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  2. The Pride of Nottingham web store offers free standard UK delivery on all print orders. Fans can upgrade to first class for a small fee for orders within the UK, and orders can be grouped together so that they arrive in one package which is securely sealed before being dispatched. For those outside of the UK, PON has to cover the cost of delivery with a flat fee of £10 which covers most countries. We send deliveries out to Ireland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand etc. At this stage we can only offer delivery to the above nations. Over the coming weeks new designs will be released, however feel free to suggest ideas below or privately to @Chris. Get your print(s) today and help support the community. https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/store/
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  3. Sorted until the next name change is required.
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  4. I'm going for "VanaramaPie" in the hope that it's enough to put Notts off from being relegated.
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  5. If it hadn't been taken *Cough *Cough, I could have said DangerousSausage and have keep inline with the Hardy jokes. Let's see..... RichardDuffysGut ElliottHoofIt KristianFlashInThePan KevinsAllNightBender KewellShortStay SolCampbellHasABetterRecordThanUs
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  6. but you are missing the required prefix "King"...we really are doomed now
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  7. We have a winner already! HardyOut is also now something of double entendre.
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  8. Brilliant! Now we can all sit back and relax...
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  9. I have fond memories of the scoreboard, it added comedy to the lane when mishaps happened over the scoreline! Wonderful share.
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  10. Good idea to offer delivery to places outside of the UK, I think its good to offer track and signed. It gives both parties piece of mind. Hopefully more people will leave reviews for the store.
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  11. Thank you to all the fans who have purchased a print, it helps massively has assisted with paying for the sites running costs, something during 2018 I personally struggled with due to personal circumstances. I am committed to doing much more, in the coming weeks we should have some t-shirts and mugs. Along with other items - we won't sell things that we don't believe is a quality product (as we want fans purchasing them). However, please feel free to make recommendations, suggestions. We will look into anything that is Notts or PON themed. Once again, thanks for the support!
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  12. FGR are beatable, Bury beat them recently IIRC. If we play like we did against Lincoln, we'll get a positive result, but picking up a point here and there, regardless of the opposition, isn't going to be enough.
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  13. I find it absolutely incredible that people were questioning tactics and his ability after a few weeks trying to work with a defunct set of players that had been put together on a prayer and have been through the mill for 2/3 of the season. Armchair managers who have as much idea of how a professional football club should be managed as I have as a ballroom dancer (I’ve watched other people do it). Neal Ardley has proven in 1 transfer window what he is capable of if given the resources. Assuming we stay in the league, my worry is, when new owners come in they will tighten the reigns on developing the squad for next season (most of the January signings will go back to their clubs) and he will be off to pastures new, leaving us back to square one struggling at the bottom of the football league with another rookie manager who would probably do better on a dance floor.........
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  14. I think when a new manager comes into the club you will naturally trial to see what can work and what doesn't, most fans seem more than willing to give Neal Ardley time. He needs it, Harry Kewell sent the club back massively. Not only with his training and player management but with his decision leading into games. Those three games we won could have been the start to resolving this season, it wasn't and this made it harder for anyone new who would come in, Playing three at the back seemed a little risky, however it did give Notts more grit going forward and the wings backs dropping deeper for defensive duties did offer some protection. The signings are all very good, they're encouraging and I think the squad can only get stronger with time.
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