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    What a stupid suggestion, asking A.H to lose money, Is he for real. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Haven't done this for a while, but here are my thoughts: Collin 6 - Had surprisingly little to do in the way of saves, but generally looked assured. Tootle 6.5 - Most of their attacks were on the other side, but played his part in a sound defence. Duffy 8.5* - Excellent, led like a captain should and didn't put a foot wrong. Held us together at the back. Brisley 7 - As usual kept things simple, good in our box and good in theirs. Jones 5.5 - The one weak link in the side. Far too hesitant and struggled to contain the threat they offered on our left. Virtue 7 - Nothing spectacular, but worked hard and got into some excellent forward positions that we didn't really utilise. Hewitt 7 - Did what he's there to do, gave us that crucial physical presence in midfield. Noble 6 - Not a lot worked for him today but got stuck in. Grant 6 - Poor in the first half, but stuck at it and played his part even though his best bits were defensively. Forte 7.5 - The Forte we want to see. Looked up for it and made the most of his chances. Just keep it going. Ameobi 6.5 - Made sure their defenders didn't have an easy afternoon, should have done better with the chance he had. O'Connor - no rating, but great to see him back. No time to make a big impression, but a really good bit of keeping possession late on just when we needed it. It's a big ask, but I think he might still play a part this season. Hall n/a, but a good substitution when they were throwing high balls into the box. Absolutely buzzing tonight. This was the sort of game that could have gone either way but we were back to the Notts we saw in the first half of the season where guts, effort and desire (a massive plus in a tight League 2) meant that we won more games of this type than we lost. Just keep it going lads, if we make the playoffs you will have done yourselves credit as a team.
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