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When will we play again?


The Shrewsbury game seems to be a distant memory now. For myself it's hard to believe we haven't played since the 1st of January 2013. The weather forecast doesn't seem to help our lack of events surrounding Notts County. Apart from the signing of Andre Boucaud it has been very quiet, not much seems to be happening at all and I'm starting wonder if we will make any other signings. It's not a complaint, I'm just hopeful that we may add bulk to our squad. More importantly I cannot wait to see the colours of our team on the field, battling to rise back into the play-off spots.

In recent news reports you may of seen Scott Laird has publicly accepted Jamal Campbell-Ryce's apology regarding the challenge which caused Scott to break his leg. It's good to see, although it's a sign as to how quiet it has been at Meadow Lane as it's hardly a worthy of a headline story.

After the comments of Mr Trew, it's brought concerns regarding the 70k debt and although I don't like reading about any debt, I would like to add it's good that it's not much higher compared to Swindon Town who are reported to be losing £250,000 a month. It makes me even more grateful that we have the Trew's behind the club as I am sure his accountancy is vital to keeping things flowing without rising to such a concern.

I feel it's important that when the next game, whenever that may be, we get fully behind the club and squad, try to do as much as we can to help get back our finances which may allow us to be in a position next year to add further improvements. Survival is important, I wouldn't take anything else but would like to help secure a brighter, more promising future. After all, any help we give the club we may see reflect back towards us supporters and if not we can surely help reduce the debit by making sure we take along a friend or two, purchase from the club shop and even find alternative ways of getting money back to the club.

These postponements will not be helping, it's quite concerning but we can make the difference and I'm sure the club would appreciate all our efforts in trying to help ease the debt loss.

Over the next coming weeks I hope to bring more news to your screens, more signs of growth and although it's a slow start for us, it is nice to know that Pride of Nottingham is serving the Notts County community. It's important that we focus on being a good alternative source for fans and this is very much our focus. Please consider joining if you're a frequent reader, we would love to say hello and see our community (forum) flourish with new discussions.

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We've been so unlucky over the last month, three games we've had postponed and we may well have a fourth, tomorrow at 1pm we'll have our pitch inspection, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly because it's been too long! And if it does, then let's hope it's a case of "well rested" rather than "rusty" :)

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