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Firstly, Could you tell Pride of Nottingham how long you've been a Notts County fan and a little about yourself?

Tom: I have been a Notts fan for 21 years, for the first 18 years often wondered why haha. Well my name is Tom I am 21 and currently in the process setting up my own business within sport.

Vicki: Been going down Notts for 43 years, used to with my 'dad, brother, grandad and cousins'. My brother, hubby and cousins still go. I now take my granddaughter Tia age 3 and a half, been working for Notts City Council for 22 years now.

What are your earliest memories of the lane?

Tom: Think it as to be Steve Thompson on the touchline spending whole game ranting at his own players! Hated by fans but adored for one night only during the famous league cup run.

Vicki: Used to fetch my dad and grandad a brovil at half time, lots of fans then, our dad used to take us to away games too, can remember still and bansley we get surround by bansley fans, they took my brother scarf!!

If you could choose any season bar the Munto year, which year is the most memorable for you and why?

Tom: It as to be season under Thommo and going to the Riverside to see N'toya score and send us through, only to end the cup run against Wycombe. But being at SOL in FA Cup as that season close second.

Vicki: It's got to be the playoffs with warnock, so many fans went; we was playing football in a pub car park down there, also bumped into Jimmy Sirrel in the car park, like meeting a long lost friend (think he thought i was mad)

Over the recent years we've seen many managers enter and exit, if you had to put the following into order of your favourite to least what would the order be? (Keith Curle, Martin Allen, Paul Ince, Craig Short and Steve Cotterill)

Tom: Keith Curle, Steve Cotterill, Paul Ince, Martin Allen and Craig Short.

Vicki: Managers, emm, loved Mad Dog, Steve Cotterill, Craig Short, Keith Curle, Ince

How many Notts County shirts do you own and which is your favourite?

Tom: Own shirts from last three seasons, this seasons limited edition is my favorite.

Vicki: own 5 shirts, like the home bitter one best, Tommy Johnsons time. lol

What was it like growing up as a Notts County supporter from your point of view?

Tom: Growing up in Mansfield at a time when Notts want the best, made for few awkward situations in school on derby weekend, but was always proud to say I was a Notts fan.

Vicki: At school most of the kids was into forest, they thought only OAP's went to notts and I got a lot a stick at school

Can you tell Pride of Nottingham about your favourite player growing up?

Tom: Has to be Michael Johnson for ensuring we stayed in the football league with assistance from Hoult, was great how he returned home to his club and following season took a pay cut to end his career, one game in particular stands out against Rochdale, he took a battering all game with blocks, goalline clearance with shot hitting him right in his stomach, only to end the game with his first Notts County goal.

Vicki: My favourite player Les Bradd, omg he was great lol

So far this season, which game stands out the most to you and why is that?

Tom: Curse of Hartlepool;) Game that possibly stands out most is first league game of the season, from that confidence increased and got the feeling no team be bullying us unlike last season. For majority of the season that as gone on to be the case.

Vicki: Got to say yesterday, the team was crap first half, was a different time after half time (think Chris gave them a smack).

If you were the manager and you could realistically sign two more players, which position would they be and who?

Tom: I would sign a new striker in Tom Craddock in hope be able to show his potential, along with carrying on an impressive lower league scoring record. Second player would been Bogdanovic due to believing he would had the ability to ensure top 6 finish.

Vicki: Striker, anyone who can put the ball in, sometimes i think midfield needs someone too.

We've got the strongest side Notts County have had for many years, yet we are struggling. What's your take on the current form and how can we see past it?

Tom: We seem to have hit a blip in form recently, one main reasons as to be our inability to score when on top, this then giving opposition the confidence to go down other end and go for the win, so only way past it is signing a striker. Sadly for what ever reason we have struggled last couple of years to sign a good one.

Vicki: Think we have signed to many donkeys, they love the money but not our club, there's NO passion.

Have you ever been to a match that wasn't Notts County related? If so can you tell about the match?

Tom: Went to watch Mansfield Town play Portsmouth to see Tony Adams. But left disappointed due to him refusing to stop for picture and autograph.

Vicki: Only to watch my sons play at school.

How important would you say success is on the field for Notts and where did you see us finishing at the start the season?

Tom: Very if we are to improve the gates and therefore increasing player budget, but same time good attacking players get fans in, so its a bit cat and mouse atm. Need more fans but fans want good players before willing to pay for matchday tickets. At start of the season under KC I expected play-offs with decent chance top 2, but sadly we are couple players short of that. So have to settle for decent chance at top 6.

Vicki: VERY, VERY thought we would make the play off, still hoping, onwards and upwards NCFC for ever.

Pride of Nottingham would like to thank Tom (who we wish the best with his business adventure) and Vicki. Many thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

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so glad i could help x

Reading responses like yours, especially the one regarding Jimmy Sirrel are priceless. Must of been very special! :)

Thanks again vicki.

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