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    I'm a little late to this discussion, but... 1. 'Fans', rightly or wrongly, will ALWAYS have an opinion when they watch matches that their hard-earned money has paid for. 2. It's actually very naive of anyone to think it will, or should be, any other way when the 'entertainment' one is paying for, isn't up to scratch. 3. Whilst the atmosphere at Meadow Lane this season has been absolute magic, it cannot have gone unnoticed by anyone that there have been some below-par matches where hoof balls were a) constantly played and b) constantly missed; c) where opposing team players beat us (fairly and squarely) on the run; d) where some of us have wondered - against cracking opposition - how the heck we remain top three in the league and e) moreover, just how long this phenomenon can be maintained when the fella 'in charge' openly admits his players 'didn't turn up' for the games we've lost or drawn. 4. The 'big deal' about pics posted of Nolan training with his team is beyond me! As a former PI, it's not rocket science to expect anything needing to be 'kept under wraps' should never have been conducted in a public place...so more naivety with that comment, I'm afraid. 5. I don't know if these comments by the Manager are an effort to a) stop his decisions being undermined online or b) if he genuinely believes that ticket-paying fans (some of us for going on nearly 50 years - with all of the changes, mismanagement, disappointments, downs, ups and total shiz - THAT has brought upon us as NCFC supporters), then he needs to rethink. Not only that, but he needs to be a lot more respectful of the fact that for a lot of us, success (as supporters) has been little, irrelevant of how much money and years of time, WE have 'invested' in this club. 6. Whilst I fully respect and appreciate what he's currently doing for NCFC, I'm afraid it'll be quite a while before I 'forget' this article.
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    I fail to see how there's anything to complain about. If the club did not want pictures to be leaked of players then its for them to put in measures to prevent this from happening in my opinion. Nolan lost his head when he should have been talking about the upcoming game against Carlisle and I do feel he should apologise properly.
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    Opinions are part of the game! It might be annoying to KN as he feels his authority is being questioned, but everyone who watches their team play thinks about how it could be set up better or which players should be picked. As for the Noble photos, he was taking part in a training session in a public place with members of the public in attendance. If it was supposed to be a secret it was mishandled, if it wasn't then he's got nothing to complain about. At the end of the day fans will exchange their views, some of them knowledgeable, some not. That used to happen in person or in the Football Post or Match Talk. Now it's increasingly happening online but it really isn't anything new.
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    He (Nolan) has lost a lot of respect for what he said. Whilst yes I get the annoyance the picture of Noble did / might have caused the fact that as fans we want to see more than just boring hoof ball we are in the wrong. If he actually read most of the comments on social media (i'm only on this website but could imagine the rest) he would realise that as fans we are more than happy with our position and the remarkable turn around but because we want to see something other than boring old hoof it into the clouds he has a problem. Football is an entertainment industry and if he can't respect that we want to be enertained with some good football that we know they are capable of then he shouldn't say anything about it. We want him to be our manager for the long term and love what he has done but please accept that we want to see something different, especially now that opposing teams know what to expect.
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    What does this have anything to do with it? He's clearly having a dig at someone but I feel he is completely wrong. I read a lot of comments on social media about this, have any read the article?

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