kewell

"Nine points was the target so I’m very happy we have met it, It was an important week because I felt they were three games that we could win but we knew they’d be tough.

"The players have worked hard since we came in and over the last seven days we have started to see the benefits. It wasn’t a pretty game and I’ll be the first to admit that, we knew coming here would be tough and we had to dig in, defend well and wait for that bit of magic.

"You have to win ugly in any league by doing the hard things first and that is where the goal came from. Things don’t go well every match but you can run, put pressure on an opponent and work hard for the team. Today’s result is probably the best we have had."

Elliott Ward

"It was a battle and any game at the end of a three-game week is probably the toughest, when you are playing somebody who is bottom of the league then it’s always going to be hard.

"It was about mental toughness, concentration and playing until the last minute. We scored a late goal. You don’t have to play well, but you have to win.

"Defensively we are a lot stronger, It’s not just about the back four and the goalkeeper, but about everybody. We are a lot harder to play against and to break down."

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The Black & White Army on PON

Chris: "Not a good game but a great result, we'll take it and build further.

Neither side looked 'good' but I do feel Macclesfield looked more lively, as I mentioned in my scouting report - they panic and if they took a little bit longer to decent how best to finish chances. Well, I think they could have caused us more trouble. Notts was very flat though, there was no signs of a game plan and I say this not to be negative but to give my honest opinion of the game.

The usual players that 'lift' us, well they wasn't in the zone and I can't blame them for all the minutes they've put in.

I would have taken Jon Stead off today, he wasn't coping and he looked unable to cause trouble. Instead of bringing on Nathan Thomas, I would have taken Stead off and introduced Kristian Dennis. Also, Shaun Brisley should have gone off sooner - he gets a lot of stick these days but he did struggle to be effective.

Harry Kewell didn't seem to understand how to plan Macclesfield or how to change the tactics to get us going, however it's three massive points on the road and a fantastic win."

menzinho: "I was only able to listen today but I was incredibly surprised to hear Brisley in centre mid. I get that he's big and he'll win headers but his passing and general skill level is pretty low, on his good day he's your basic, kick it, head it, win type of defender. I can only guess he was a kind of stopper and I can't imagine he really helped build any attacks. It's also not exactly a vote of confidence for the likes of Vaughan and Husin.

My only tiny gripe with Kewell would be substitutions, when we went a man down against Crawley I was surprised he didn't get fresher legs on quicker, we waited for about 20 minutes, they should have been on much sooner in my opinion. Likewise today, we didn't really have many opportunities until the pen, but he chose to keep it as it was. Why bring Dennis on with about 5 mins left, what is he supposed to achieve? He's proved can be very effective in this league, give him a bit more time.

That all said, not really complaining 9 points from the last 3 games is fantastic, unbeaten in 5 as well. On the whole it's a big improvement and it finally feels like our season has started!"

Magic magpie: "Not the greatest of win but we got the points and moved up the table that is what counts.... but when u have ref that blows up for every little thing against the lads will be nervous to do anything.

CliftonMagpie: "Just happy with the three points, Enzio chasing the ball for the penalty was class.

All the players will make mistakes at times but when a player doesn't give up, you have to give him credit. Brilliant penalty by Stead too."

You can read the full Pride of Nottingham match discussion with comments post and pre-game here.

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