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    Lee Hughes has applied to become manager of non-league side Worcester City. From BBC Sport: The 40-year-old has told BBC Hereford & Worcester that he would be interested in succeeding the long-serving Carl Heeley, who stood down last week after 22 years' service. Hughes is keen to carry on playing and said: "I just love scoring goals. "But I'd be up for it. I've spoken to the board about it, outlined my ideas to them and we'll see what they think." Hughes, who has scored 33 goals in 57 appearances since signing for Worcester in September 2015, intends to start doing his Football Association coaching qualifications this summer. But he hopes that, for now, his vast experience as a player, both on and off the field, will count for something. "I've played with some top quality managers and I've learnt a lot from them," said Hughes, who has had 28 bosses (not including caretaker managers) in his 22 years in the game. "I had six or seven in two years at Notts County. I'm well used to managers coming and going. You just have to get on with it." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38904616 What do you think about Hughsey's credentials - would he make a good manager? Could we maybe see him at Notts in a couple years time?
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    Is anybody else watching this dire game of football? Both teams made lots of changes only one player has stood out for me and that's Anya of Derby, huffed and puffed but no ones getting on the end of his crosses into the box. Anybody want to hazard a guess at who'll win and what score?
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    Stead getting "the curse of the month award" didn't help matters eh. Won't vote for one of our players again ever. Not that i'll get chance again, this season.
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    I don't think they'll sack him yet, but I can't understand changing the team so much. A win tonight with the regular team might have given them a boost.
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    Haha... six or seven managers whilst with us, yikes. He has the right desire and attitude to succeed as a manager, its important he starts somewhere that supports him and that there isn't too much pressure. I think the Non-League would be the right place, if he remained as a player manager - this is one of those things. Can he do that? I'm not sure but I certainly see him becoming a good league manager one day because he just never gives up. The awareness of the pitch, his understanding of the game is already well developed. I'd say good luck to him! PS. Did anyone else think when reading the '40-year-old' and then his goal ratio - Why did we sign Ameobi? Could have just got Lee back (I know, I know what's going to be said).
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    There's a lot of talking points regarding the amount of debt that has been floating freely around the club for a number of years, even prior to the Munto takeover. It seems that football auditing of the accounts is quite messy, however with rumours of Mike Edwards not being paid his testimonial money and the talk of millions of pounds of debts - I wondered what people though? Obviously I imagine much of the debt has now been paid, the likes of what was owed to Ray and of course the HRMC. Quoting @Fozzy I wonder just how much the unearthed debts have effected the business we did in the transfer period? The embargo has held things back, really something that wasn't helpful and for me it was always likely that the club would move quicker with regards to looking into the loan market. On paper much of the news seems completely unnecessary. There was talk after the Munto saga that the Football League had to address the 'fit and proper' owner protocols, I think there's more depth required because the clubs books should really disclose everything (in clear sense).
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    Olga Wheeler, Jack's widow, has sadly passed away this week aged 97. We at PON would like to express our condolences to her family and friends for this sad loss. http://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/olga-wheeler-3562728.aspx
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    think there would need to be some communication from the Ref as to why the game has been pulled back (like American football) but I'd be interested to see a system like that trialled @ivansneck
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    It could be made to work quite easily. You have a 5th official watching the TV coverage in radio contact who informs the ref as he watches the game carry on. Just like giving the advantage, seeing it doesn't come to anything and going back to give the original foul. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Some good points there guys , video ref hmmm has its place maybe , I'm a bit old school for that , think the imperfections of football decisions make it what it is and certainly get the crowd going , goal line technology is good , Leicester 2 -1 up , don't think they'll sack him yet myself even if they lose .
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    in Rugby that would have gone to the video ref or whatever he's called, but don't think it would work with football - in Rugby there are pauses in the game anyway.
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    @Riverleeno video technology should be considered would definitely make games fairer but would it ruin football as we know it?
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    so the whole stadium saw that but not the four officials
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    apologies to @super_ram but apart from Anya haven't seen much from Derby.
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    Yeah definitely @Riverleeno
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    Agree with you @TheFostarr94 , Anya been the most dangerous if that's not to strong a term to use , but what's this a goal Leicester
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    But if that means we stay up, I'm more than happy to take that haha!
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    Leyton Orient have been messed up by a control freak of an owner, he reminds me of coco the clown across the trent..
