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  1. i agree with the posts. i much prefer the respect fans give each other on here. i have joined other message boards and left soon after due to some of the things said. how people could run a site with that on is beyond me. i didn't see or hear anything of the match (too busy picking up some of my son's birthday presents, lol)....i can't believe what i have read. What a state....i can't believe it was a yellow! disgraceful!
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  2. Thank you for the welcome. I perhaps didn't need to add the 'ps' but I've been attacked by people who know I can't get to the games on other sites, so I was maybe a bit defensive! Good to have another messageboard to choose from.
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  3. So nice to hear the voice of reason on here.When Brian Clough took over the reins at Derby we actually finished one place lower in the league at the end of his first full season but we went on to win the 2nd division(2nd tier)and then division 1(now the premiership)I'm not saying Curle is another Clough but to hear some of the critisism you'd think Notts were 10 points adrift at the bottom of your league and doomed to relegation.Unfortunately we live in an 'I want it now and I can't wait' society.
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  4. Absolutely right WeymouthPIE.No doubt the same thing is happening about Derby.We lost 3-0 at home to Blackburn and on the radio it sounded like we never got going.Florists also lost 3-0 at home.Will they sack their manager so soon after appointing him.You never know!The thing is you've had a wonderful away run.Start another away run,win the games in hand and pick more points up at home and silence the fickle critics. PS Weymouth put your hat back on and accept my applause for a really good,thoughtful post(as ever).
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  5. We lost, so typically there's been a complete overreaction on Facebook and Twitter. I need to rant a bit so please bear with me : I do wonder how many fans have only been going since the munto days, because they seem to expect miracles from the football club. It's almost as if the fact we aren't loaded hasent sunk in with some people. Today, we lost our first away game in 22 - every single one of those games was under Keith Curle. This is the first time we've really been on a dodgy run yet suddenly people are calling for Curle's sacking. I personally find that absolutely ludicrous. I'm sorry but if we leep sacking managers at our current rate we'll get absolutely nowhere because we'll end up with no money whatsoever. We cant afford a 30 goal a season striker that everyone craves and we cant afford to sign big name players. We're not Portsmouth, but if we keep hiring and sacking managers, bring in a big name striker on a huge wage with mediocre gates - we could soon become Portsmouth! Its no secret we want to be challenging near the top but the margins in this league are so small. If we had won another few games that we've drawn we'd easily be up there. We're 8 points off the play-offs with 2 games in hand. The next two away to Hartlepool and Portsmouth. Anything less than maximum points would be a huge dissapointment but we cant just keep sacking managers for the sake of it. What do we do? Sack this manager, bring someone else in, enjoy the honeymoon period while it lasts then sack him once he loses a few and start the cycle again. We need to stick by Curle. He's already proved he can do the job, its about time we showed some loyalty to a manager. If we dont make the play-offs yes it'd be a dissapointment but its hardly the end of the world is it? It's not like the club wont be there to support next season. But if we sacked as many managers and brought as many players as some fans seem to demand then that could soon change! This club owes its very existance to the Trew family, can you blame him for not wanting to put anymore money in due to the lack of support he's recieved? I just wish the fans could stop whinging, be positive, support the team, manager and owner. One thing I dont miss is the fans mentality before the munto years. There wasent the hysteria every time we lost because we expected it, but we just enjoyed supporting our club because we were just thankful to have it. I'm sorry to go on. If anyone's still reading this then I take my hat off to you, I just needed a good rant!
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