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    CEO Know's what the hell he's doing!! Credit where it's due JT, AT, RT, JS, MC.
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    Best wishes to all PON members. I just want to wish you well for the coming season. It seems, from my perspective, that you are shaping up well and can look forward to a promising year. There is always the dream that this could be a record breaking season for our team but for most of us these hopes will be dashed on Saturday evening. Things at Swindon Town do not look good. Our squad is depleted, first choice centre back out injured for weeks, sole experienced striker rested due to fatigue during friendlies and no sign of additions on the horizon. We are a shadow of the side that doubled you two years back. Good luck on Saturday.
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    @medievalmickey "best coach in England," could be a close call with Jamie Fullerton
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    I'm pretty sure I read that if Ray Trew didn't find a buyer by a certain date, he'd take the club off the market and take up his role as chairman again. And I'm pretty sure that date has passed. I'm quite happy for them to stay in the background. Just let the CEO run the club and John Sheridan take care of the team and we won't go far wrong.
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    I do wish he'd answer. or at the very least acknowledge, my letters and emails then. This omission has cost the club a potential £500 in season tickets.
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    I echo @Canadian. The CEO does seem to have a good grasp of business and football, he also appears to be listening quite closely to what fans are talking about because a lot of his messages cover items discussed within a matter of days - rather than weeks (which makes his statements worthy of being read). I don't really care who runs the club, provided we avoid repeats and the team on the field are able to move forward. That's just my personal view on this really, everyone will have concerns.
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    cheers Mickey Good luck for the Season!
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    He is one of the most laziest players you could have signed. Don't get me wrong on his day he can be a decent player but not consistant enough. His strengths are hold up play and positioning. Must admit surprised about him going to Notts.
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    Does this mean we end our interest in Mellors-Blair?
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    On the website and in the programmes so far, we have 1 director listed, i.e. Aileen, but no mentioin of Ray. This raises a nummber of issues/points in my mind. Is the club still up for sale? Is Ray taking any part in the running, or is it just Aileen? Whoever it is I'd like the current situation to continue, there seems to be a degree of stability and no nasty rumours at present. Does anyone know anything - @erindoors ??
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    Right, here's a little puzzle to pass a few minutes - the following anagrams are all Notts County defenders. The first 5 are iconic names from the Sirrel era, the second 5 are all from this decade. As a clue, the number in brackets relates to how many appearances they made in a Notts shirt: SPIDER ORCHARD (399) HANDMADE DIVE (429) BARE IRONY (323) BOW BORN TONIGHT (232) INSTANT BRINE JAM (311) ------------------------------- PERKY SECTARIAN (64) MERE EAGLE (50) JADE MOSS (27) KEN ACCOLADE (68) DAY GRILLED (78)
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    I share @ivansneck concerns. I feel cheated that the value of the programme vouchers was an excellent way of rewarding support in tough times. His decision to replace with an inferior offer and then have the audacity to sell it to Supporters as a wonderful money saving deal..... Then we had the marketing of the Blackburn game presuming we were playing the first team. On a positive note, he has been more visual and upfront than Winter and Rodwell ever were. Perhaps @erindoors can raise @ivansneck concerns.
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    Very strange choice. I do see the need for an extra striker, but this looks as though the ones we were originally chasing have decided to go elsewhere so we have had to scramble around in order to find a 4th choice from somewhere. It also appears to nail on the fact that Izale won't be going anywhere. Oliver now has the incentive to prove his worth in what must be his last chance saloon, or else know for certain that he will be playing non league football for the rest of his career.
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    yeovils too far for me, esp via train. good luck with your journey tho
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    @Piethagoram we do not mention the curse words of "Jamie Fullarton".. rumor has it if you say it 3 times he appears..
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    Totally out of the blue in terms of the signing, hopefully he won't be someone sat in the background during the 6 months he is here. We need to have a robust squad, so I wish him all the very best and I hope he proves himself to be a good addition to the squad. However much unlikely I feel this may be, I also would have preferred the lad we had during the earlier part of our pre-season.
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    Well lets face it, every decent team needs at least 4 strikers, Forte has injury problems, Stead has yellow picks up more yellow cards aso the years go by and Izale is Izale if one gets injured we would have no one to come off the bench, if two got injured we'd be left with one striker and and unproven Gibson.. 4 out and out strikers and Gibson I'm more than happy with that..
