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    I watched the highlights in channel 5 yesterday, Jesus did Laign seem possessed! His surging run wasn't that of a defender! Why can't many of our actual players try this much?
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    Yesterday's Results: Birmingham City 1-3 Wolves Huddersfied Town 2-1 Barnsley Bury 0-1 Oldham Athletic Walsall 1-2 Charlton Athletic Cambridge United 2-2 Carlisle United Stevenage 2-1 Luton Town Scores: magpiejue & Northants Pie - 8 points Elite_Pie - 6 points Barnet11UK & DangerousSaussage - 5 points The Mascot - 4 points WeymouthPIE, 4everapie & Fozzy - 3 points notts-joe & william1984 - 2 points GrannyPie, RiverLeeno & super_ram - 0 points Table:
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    Laing will make a huge difference. Way too good for level.
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    Great win today, showed a lot of character , but we must start games better, yet to score the first goal this season, when we do we could take some stopping !
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    Listening on the radio it was frustrating to hear Notts had started slowly, and again conceded early. It seemed to take the goal for Notts to play more purposefully. Like @notts-joe I didn't expect Notts to make the comeback as besides Stead who was going to find the net...well played Louis Lang! CoYP.
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    There was a shipwreck a couple of hundred years ago and a monkey was washed ashore. The fine townspeople of Hartlepool tried said monkey of being a French spy and hanged it...
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    For anyone of my age, a favorite viewing was watching the weekly antics of potential escapees from Stalag Colditz.....and the ingenious methods used. Picture, in your mind, Meadow Lane as Colditz......the music plays, the cameras zoom in......all is quiet as the German Camp Commander sounds the klaxon for morning roll-call. Nothing....silence. Slightly concerned, the commander and his guards start opening doors....nothing, nobody. Finally they find one person, huddled beneath an army-issue blanket.....sat alone in the corner of a room. "Ver is everyone?" (spoken in my best German accent) "Ver is Rodders and Winters, ......ver is the new Media guy?, ..........ver is Hughsey and Spencer, Schmeichel and Bart, Judge and Davis, Bajner and Showunmi" His voice starts to get louder, concerned that the whole camp has escaped "Ver is Cotterill, Allen, Short, Kiwomya, Curle....Derry and Abbott?".......panic starts to set in....... "Goddamn it man, ver is the Dutch prisoner Herr Moniz?...or the Camp Jester, Fullarton....we cannot even find the new guy Coops?" The face beneath the blanket turns slowly towards the camera "They have all escaped...........there is just me left" uttered the lonely figure The Camp Commander looks closer into the drawn features of a troubled man......"Who are you?" "My name is The Phoenix.....I am the escape co-ordinator!!" "Why are you still here....all alone?" asks the Commander. "Don't you start" .........said The Phoenix as he turns back to stare at the wall.
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