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Firstly, could you tell prideofnottingham.co.uk a little about yourself, such as how long you've been a fan for?

Been a fan since the early 70's. Moved around the country alot in 80's, 90's an 00's so didn't get to see that many home matches but always saw them if they were playing nearby. Moved back to midlands three years ago and get to most home matches and local derbies.

I keep reading comments from Saddlers fans regarding your good form, can you tell about the past 3 games and how important this form is at this period in the season?

Went 16 games without a win and relegation was looming. A dire FA cup replay match against Lincoln was when we hit rock bottom. However, Smith stuck to his guns of wanting to play proper football rather than hoofing it and it has all come good. Confidence in the team his high.

David Grof, Febian Brandy and Craig Westcarr are all players from Notts County's 2011 squad, do you expect any to feature in our game and who do you prefer personally?

David Grof won't be playing. Smith has no confidence in him, hence a merry-go-round of loan goalies this season. McLoughlin's loan period is up after we play you so we shall probably see a new face betwen the sticks a week on Saturday (unless MK Dons let McLoughlin stay). Febian Brandy has been a revelation. Got injured in a pre season friendly so was slow to make an impression. Now he can't stop scoring. We need to sign him up for an 18 month contract now. Westcarr is an enigma. When he plays, the team plays well. He can hold the ball up and spread it well. Some fans don't rate him, some are undecided, some think he is great! Will probobaly come on for Baxendale in the second half.

We're still playing under caretaker manager Chris Kiwomya, as an opposition fan who do you think is likely to land the full time job and what's your opinion on Chris?

I don't know who you will get. You could do worse than rescue Richard Money (Dickie Dosh) from Cambridge. Did well at Walsall but never seems to get on with fans wherever he goes! Chris Kiwomya played for Ipswich? Good player but early days to be judged as a manager

As an ex player of Walsall FC, Dean Smith is doing a pretty decent job with the Saddlers what are your thoughts on him as a manager?

Has a strong belief on how he wants the game to be played and won't be panicked into changing his systems. The team he has put together has cost nothing compared with other teams in the league. I think that speaks volumes about his ability to get the best out of what he has got. Now his name is linked with Coventry and Preston! Earlier in the season,he was criticised for some bizarre substitution decisionsthat have cost us points. He has seemed to have improved lately.

Can you tell us about your favourite game from this season and a maybe about a classic match also?

For me, the last home match against Oldham who beat Liverpool the previous week. The second half we were fantastic.The attendance went up too so there was a bit of atmosphere. I reckon there should be 5k plus there on Saturday.

Classic Match. Watford 4 Walsall 4 FA cup 5th round replay 1987

Is there any current Notts County players, budget permitting that you would like to sign? (some of our fans will be thinking it's a shame we still don't have Tom Williams right now, some would have paid to send him to Walsall – probably would have even paid his wages).

We don't need anyone from anywhere at the moment! Hang on... Whats your goalie like?

Who are your dangerman? Keeping in mind we're familiar with Febian and Craig.

Grigg (works hard and will create chances for himself). Paterson ( will make constant wrong decsions but still score) Bowerman from the bench. Adam Chambers will run the midfield.

Which of our players do you see as concerns to your defence and who do you think will handle them?

Butler will stick his head were people fear to put their feet. Downing is improving but can be a bit naive. Taylor and Purkiss are good attacking fullbacks with good crosses. Anyone with a turn of speed on the left could cause us problems.

Can you tell Pride of Nottingham about Walsall, such as your ground and nearby pubs/bars?

Well behaved away fans are welcome in the Saddlers Club. There is also a bar in the visitors end. Avoid the Fullbrook pub about a mile away. The ground is easy to get to and plenty of parking. We have our own railway station to. The snack bar will probably run out of food. We don't do chips!

Out of interest did you see the Celtic/Juventus game and are you aware that some of their fans have shown great support to Notts County FC? (Known as Italian Magpies).

Didn't Notts County provide Juventus with their shirts when they were founded? I think the similarity ends with the kit!!

Where did you think Walsall and Notts County will finish up in the league table by the end of the season?

Walsall could nick a play off place if teams around us lose their games in hand. Mid-table for you this season

We would like to Thank DonningtonSaddler for the time of answering questions and sharing his views.

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Struggled to get this view too, it's sometimes a challenge and other times it's as simple as asking a fan.

As you can see I tried to plug our friends Italian Magpies as I like to repay them for the support given to us. (didn't work but appreciate the answer) Donny was quite a shinning light on their fan site, some interesting characters again but I've come away with a good contact. :)

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