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    SPIDER ORCHARD (399) - Pedro Richards HANDMADE DIVE (429) BARE IRONY (323) BOW BORN TONIGHT (232) INSTANT BRINE JAM (311) ------------------------------- PERKY SECTARIAN (64) Krystian Pearce MERE EAGLE (50) JADE MOSS (27) Sam Sodje KEN ACCOLADE (68) DAY GRILLED (78)
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    Not sure at all but like @wacky says trust the boss and get behind him and give him a good chance
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    Might be able to come good for the likes of Shezza and Norm. Decent managers can wonders for confidence. We'll see
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    Give the lad a chance, I trust JS judgement!
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    Not impressed with this but no one knew it was happening so i imagine a centre half might be on his way in but we don't know about it
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    Notts County have secured the signing of York City striker Vadaine Oliver on a six-month loan deal. The 24-year-old scored 10 goals in 42 appearances last season as the Minstermen were relegated from League Two. Oliver, a former Sheffield Wednesday trainee, will remain at Meadow Lane until January 7, a fixture away at Morecambe. He has previously had spells at Lincoln City, Crewe Alexandra and Mansfield Town, and has been allocated the number 9 shirt. Oliver is set to compete with the likes of Jon Stead and Izale McLeod for a starting slot as Notts begin their season this Saturday away at Yeovil Town. Share your thoughts on the loan signing of Vadaine Oliver by signing up to the Pride of Nottingham website, visiting the forum and joining the conversation.
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    I'd have preferred Mellors Blaire to be honest. Although it's trail by wikipedia, if he is surplus to requirements at York, what is he bringing to Notts?
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    Are you going by train? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @medievalmickey look on the bright side buddy, there's always a rainbow around the corner. Walsall fans aren't as optimistic themselves, yet I think you will be both fine. Hopefully some new squad additions come for you guys. That said, you should raise to the challenge - from what I know you have some promising youngsters and this could be the making for Swindon. Perhaps you won't be fighting at the top end but you shouldn't really struggle - cheers for the kind message. Yet we are used to ups and downs, once revealed as the most stressful club support. Good luck, I hope to see you drop by over the upcoming seasons bud - I know its difficult now we aren't playing each other, yet perhaps next year we will be?
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    Good luck! Its a shame to hear you're going down hill, the year we went down i was certain you would go up with Mark Cooper! You were the best team to come to meadow lane that year, its just a shame that you couldn't kick on, i hope things improve for you and you can have a good season!
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    @medievalmickey Good luck too. Recalling times long ago, but only seems like yesterday, Wise and Poyet's side played excellent football. Nicky Ajose was for a time linked with Notts, but we probably couldn't afford him, prior to you signing him. I expect you will miss his goals. We got Idle instead, enough said and we paid 100k +
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    Notts County assistant manager Mark Crossley insists that Stanley Aborah's injury scare in Sunday's pre-season game against Blackburn Rovers is not worrying, and that the midfielder will be "fine" for Saturday's League Two opener at Yeovil Town. Aborah was sensational in the centre of the park in the Meadow Lane friendly, but signalled to come off just before half-time and looked in distress as he walked off the pitch to a standing ovation. Crossley sought to calm down fears of a long injury lay-off, telling reporters: "He's fine. He was excellent in that first half, he's going to be a very important player for us. "You can see he is a little bit higher up the pitch than he was last year, that's where the manager thinks he's the most effective. "And we expect the players around him to realise that he's probably one of our most effective players and a lot of the game is going to revolve around him. "He's fine injury-wise. He's had a little knock, but he'll be fine. It was just precautionary that he came off the pitch. "He won't be out. He wanted to stay on actually, but the most important thing is next Saturday not a friendly game where you could go on and make it worse, so we just decided to bring him off the pitch and prepare for Yeovil." How crucial will Stanley Aborah be to Notts County's 2016-17 season? Let Pride of Nottingham know your thoughts by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining the conversation.
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    I just had a notification pop up on my screen alerting me to a message on the left side row of icons. With that in mind I thought I better start one of these to say hello. My first impressions are that the site is very well operated, it is easy to navigate and I really do like what I am seeing. With the way things are around Notts I thought I would join in here but be warned I do like my say when things are not so rosy. I have supported the club all my life, nothing stops me going. Oh and I dislike the club over the other side of the trent!

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