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    Hopefully he can give us something Stead hasn't over the last few games.. Stead has not done much since his injury could do him wonders to be replaced for a couple of games..
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    Bless her Very sad news, rest in peace Olga.
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    Well, It's nice to Alan Hardy showing transparency and by doing so taking the sting out of the drama created by the source making it seem like new news.
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    I wondered where the rest of the midfield was when Aborah was playing, as he often didn't seem to have anyone to pass to. I realise now he was selfishly holding on to the ball, whilst Rodman pointed into space and O'Connor was adjusting his Captain's armband. The quality of County's midfield meant we didn't miss him at all. Team players with quality and the right attitude to give 100% effort meant we went on an extended winning streak. Sarcasm ends. As @Piethagoram says time to move on.
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    from the post Hardy has told the Post his advisors are trying to agree on a settlement with the administrators for Pinnacle, which was put into liquidation last July. "We were aware of this debt and my advisors are in close negotiations with Pinnacle to arrange a settlement," he said. "It hasn't been dropped on us - it's all been part of a long-running process. Read more at http://www.nottinghampost.com/notts-county-in-close-negotiations-to-settle-debt-of-more-than-650-000/story-30115927-detail/story.html#a1L74pZHe4MQE0BT.99
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    It is dog eat dog until the end of the season.
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    Let's hope so @Dripsey3 , I know that sounds bad and ordinarily I wouldn't wish that on anyone but in our position , well can you blame me
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    Orient 0 V 1 Morecambe , yes get in , sorry for my euphoria , but that's a good result , still out the bottom 2
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    Just hope he can help get us out of this pickle we're in.
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    All is does show is that the FA's fit and proper persons test wasn't obviously applied to Ray Trew. Surely this should be an ongoing check to stop clubs lile outs being saddled with debt. On another note maybe HMRC should report clubs to the FA and league as soon as the miss a payment not wait over 7 years before applying for the club to be wound up
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    Nearly £700,000? What are they playing at?? Jesus.
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    The club seems to be a complete mess with all the debts, whoever kept the books before must not have kept a very good structure because its hard to see where all this is coming from. How does a League Two team lose so much money? I don't understand where this money owed to Pinnacle Advantage Ltd came from, isn't this the former chairman's business? I hope Hardy has a good lawyer and doesn't have all his time wasted with this.
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    anyone could argue the point about his ability or lack of it. hes gone now and i hope we can replace his quality with someone who nolan likes and can mould into a more suitable player. i like stanley aborah and i really dont think life is always one sided, people may not like because he wanted to play but that does not answer why we did not play him or why he was not released sooner. if he was a bad egg why did the trews allow him to stay? after his interview i bet they wanted to get rid.
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    The "overrated" tag is based on some of laughable descriptions I read on Aborah, such as "by far the best midfielder outside the Championship"! He did a few fancy turns, created next to nothing and thought tracking back was beneath him. There is a reason no Notts manager since Moniz has selected him, and no manager anywhere has wanted to sign him - he's an overrated show pony whose negatives far outweigh his positives.
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    As FC Eindhoven have won only 3 of their 11 away matches conceding 28 goals along the way, I'd suggest the answer to that is "no"! I enjoyed watching Aborah on the occasions when I saw him play, but in spite of his talent he seldom stays anywhere for more than a season and there's probably a reason for that. Good luck to him nonetheless.
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    @Northants Pie Really would be interesting to interview Ricardo..... Questions needed to be asked: Why was your previous coaching job at 1860 Munich so short? What was your working relationship with Kevan and Yates like? Were there obvious frictions in the Transfer Committee especially with Brano? What was the database like of scouting like when you first arrived? On reflection do you think you were too loyal in bringing in former players that you have managed and should have been more focused on identifying players say in Poland/ Hungary that had played well against your team? Have you changed your thinking as to how to set up teams away from home?
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    I'm going over to Holland soon and hopefully will be taking in a match at the Jan Louwers stadium, hoping to get to speak to Ricardo also.
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    Sorry to break the praise, but personally I'm delighted to see the back of him. Without doubt the most overrated player I've seen in 46 years of watching Notts. It was apparent he lost interest the minute Moniz was sacked, ever since then he's been a waste of a shirt. Talented but with an attitude that stinks, we need players with heart rather than ego.
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    It would be nice to get an additional striker, however I'm not convinced about Ameobi. There's a lot of people that would take him but I would rather see someone with pace and a bit more direct.
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