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    With our beloved Notts County having four games to save their Football League status, we at Pride of Nottingham wanted to pass on a message from a fellow fan. Addressing the Magpies players and coaches, Glen Gretton has this to say: To any of the players or management team that may read this. I am a lifelong Notts County supporter third generation and in August 2017 my partner gave birth to my first child he will become the fourth generation Notts County supporter. I like telling him stories but this one story I’d like to tell him is about a bunch of players that were down on their luck and in the pits of despair and nothing was going right and it looks very bleak for the future, but somehow someway, these bunch of players gathered themselves together, looked each other in the eye and said we can get out of this mess. We can do it because we are Notts County players and Notts County players never give up it will be the greatest of great escapes for this great club. If you boys can get us out of this mess you will go down in history. Please let there be a happy ending to my story for my boy. COYP
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    Craig Mackail-Smith gives us his pre match thoughts as Notts prepare to face the MK Dons at meadow lane tomorrow.
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    I am currently in the midst of writing a piece about what needs to happen in regards to Notts to make sure we can move forward as a club and escape the boom and bust model we currently have Topics I have at the minute include - Decisions on managers - Managerial tactics - Player recruitment and scouting - Training ground and facilities - Owners and board level decisions - Youth team Would anyone else like to include anything to write about? Thanks
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    You don't choose to be a Notts fan, you're born one.
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    I have to admire his belief, it's looking grim but if the players see that fans are behind them who knows? Positive message from someone on social media.
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