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  1. It's been two years since I posted here in a thread where I started talking about how much your club reminded me of the my Green Bay Packers. I've still be watching your situation the last two years and I am so happy to hear you have new ownership. And they sound like smart owners, too, always a plus. On other club message boards, I can't think of anyone that has not hoped your club would eventually get through this crisis. I hope your club is able to right itself and build a future for you all. You have a lot of people rooting for you, even if you don't know it.
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  2. Thank you @kingofmilwaukeethats really heart warming to read. Hope your Green Bay Packers do well. Its been really horrible whats been happening at Notts County F C, but now thankfully we can look forward to new beginnings. Hopefully myself and mum will be ordering our season tickets now.
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  3. thanks @kingofmilwaukee and good luck to Green Bay Packers in the new season.
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  4. A warm welcome to the new owners, and thankfully this nightmare is over , Notts live to kick a ball another day ️️ Now once again as fans we can stop the worrying and enjoy the football. COYP ALL NOTTS AREN'T WE
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  5. Here's wishing the new owners and all you long suffering Magpie fans all the luck in the world
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  6. Some good play, spirited performance and excellent taken goal by Tyson.
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  7. I'm praying it's true, for the first time in my life I found myself numb to the on goings of the club. I have sick of tired of seeing his name, fans moaning about him and the negativity on other platforms. I understand it, yet I find balancing my mental health hard enough and I just couldn't take any more in. Fingers crossed this is it. If not, allow the wolfs out and let them track Hardy down. He needs to stay away from this great club.
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