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Our Club, Our Passion


I've been very busy since opening Pride of Nottingham that I haven't had much time for my other hobbies. When I'm not doing things on here, I tend to be found on one of my other sites that I run. These are all things I am very passionate about, so it makes complete sense to bind two of them together. The first site I ever started was related to Poetry & Art, it's something that has been very positive in my life and great way for me to express myself. I very much enjoy writing as a hobby, over the years I feel I've gotten much better than being basic at it.

Please take the time to read

'Our Club, Our Passion'
by Notts-Joe

Will you stand with us,
As we fall, or as we win.
Be the spine, the song,
The roar of it all.
Be the pride,
Our passion, the life,
Of our ever dreaming belief,
Will you take a moment,
To think before you speak?
Can you encourage, inspire,
Be more than one fan,
Chant for the moment,
Sing when nothing can be sung,
Will you rise above,
The shadows which form from off the floor,
Can you back our team,
Just once more,
We will build as we grow,
One hundred and fifty years on,
Our club is our passion,
As fans we can be strong,
To challenge, to make a difference.
Together we are one,
Have faith in our tough times.
I will, will you?

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Erindoors; I'm very glad that you like it, I've grown rather fond of it and I am glad that I actually decided to share it here. (if it wasn't for Kate and a couple of friends, I don't think I would of)

Hehe! I'm not so sure about that, friendlyshrew pm'ed me (personal messaged me) and joked about something very similar. He thinks it would make a good entrance theme, though that's a little OTT in my opinion. I'm going to see if I can shorten it, as I'm honoured that it might feature in themag. re-editing and re-working isn't my strong point and I am very unsure about it. It's a very kind offer though.

friendlyshrew; I tried to write something that would be easily related too. I actually had a few more mentions of Notts but I didn't feel they benefited and I opted to using 'One hundred and fifty years on'. Thank you!

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You have every right to be proud of that mate, I wouldn't know where to start! Positive stuff!! Did you E-Mail the club about it or did they notice it?

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I wouldn't edit it. It'd lose something. I have visions of it being read out, Churchillian style as people pass through the turnstiles! A sort of warhorse let's be aving you ;-)

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SteveMUP; I E-Mailed the Media Team (with support) As I mentioned I wasn't sure about sharing it. Thanks for the kind words Steve.

Erindoors; I tried to see if I could but I didn't like the results of having to juggle it around, so I'm going to leave it unedited. It just didn't have the same impact :) That's actually quite an inspiring vision, if the poem had half the impact as Churchill's speech had on our country I would be even more over the moon.

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Oh, wow Joe. This is great! The video works well.

I hear you chairman is unhappy with attendance levels and your fans, you should share it! We had a poet write about us, his was more about our city. Probably an effort to raise his profile. This is totally different, inspiring and compassionate!

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