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Blair Adams: 'Uncertainty around Notts County crept into our performances'

Joe Jones

Notts County defender Blair Adams has claimed that the turmoil behind the scenes at Meadow Lane contributed to the players' poor showing in the league this season.

The Magpies, one of the favourites for promotion back to League One at the start of the campaign, were candidates for relegation out of the Football League by the last few weeks of 2015-16.

Adams identified issues behind the scenes, including a succession of managers, fan unrest and a protracted sale that is yet to go through at the time of writing as factors in the club's implosion and bottom-half finish.

He wrote in the Nottingham Post: "Uncertainty around the club crept into our performances and teams came to Meadow Lane and sensed fragility.

"We had three managers during the season and each gaffer brought their own tactics and management styles that, inevitably, took time to adapt to.

"Under Jamie Fullarton, we were consistently defended in the media for below-par performances, whereas Cooper chose to openly criticise.

"Both manager reactions should have triggered an immediate response from the players, either to repay the faith or prove them wrong. But as each game was ticked off, the same problems materialised.

"Unfortunately, now, we as players can't say "we'll put it right in the next game". The season is done and the league table reveals a bitterly disappointing position."

To read the whole column, click here (redirects to the Nottingham Post website).

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Sorry, it wasn't 'uncertainty'. At least in my opinion, Mansfield was a soul destroyer and I'm sure certain things didn't help but really people should admit the side just wasn't pulling together or playing to the best standard that they could. Majority of professionals can work under difficult circumstances, people who know they're about to lose their jobs for example.

Only a handful of players wanted to turn the season around, lack of desire and passion meant it became intangible.

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Sorry this maybe won't go down well with many , but I for one do NOT want to hear any feeble excuses from any of the players for that totally diabolical season, difficult circumstances agreed , but come on the players were the cause of much of what went on , I hate to hear players talking a good game , when you have the chance to play a good game as a united team get out on that pitch and do it , sorry don't want to hear from any of that shower .

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Yep, the players had the WHOLE of last season to prove they are better than this and make amends to the fans. They didn't, and no amount of nice words to the press will make up for it.

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