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    The Pride of Nottingham PONcast episode 48 is now available for your viewing pleasure. Join the latest debates on Notts County below. In this week's episode we preview the weekend's upcoming game against Morecambe away at Globe Arena. We also discuss the sacking of Harry Kewell and if the decision was right. Also, we share our thoughts on who might be our next manager and why its important to get the right manager in. In addition we discuss how we need to try to stay focused in order to fight the battle as one. All this and plenty more on the Pride of Nottingham PONcast. Have your say this weeks discussions below.
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    regardless of who is actually appointed, will you get behind the next manager? the past games means nothing when building from a new start, judging the players by previous mistakes means that we will only burden and judge them at a time all should be given a clean slate. if we want to survive and sort this hell of a season out, i dont think moaning or abusing the players will help.
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    i think most of the pon members would back ardley, he seems the best of a poor bunch and a better option than i thought. i think he will install some fight, he will want to pick up from his time at wimbledon. i hope so too but i fear that the mindless will lead the down fall of the club. some people cant call themselves fans in my opinion and supporters dont sum them up, i just hope common sense wins people over.
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    I would have taken the draw before the game, so I see no reason to complain. I understand why fans would feel we lost 3 points but at the end of the day we always look likely to concede and it's a hard thought point. Hopefully it gives Neil Ardley an insight into what must be done so that he can aid further improvements, I did listen to the game and I can't comment much else. It sounded like we did enough to warrant the lead which is pleasing to see.
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    1. Feeney was sacked with Kewell 2. Neil Cox has come from Wimbledon with Ardley
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    im nervous as hell, i am worried if notts lose today that it will make ardleys job a lot harder. i dont think some will be mindful he needs time more expecting instant results and a loss today would make it seem harder to turn around.
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    I usually spend it at home with my kids like any other night, sometimes watch a movie with them as they don't need to go to bed so early.
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    Play football with @super_pie and @Chris if not watch tv play Fifa or play darts. Right now darts practice not played for ages so a bit of practice needed
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    I run a football group, something just to have a laugh and I’m usually there playing football. Not the best thing but it gets me out and I do enjoy it. I’ve been playing in my brace and I feel more confident. Right now I’m watching The Grinch.
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    Notts County have appointed former AFC Wimbledon boss Neal Ardley as their new manager. The 46-year-old becomes the Magpies' third manager of the season, following the sackings of Kevin Nolan in August and Harry Kewell earlier this month. Ardley saved the Dons from relegation to the National League on the final day of the 2012-13 season before taking them into League One via the playoffs three years later. "Having enjoyed very productive discussions with Neal and following close consultation with the board and key staff, I am very confident we have selected the right man to deliver our short and long-term targets," Hardy told the official website. "Our biggest priority is preserving our proud status as the world's oldest Football League club and in Neal we have someone who knows what it takes to survive. "Neither he nor I are under any illusions it's going to be easy but we are both confident of achieving this very important aim. "Beyond that, Neal has demonstrated an ability to win promotion from League Two and sustain a club at a higher level. I hope, in time, he will be able to deliver the same for us." Ardley, who left Wimbledon earlier this month and will be assisted by Neil Cox, added: "I would like to say a huge thank you to the chairman for giving me the opportunity to manage such a magnificent club. "There are few clubs who could have tempted me into such a quick return to management following what was obviously an emotional departure from Wimbledon, a club I love dearly. "But the chance to manage Notts County is one I couldn't let pass and I will come back from my break fully refreshed and determined to drive us up the table." Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Good appointment, I’ll back him for sure , good post by @liampie , the players hopefully cleared the air in a meeting and apply themselves, they need to apply themselves now with real effort and get the fans back on side , I’ll support them also if I see real fight in them .
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    I haven't used Ticketmaster so I can't really comment. However, a 60p charge for a (hopefully) functioning system certainly beats repeatedly trying and failing to pay online with four different cards before having to admit defeat, queue at the ticket office and pay the full 22 quid!
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