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  2. thats a cool piece of knowledge, its funny how we have helped clubs like juve and newcastle.
  3. i dont think people are born racist, i think its about their upbringing and not just the parents. i know of people who have borderline views who have very friendly parents, but they have fallen into the wrong crowds at school etc.
  4. first time i agree with the released list, its sad to see some of the young players go but in terms of their careers it will be better for them.
  5. its a good idea but not everyone could afford something like this, i find it sad how clubs charge for mascots these days. there should be a number of free places across the season.
  6. As I was bored, I spent some time reading the excellent Notts County FC and the Birth of Modern Football by Darrin Foss (buy it!) and discovered a bit of a gem. It was the early 1890s and Notts had recently adopted black and white kits after the Football League had appealed to several clubs to change away from blue to prevent kit clashes. The change doesn't seem to have been popular at first and many club members wanted to see a return to chocolate and blue. In an early round of the FA Cup, Notts were away to Sunderland while Forest were playing at home to Newcastle East End. Trouble is, both our beloved neighbours and Newcastle played in red. As change kits weren't yet quite "in", there was a bit of a discussion about who should wear red, and Forest were ultimately allowed to wear their home colours as they were the first team to wear red. Luckily for Newcastle many Notts members were in attendance, and thanks to one of them the visitors were able to take to the field resplendent in black and white. Fast forward a couple of years and East End had become United, with the renamed team formally adopting black and white as their colours. And maybe we had something to do with it too
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  8. Nearly a month on from my last post here, the third division is up and running with a crazy schedule that sees 11 rounds of matches being played in four weeks. The hygiene rules imposed by the DFB (German FA) have resulted in high costs and hotel bills running into tens of thousands of euros, yet the DFB - the world's richest football association, sitting on reserves of €130 million - has insisted that clubs foot the bill themselves. FSV Zwickau have been forced to apply for a loan of €800,000 just to keep going. Meanwhile, Bundesliga clubs' costs are being paid in full by the DFL. The different infection protection rules in different states have resulted in a less than level playing field. On Saturday, Waldhof Mannheim, who had been in team training for just four days, played KFC Uerdingen, who had been allowed to train for four weeks. No prizes for guessing who won. Waldhof did win the next game to return to third, and pretty much the entire top half of the division is in the running for promotion. Just don't ask me to watch any more matches behind closed doors on TV.
  9. Pierce Bird is the only one who surprises me in the released list. He seems to have a lot more natural ability than, say, Hollis (who made more than 100 appearances!), but he never forced himself into the first team and NA has his reasons to let him go, maybe for the reasons mentioned above. The rest are predictable. It's certainly sensible to have a smaller group training for the play-offs, as we're probably only talking two matches tops - as the third-placed team, a semi-final at home and hopefully the final.
  10. https://www.dw.com/en/bayern-munichs-jerome-boateng-no-child-is-born-a-racist/a-53674096
  11. No issue with any of that. Strong looking 24 imo. I know some will be saying about Tootle and Bird, but Tootle’s contribution was a lot earlier in his contract and hasn’t been able to crack a first team place for a while now. Bird...potentially a good CB, but for the first time in years, central defence isn’t an issue. Rumours of his poor training and laziness has been around for a long time now. That 24 sort of wrote itself imo. Would cope easily in L2 as well imo. Wow. Nice to talk about football at Notts again!
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  13. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2020/june/play-off-training-squad-confirmed-030620/
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/feb/04/government-letter-to-nissan-reveals-brexit-promise-to-carmarkers
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  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/52898120
  17. Indeed I would. It would be an unique opportunity. I haven't got the prettiest mug in the world so a couple of pretty people either side of me would be required!
  18. https://web.archive.org/web/20150327194104/http://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/article/notts-county-sign-cranston-on-short-term-deal-1890375.aspx
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