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  1. Young people often follow in their parents' footsteps. A person's behaviour, opinions and actions will doubtlessly filter through to their children, and the same can be said about a person's career - as they have inside knowledge of their chosen field, this will influence the son or daughter, and the likelihood of them entering the same field is high. This is also the case in football, with professional players' kids often getting into the sport, where they can benefit from the parent's knowledge, experience and connections. However, when your father is one of the greatest footballers of all time, sometimes it can place a burden on those young shoulders, especially when you're playing the same position as them. And when that position is goalkeeper, the most scrutinised of all, then there is a lot to live up to. Kasper Schmeichel, however, is doing just that. The son of Man Utd and Denmark legend Peter, Kasper was born in Copenhagen in 1986, and in 2002, signed terms with Man City, where Schmeichel Sr enjoyed a fantastic season helping the newly promoted team consolidate their place in the Premier League after years in the wilderness. As he learnt his trade, he was loaned out to Darlington, Bury and Falkirk, gaining valuable first team experience, before making his debut for City in August 2007, against West Ham. Against Arsenal, he kept a clean sheet and saved a Robin Van Persie penalty, further endearing him to the fans and earning him plaudits, but with the Thaksin Shinawatra takeover, all of a sudden City were expected to challenge for honours, a big ask for the fledgling keeper. Another loan period at Cardiff followed before Schmeichel decided to leave the City of Manchester stadium, and with Sven Goran Eriksson, with whom he worked at City, coming to Meadow Lane, he signed up for Notts County. An eye opening signing for the then League 2 team, the transfer fee was undisclosed but believed to have broken the club record, but straight from the off, it was clear Schmeichel was a cut above the rest. Keeping a clean sheet in his debut against Dagenham and Redbridge, he made the first-team goalkeeping position his, and by October the then 23-yr old had won the Player of the Month award. Tall and imposing, the young keeper played with grit and determination beyond his years, and any defensive slip-ups led to him angrily reprimanding and gesticulating to the other Notts players, in a manner reminiscent of his father. His goalkeeping style was also like Schmeichel Sr - he'd throw himself at any loose ball, and use every which part of his body to stop it going anywhere near the goal. He was also fond of going up into the opposition box if Notts were behind, and nearly scored a prodigious overhead kick against Morecambe away. Schmeichel's statistics speak for themselves - During his year with the Pies, the club conceded 0.67 goals per match - 29 goals conceded in 43 league appearances - and kept 24 clean sheets. A whirlwind season ended with the League 2 Championship and most importantly, promotion into League 1. If that wasn't enough, the keeper showed himself to be a true gentleman and agreed to be released, forfeiting his contract and all future wages, rumoured to be around £15,000 a week, plus bonuses, with the club facing an uncertain future after the boardroom and takeover issues which beset the club. Director Ray Trew agreed this to be "a huge concession by such a young man" and helped the club survive after a very turbulent period. After such a scintillating season, it wasn't long before bigger clubs showed their interest, and despite reported interest from Bayern Munich and Chelsea, Schmeichel opted for Leeds where first-team football was a certainty. More individual plaudits and nominations came his way as he was nominated for Player of the Month in August and won the Sky Sports POTM gong the same month. Injuries restricted his appearances but he still played 40 games, including a draw against Arsenal at the Emirates which earned an FA Cup replay. His time at Elland Road, however, ended acrimoniously, as Leeds accepted an offer from Leicester for the young goalkeeper, reuniting him with Sven Goran Eriksson. Manager Simon Grayson claimed it was "going to be difficult" for a new deal to be agreed at Leeds, whilst Schmeichel refuted these claims publicly, expressing his shock at being transfer listed. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because Leicester and Schmeichel proved a match made in heaven. To this day the Dane remains with the Foxes and has proved instrumental in their ascent to the Premier League in 2014 and, despite suffering a broken metatarsal in training midway through the season that kept him out for a month, he was part of their amazing great escape in the latter stages of the campaign that kept them in the top flight. Now 28 years old, his career has been one of fulfilment and stability since settling in Leicester, and to make things even better, he's become the Denmark national team's first-choice stopper. Quite frankly, it's nothing less than he deserves from the graft he's put in. One thing is certain and its that he will always be remembered at Notts - it was an absolute honour to have Kasper Schmeichel at the Lane, and he will always be a fans' favourite for his style, performances, achievements and putting the club before himself. A true gentleman of the game and a Notts County legend.
