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    Check out the Pride of Nottingham Alumni range of prints! Featuring several fan favourites such as Brian Kilcline, Shola Ameobi, Lee Hughes, Alan Sheehan, Neal Bishop, Mark Draper, Danny Allsopp, Mike Edwards, Charlie Palmer and many, many more. In fact, we have over 14 alumni prints available, so check out the PON webstore today! https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/store/
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    Seeing a fan of a different clubs views can bring an interesting twist and outside view on things.
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    Happy belated birthday super, I wished I had noticed yesterday.
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    Thank you to everyone here on PoN who took the trouble to wish me a happy birthday.When @GrannyPie was seriously ill in hospital the PoN wellwishers meant a lot to both granny and myself.Now she's home it's little things like birthday/christmas etc messages that help keep our spirits up.So once again thank you PoN members.COYP & Rams
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    Sorry I missed this yesterday @super_ram, but Happy Birthday to you.
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    The Pride of Nottingham Alumni range: as of 01/03/2019 Mike Edwards Kasper Schmeichel Brian Kilcline Shola Ameobi Tommy Johnson Alan Sheehan Mark Stallard Steve Cherry Lee Hughes Charlie Palmer Danny Allsopp Neal Bishop Jorge Grant ------- You can commission a player of your choice for just £15, this includes your name/username being mentioned and a single A3 or A4 print (size is your choice). Payment must be made up front.
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    Happy belated birthday @super_ram.
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    Happy Belated Birthday dad! I didn't come on here much yesterday, but I did take time to wish you many happy returns on Facebook. I hope you had a fantastic birthday, enjoy the children going over later and making a fuss of you all.
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    Happy birthday for yesterday @super_ram.
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    i would prefer to donate it cheeky, i dont have much use for the pennant and i think someone else would enjoy it more. i just wanted to help support the site and i would like to give it away as a prize.
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    @Chris @cheeky~k8 can i please donate my prize to become a giveaway for the forum? i would like to use it to encourage people to use the site more, i hope this would be okay.
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