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Shaun Derry: The Magpie Circle - The Great Escape double episode feature


Join Paul Mace, the host of "The Magpies Circle" podcast as he talks with Shaun Derry in a two part addition.

The Basford-born midfielder, has the unique distinction of being the only man to have grown up as a boy supporting Notts County. Then later playing for the club which he would eventually manage, join us as we take a trip down memory lane.

In hos first ever in-depth interview speaking about his career, Derry speaks of his highs and lows whilst at the club. From how he was a Junior Magpie, to featuring as a player in early 90-91. How his dream came true playing for the club only aged 18, playing at Wembley and even how Liverpool star Steve Finnan joined Notts as a youngster staying with his parents for six months.

In both episodes, you can unwind, learn all the facts of the great escape from League One and, explore Shaun Derry's football career with The Magpies Circle.

Part 1: 51:44 in length.

Part 2: 56:04 in length.


Facebook: https://fb.watch/2aaRAZzcSe/



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It's a fantastic episode, Paul always does a great job with flowing from subject to subject whilst allowing the guest to speak openly about their time at the club. This double episode with Shaun Derry is an excellent podcast, I loved hearing about Steve Finnan and the old cow shed area where the players used to train.

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I've listened to the 2nd one first..... again a really good insightful interview by @TheMagpieCircle

Here is my take, reading between the lines:

1) Recruitment: Brano's appointment an absolute disaster waiting to happen ( had he been a head of recruitment elsewhere?..no, I think is the answer)

2) Recruitment : Derry seemingly signed players on "other peoples" recommendations, without ever seeing them play. Jimmy Sirrel did the leg work, travelling up to Scotland midweek to see games... I never got that impression that Shaun put in the miles? he mentioned Greg Abbotts in depth knowledge of L1, L2, Conference...so why did we end up signing the likes of Hayhurst, Wroe, Santos on loan....  It just doesn't hang well together. Bajner being a case on point, signed up on the basis of a call from his agent

3) Budget cuts.... I think people are missing the flip side to this equation. The Trews, probably still had the financial legacy of the Munto fiasco to continually to sort out. Also, maybe, writing without any knowledge...did the Trews have the necessary "dosh" coming in to finance the budgets...hence the cuts being made. I recall Chris Kiwomya saying his budget had been cut by a third...so this was ongoing...

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