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  2. I was surprised to see photos of Lee Hughes at last nights match. However a great thing to see him still supporting the club, and of course the fans will really love this. There are many of us who are sad to see him leave but it is fantastic to see that he must have enjoyed his stay at the club.....a true magpie legend! Plus nice to see a few pics of Joe and the kids:
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  3. I woke up today very excited but nervous none the less, the reason? I had decided to break my social rules which prevents me from encountering negativity. It doesn't really work but I can pretend I cope. The day went very slow at first which is strange. I did much more than I normally would in the hours before I left for Meadow Lane and I wished I could spend time more like it normally. I had spent the majority of the time with my children who was off due to our alarm not going off. I bumped into a dear family friend, who i haven't seen for awhile and I wished my parents spent more time socializing with her family but I felt I allowed my nerves to get the better of me. (felt rude the way I ended the conversation) Not being defeated with how I feel about things, I didn't want to lose the chance of meeting up with some of the friendly people I have come across during starting the site. I sat in the MLSB looking around and feeling out sorts, as I don't really like bars. Jake and Ellie was taking turns using my phone to play games, until this elderly lady asked if she could sit down. Very nice that someone would ask, it's rare these days and of course I didn't mind. To be honest by this point I was glad of the company. I had a wonderful conversation with her and she helped entertain Jake, as by now Ellie had given up and had become bored (bless her) falling sleep in the chair she sat on. Jake really becomes brighter in these situation, I often fear about him becoming shy like I have been and it makes a huge difference to see him all bright eyed that he had someone interested in him who he wasn't related too. We left the MLSB about 10 minutes before kick off, I decided since Jake had been so good he could choose where we would sit. He decided to sit at the far back of the Pavis Stand and annoyingly (as kids do) decided he wanted the toilet after a few minutes of sitting down and not long after I had asked him. The game was very lively, I was impressed pretty much on the off and felt that we was easily in control. If I may, I would say I felt disappointed only by how we finished our moves. It lacked any real direction and could of secured an easier win if we did. They played incredibly well! I was waving like a madman trying to attract Mr Westwell attention, wearing my new pride and joy. (being a PoN T-Shirt). I decided to take him up on something he mentioned to me in a tweet, I approached him and openly spoke. This isn't something I normally would do but I am glad I did. He's someone I'm glad to have on my facebook friends list, despite not really knowing him. I admire his talent and the way he relates to us fans. Simply a truly great guy! He kindly took a few pictures, which will make Ellie's day as she was disappointed a few years back that Jake had been snapped. (without her) on our championship winning celebration game. I really like the T-Shirts, I was a bit nervous about putting it on and this is another thing I am glad I did. I can honestly say I wouldn't normally unless I had some dutch courage or in a very good mood. Second half we played a little different, I feel we allowed them to play the way they did but they did change their game plan which caused us concern but anyone who says that Oldham was a threat couldn't be more wrong. They was woeful on goal, in fact I don't really recall any clear cut chances apart from the one 'Every Liddle Helps' cleared of the line. I have to say, I wasn't sure it was him at the time. I was so far up and back, that I thought it could of been but was quite unsure. We gave a few flyers out in the stand and took to doing the same towards the end of the match. We easily gave away more than normal as Jake and I focused on doing so. Ellie helps but she is very quiet, a lot like her mum. A few people made a fuss of them both, which of course gave Jake his bright eyes. After Jake had handed a flyer to this guy, I didn't quite hear the comment made by him and sort of turned away. Only to notice the same guy return to speak with me and Jake in which he gave Jake his ticket and official team sheet. I very proud of Jake (Ellie too) but this feeling will be hard to forget. Reminds me a kind binman who gave me his Notts shirt, as I walking back from school at dinner time with Super Ram (my dad). I wonder if he remembers this? I couldn't forget it, it's a sign we have some very good fans.
