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  2. The raffle might see the participants requirement lowered, all depends on the interest but all the prizes will remain. Help support this independent platform.
  3. £2.50, all funds goes towards the sites upkeep and development. Two vital areas for PON to become self-sustaining, plus there's 6 prizes up for grabs! Please consider supporting the raffle folks.
  4. It sounds like Jim O'Brien has a lot of respect for Neal Ardley, you could also assume he feels a new manager could be appointed as The Post speculated that he wanted to be reassured of Ardleys future first. I feel both should remain, I would hope O'Brien re-signs because he's good enough. Let's get the JOB done.
  5. Fans should be able to influence a decision but not fully choose what happens because when something goes wrong or they have too much of a decision, its not always going to be the best option... It will always be petty in some way
  6. Having a squad that can change to adapt to different teams style of play will be more beneficial in non league.
  7. Notts may not be as much of an interest to him all of a sudden... Some good things come out of relegation.
  8. I think he will, he's caught the attention of the club now and if not, he will move onto better things. Hopefully Neal Ardkey sees sense and finds someone like Jim O'Brien to go alongside him.
  9. delivered Would you rather eat burgers or sandwiches?
  10. chase dreams Would you rather pick up your shopping or get it delivered?
  11. animated Would you rather chase dreams or see them in your future forever?
  12. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, it was an average day to be fair but I spent a few hours with my parents. Made special for seeing @GrannyPie up and out of her bed. It was nice to see the old man *cough *Cough @super_ram
  13. extra space Would you rather watch animated or real people movies?
  14. climbing frame Would you rather have extra space or live closer to neighbours?
  15. house Would you rather have a climbing frame or trampoline?
  16. cake Would you rather play games in the garden or house?
  17. one friend over Would you rather eat cake or crisps?
  18. spain Would you rather have a kids party or just one of your kids friends over?
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