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Pride of Nottingham returns with the 'Opposition View' prior to the game against Swindon Town, We've taken the time to ask a series of questions to medievalmikey. Notts have found a good string of form in away games, Saturday may prove to be a challenge. Swindon Town come into the game having previously beaten Yeovil 2-0 and narrowly losing to Brentford before that. As the season dwindles all games begin to be play there part, hopefully we can get something out of the game! Who knows if Judgey will score the winner again?

Firstly, could you tell prideofnottingham.co.uk a little about yourself, such as how long you've been a fan for?

I am 67 years old, mainly retired and have followed Swindon Town for many years. I recall my grandad taking me to watch 3rd Division South matches when I was 7 or 8 but watched local Southern League football in 60s and early 70s. I began watching Swindon seriously around early 80s and have held a season ticket for around 30 years.

Can you tell us your opinion on the Di Canio saga and how did you feel about his departing from Swindon Town?

Paolo DiCanio was very strong on the family ethos and had the vision that the club was an extended, loyal family. Both his parents died last season on the eve of our Plymouth matches and this seemed to tighten that bond. Despite this he has a fiercely individual persona and I felt that his standards were so exacting that our club would be too small a stage: his early departure seemed inevitable. Such a pity it was so abrupt and unpleasant. Under Paolo there always seemed to be a problem. Kevin MacDonald is much more pragmatic.

The clubs debt sent a shock-wave around League One, I myself was surprised to hear such news. How is this going and are you any closer to a potential takeover?

The debt appears to be internal and came to light because Andrew Black, the majority shareholder, seemed to have had enough of running the club in the style of the manager. He decided to sell up in a hurry and sell Matt Ritchie which led to all the well publicised events. We do have new owners but are still subject to a Football League embargo. Things are generally uncomfortable just now.

Do you think Swindon Town can climb back into one of the top two positions?

We are currently 3rd after another excellent away result so a top two finish is still on but it is very tight. We cannot be relegated!

Please share a little about your clubs progress in the past 3 years, do you have a special memory from this period?

The last three years have been like a roller coaster ride: wooden spoon, championship and losing appearances at Wembley. I guess the special memory would have to be the appointment of Paolo DiCanio and his team because this led to the on field excitement over the last 2 seasons.

How long have you been following Swindon Town and do you travel to away games?

I have watched Swindon Town off and on for close to 60 years but have done so regularly for around 30. I do not tend to travel to away games: home matches involve a 65 mile round trip.

Matt Richie, an ex Notts County loanee departed for league one rivals Bournemouth. How much of a loss was this?

I do not think that Matt Ritchie's loss was of major significance so far as the playng side was concerned and Kevin MacDonald can't miss what he never had. The political effect of Matt's move was cataclysmic.

How important has James Collins been for you and at the age of 22, he must be gaining some attention from other clubs, how do you see Swindon Town handling any possible offers?

James Collins is something of an enigma in that he seems to promise more than he has achieved yet has scored a lot of goals including 4 as a second half substitute. He appeared to be afraid of making a mistake because Paolo would have no hesitation in subbing him in the first 20 minutes. Many of our players seem to have suffered from that phobia. I think we must accept the fact that we will become a selling club especially since Kevin MacDonald's appointment. he is already giving youth players a taste of first team involvement.

Which Notts County players would you consider to be a threat and which of your defenders is most likely going to be made aware of them?

I must admit to knowing little of Notts County's strengths. Our defence is well marshalled by Darren Ward and Wes Foderingham is our best goalkeeper for years. Our strength is teamwork: we have no star player.

Can you tell us which Swindon Town players are most likely to be lively?

Nathan Thompson has been a revelation this season and has seamlessly replaced Paul Caddis. Darren Ward is a great leader and Alan McCormack is hurting oppsition with his strong runs now he is back in midfield. Simon Ferry is our best ball player. Andy Williams has pace and control but finishing is not great. James Collins and Adam Rooney are beginning to score more regularly.

Please tell us about the facilities around County Ground and anything which our travelling fans may find useful?

There are a few fast food oulets close to County Ground and various pubs although I don't know which are away fan friendly. Our friends from Walsall meet up for a drink in the cricket club which adjoins the County Ground. There are Pay and Display car parks within easy walking distance.

Lastly could you tell Pride of Nottingham about your all time footballing hero?

My all time footballing hero is Brian Clough an immense footballing talent whose career was cut short by injury. He then became a very successful and charismatic manager. I was fortunate to see him play against Sweden at Wembley in 1959. I turned up and paid at the turnstile!

We would like to Thank medievalmikey for taking the time to answer our questions, also for taking the time register and join us. Any members reading this who haven't already please consider saying hello to his introduction.

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Another excellent article,I really enjoyed this one.Thanks Mickey.Unfortunately I never saw our ex-boss play but I did meet him,sort of.Take a look at the Cloughie article*(English Leagues Forum) on this site for more.His son, Nigel, is our manager,though his character is much quieter.

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