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  4. Notts picked up their first win of the New Year last night with a 1-0 victory at home to free-falling oldham Athletic, to move up to 12th in the table. When the line-up was announced around an hour before kick-off, it's fair to say there were some mixed opinions regarding Enoch Showumni being given a chance to impress up front, although it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise with Zoko being suspended. I was somewhat dissapointed to read so many negative comments about the guy prior to the match, with few people giving him any hope of making an impact. I said on Twitter that I hoped he'd score to silence some of the doubters - he does after all, wear the famous black and white shirt, so we should be behind him! So what happened? He went and got his first goal for the club on 35 minutes. In my opinion, this was one of the best worked goals from Notts we've seen this season. Boucaud and Campbell-Ryce combined to set up Enoch for a tap-in. A goal is a goal, it gets a money off his back, and I really wouldnt be surprised to see him go and grab a few more now. We certainly need him to! The first half, Colin Slater described as some of the best football Notts had played this season, and for once I felt rather calm listening to the game, although the longer we went without scoring the more I began to wonder about it coming back to bite us on the backside, so it was a relief as much as anything when we got that first goal. Second half sounded somewhat scrappy. Oldham appeared to play with a bit of tempo (I reitterate the phrase "a bit") which had been absent from their first half performance. The latics came close to an equaliser middway through the second half when Matt Smith saw his shot cleared off the line by Gary Liddle. At this point, my commentary actually cut out briefly, and when it came back on the first words I heard were "equaliser for the visitors", by heart sank. Thankfully, Dean Yates went on to say what a brilliant clearence off the line it was by Liddle. To me, it felt like a second goal - phew! The longer the second half went on the more nervous I became listening on Magpie Player, and you could sense the tension around Meadow Lane aswel but oldham failed to ever really test Bart Bialkowski and on the whole the Magpies deserves the 3 points. I must mention the 80 Oldham fans who made the trip aswel. They were not exacly vocal, and it's easy to dismiss their support as "crap", but credit to those who did make that journey, at this time of the year, in this weather with their team in their current poor form - dedication of the highest order. Something else that will have gave many home fans something to smile about was the presence of Lee Hughes at Meadow Lane. I suppose it shouldnt really be much of a surprise given that he played for Oldham prior to his time at Notts. Still, it was great to see him there with that big smile. I think we'll see plenty of more of Lee at the Lane in the years to come. It seems that the club found a place in his heart just as he did in the fans'. Hopefully his presence will put to bed rumours of a bust up with Keith Curle which led to his departure or any ill feeling towards the club. If that was the case he wouldn't have been allowed pitchside. So on the whole then a succesfull night for the Magpies. An important 3 points, a first win since November and perhaps more importantly a win on home soil. After the weekend's game with Sheffield United I said we needed to use that result as a springboard to get back to winning ways and get some confidence back into the side, and I suppose, get a feel-good factor back into the fans again. We've started doing that. We're 6 points off the play-offs, with 2 games in hand and plenty of winnable games coming up. I think we can soon get back up into the mix if we can string some results together. We havent yet won 3 games in a row this season, now would be a good time to change that statistic. But lets not get carried away and take things a game at a time. Russel Slade's Leyton Orient are next on the agenda. A game against a Russel Slade side is never easy, but Orient - like ourselves have been pretty inconsistant this season. It took them weeks to get their first win of the season, then they went and won 8 in a row; It really is a funny old game... Still, as ever, I'm confident the lads can go there and get 3 points. COME ON YOU PIES
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  5. My childhood favourites were: *transformers *popples *mickey mouse club *thundercats *thunderbirds I have succeeded in getting my son into all but one of the above As for kids tele today, I feel alot talk down to kids, mainly Teletubbies.....But there are a lot that really help kids. For example, Numtums really helped Harry with his numbers....since watching that he can now count from 1-11, which is brill for a child of his age!
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