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Notts County - 1862


I have now written a brief introductory article about football up to the time of Notts formation in 1862 and will continue with more:-i.e. The formation of the F.A. and Football League and come up to date with, hopefully, interesting and informative articles. I enjoy reading about the history, players, and ups and downs of other clubs. I hope other site member do also and will add their own comments to give us all a better insight into football's rich history. Notts-Joe has asked me to write up about the history of football, not just relating to Notts County.

On 28th of November 2012 Notts County celebrated 150 years of existance.

Notts formation came about 50 years before The Titanic sank, 26 years before Jack the Ripper found notoriety. Across the Atlantic the American Civil war was being fought(1862-1865), Here in England, in the middle of Queen Victoria's reign, great things were happening.The lives of people in England were soon to be changed and then the whole world. The phenomenon we call Football was about to explode.

Football was much different back in Dickensian Britain. Games involving ball like objects have been played for centuries. Football evolved as Mob Football and in the Middle ages every town or village would play it's own version, usually on public holidays. A good but watered down example of this is still played in Ashbourne each Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.

There were no set rules and often resulted in injury and damage to property. Many Kings have tried to prohibit football over the centuries, for various reasons, but football in some form would not go away.

The industrial revolution in the 1700's brought about improved methods of manufacture and production It also helped change Britain from a rural to an urban country with rapid growth of populations in cities and towns particularly in Lancashire, Yorkshire and The Midlands.

The workers were now being employed in large factories instead of their own homes and it's not too difficult to imagine impromptu games taking place after work. Public schools also had developed differing styles of ball games. These were often more like Rugby with a mixture of kicking and throwing and encouraged as character building.

The first signs of teams being formed were beginning to be seen and with the coming of the railways by the mid 1800's, cheaper public transport was available.Another revolution was about to take place and NOTTS COUNTY would be at the forefront.

To be continued - Discuss Super Rams Series in the Community.

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I really believe that a mix of past, present and of course current events will be a great thing. I urge you to keep writing Dad, as I was nervous at first and it's only because of the positive support I feel writing is enjoyable. Pride of Nottingham needs to focus on having creative writers, people with a passion and you do.

Hope you're happy with the piece, I am.

Than you for your help.

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An interesting read, thanks Super Ram. I wonder what those people who played mob football would think if they saw the premiership players of today.


Looking forward to the next instalment.

I wonder the same but from the 50's to 70's, I think none would like the current state as much as they did. It's been ruined a little with Sky and the teams who over spend in order to achieve, I think stability us seems much nicer than over spending.

The people who started the craze most likely wouldn't understand and most likely would want to injure the current players.

Very violent, I recall the teacher(s) at school in History and P.E mentioning it wasn't uncommon to be killed or be seriously injured. The book of drawn images were pretty disturbing of people playing whilst others struggled on the floor.

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I am actually quite nervous waiting for a response, any response, apart from yours, Joe.

I would have liked to give a more detailed write up but we can probably enlarge as members respond(if they do)

Stop fishing for compliments! It's nice when you do, though some of the things I have occasionally do not. Remember what you said in the "Guess Who" topic? Takes time, they'll come and my opinion is as valid as anyone's.


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I'm not fishing but do understand a bit more how you feel when you get a bit down about the site. I'm also getting a good feeling with the responses so far. Roller coaster ride. I'm up at the moment. :hyper:

    And of course your opinion is always valued.(though not always agreed with) :angel:

   It's usually me encouraging you and the reversal is much appreciated. :thumbsup:

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