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Two historic legends: Jimmy Sirrel & Jack Wheeler Immortalised


Two historic legends: Jimmy Sirrel and Jack Wheeler will be coming back home to Meadow Lane, as the Statue Fund announce that the fundraising target has been achieved.

Yesterday’s ‘pub to club’ walk in the memory of Jack Wheeler who had sadly passed away back in June 2009, has seen the remaining £500 raised and a total of £633 saw the Statue Fund complete their overall objective.

Lisa Black proudly announced the outstanding achievement via the statue funds Facebook group.

She said, “The Jimmy & Jack Statue Fund raising is now complete at £102,000.

The statue is cast and the plans are now coming together to see our Notts County legends transported from the foundry in Liver to Meadow Lane by the end of April 2016.”

“Thank you to every single person that has helped, be it from the early conversations and the concept, donating a £, pence or being involved week in, week out.” Before adding, “We would not have done this without you”.

Pride of Nottingham member ‘MagpieJue’ who took part in the walk alongside her Granddaughter Libby aged 7 said, “It was lovely, a nice route down the canal side, Libby completed it too, and it took us 2 hours, which I didn’t think was bad at all.”

“Uncle Colin came to the pub to see us off too, we were all awarded with a certificate of appreciate at the end of the walk, and got copies from the F.A of Jimmy’s coaching credentials”.

The project will now see Jimmy Sirrel and Jack Wheeler immortalised outside Meadow Lane, with fans of all ages being able to enjoy and remember two of the greatest men in the history of the Notts County football club.

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The words and actions of Brian Clough are well documented, and are rolled out every time commentators are stuck for words. A short time ago we were given a display of Brian's more positive sayings when the city council paid for posters around slab square.

Searching for the words and actions of Jimmy Sirrel proves less fruitful.
I know Jimmy didn’t court the media, and never  attempted to appear bigger than the team, but there are a lot of stories which show just how grate he was for Notts, which are in danger of being lost. Dave Mc Vay touched on some of the more comical elements in his book,  but didn’t reveal much about Jimmy.

To me, the selfless way he carried on working on the day when his wife had died, and only announced his loss after the game is more deserving of a Knighthood than winning a European Cup.  

Managers are paid to do that, it is not a service to football.

Incidents like the day tv cameras rolled up to Villa park to see the reining champions take newly promoted Notts County apart, but against the odds, Notts won. A stunned reporter having already implied that it was a complete fluke, asked Jimmy how did his team beat the mighty Villa.  In his broad Glaswegian accent he said those wonderful words:-

We scored one…errr………..They scored none.

With that, the interview ended.
There was No bull, about referees or ifs and buts. There had been a plan. We played to it, won, and at the end of the game that’s all he needed to know…

My Mother and Father met Jack Wheeler and his wife Ingrid I think, whilst in Scotland. My Dad who would play, manage, referee or do anything to do with the game,  spent part of a weeks holiday listening to Jacks stories whilst the rains fell. (Best holiday he had in years.)

 I know there are a lot of stories which show just how good they were for the pies, perhaps we should collect them for posterity.

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