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    how was your week? what you been up to? i have started more training and have maxed out my hours at work, i am being trained to operate a fork lift and handle the delivery side of the business. exporting and organising crates is a lot of work, but i am enjoying the new challenge. i thought the community misses the discussions @Fan of Big Tone used to start. i will be starting one every friday in the hope members will share their week.
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    I like him, but find his interviews to be pointless or defensive. Positives He has changed the squad and injected pace, making good signings on paper. Has given Kristian Dennis a chance to prove himself when most had written him off. Given Notts a chance when he didn't get paid [which deserves some form of respect]. Negatives Seems to be unwilling to work with youth players or others that could give Notts something different. His tactics can be extremely negative and far too defensive. Insisting on Jim O'Brien and Michael Doyle being the midfield pairing.
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    Notts are 4 points off the playoffs, they have put together some very good displays and better than in a long time. When will fans learn you can't just sack the manager and expect the replacement to run away with things? It changes from the top, it takes a lot of work. I am not the biggest fan of Neal Ardley's tactics but I do see what changes he has implemented. I am prepared to give him longer until I change my mind, it would take a lot to make this happen before the half way point of the season.
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    I get and fully understand that some fans are not impressed with Neal Ardley. At this stage in the season I think more time needs to be given, those who call for his head seem more impatient and unrealistic in their expectations. A modern sign of football supporters, I think on a rational basis we have to hope he improves because there is a lot that needs to be done. So, I ask you what is your view on the gaffer? What about his managerial traits do you not like? More importantly how do you think he can improve? Notts County Football Club can't keep sacking the managers, stability is needed and I think Neal Ardley is struggling to make use of the players at his disposal. He has the CV to suggest he can do well, is it more his in-game tactics that fall short or does it all stem from his approach leading into games? I might sound out of my head, I think given the time and chance he will do a steady job.
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    I just noticed PON has a new member and thought I would welcome @Katie Sudlow to the site.
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    I think Neal Ardley is risking upsetting the balance. Does anyone else think the setbacks might be caused due to his refusal to use what we have at the club already? I think we could all see that a winger would be useful to sign, however, Ardley doesn't seem to play them and Matt Tootle is more than good enough to start at right back. So, why does Notts need another? It's obvious that he won't be staying at Notts but I do think enough is enough now.
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    I don’t think its anything just two old friends having a chat a catch up I know that Kevin and Matt got on and were friends out side of work.
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    I think his main issues come from the lack of tactics he's prepared to change or adapt, he found something that worked well and switched to something that didn't. He's always chopping and changing the lineup, I wished he would just settle it down and only make changes if forced.
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    Yes. It was awful. There was times when Notts couldn't pass two or three times without giving the ball away. The most annoying part for me is seeing Solihull panic and start to become unsettled, only for Neal Ardley to take of Enzio and then the squad became very defensive minded. It was like the reverse of what you would expect @DangerousSausage! I mean, I would understand if it was the other way round but it wasn't. We walked away without ever really testing them and settling for just a point.
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    I'm always in favour of giving the manager a chance to implement changes. This can sometimes take years and modern football isn't that type of business anymore to give someone the proper length of time that is required. The Danish brothers and staff have a lot to pick up, the clubs a family and having the right support can help the manager. I had hoped that Neal Ardley would be more attacking minded with his own players, however, he still seems settled on drawing and makes changes which doesn't do anything positive. Against Solihull Moors, I would have thrown on two attacking minded players. Rather than taking Enzio off, who I admit looked tired, but I firmly think the game could have turned out differently. It got to that 70th minute mark and Ardley looked very content, I wouldn't have been if I was him - I would have been asking for that extra 10% of all of the players. I just find him to be frustrating, some of the rumours I have heard and some accounts that have been passed on to me from one or two players doesn't really sound positive. I think he's the type of manager who controls the dressing room by having strong players in favour of him, however, failing to see past the requirement or benefit from someone who naturally disagrees with something he's doing. No manager is perfect, I just fail to see how Ardley's learning. I have to say, I'm nervous about him signing further players, especially due to the transfer window always being open. I am concerned if he can't balance or give time to those here, without progressive signs that things are improving - that he will end up losing more than the majority of fans but the dressing room included.
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    I don't know what to say about this game, the past few matches have damped my mood and I don't know which Notts squad will turn up on the day.
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    I went back to school. It could be worse but the five weeks off went so fast, now I have to go to school with people who take the **** out of Notts for being non league.
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    On Monday i went out for lunch and a catch up with a friend, before returning to work after the holidays. I work in schools. Tuesday i had a match to be at straight after work. Sure you all know which one. Lol. Wednesday a shopping trip to Armstrongs Mill in Ilkeston with my daughter. Then just chilling before work thurs and today.
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    A winger was needed because we only had Enzio and Osborne and we need strength in depth and competition for places. We also have to be able to cope with the tough schedule He has usually played a centre-mid on the wing in the last few matches. Booty and O'Brien have alternated there. Brindley I'm not sure we needed because we already have Kelly-Evans and Tootle, unless Toots is on a high wage. Why Oxlade-Chamberlain is still here, I don't know. That guy isn't a footballer Osborne, Bird and Crawford have a chance of getting in the squad. Bird needs to be developing and he should be a part of Notts in the next few years. Crawford and Osborne as well. Maybe Ardley feels now is the right time for experience as we're rebuilding in a tough league and he feels that experienced players are needed in certain areas
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    Oh dear god, why I have I just gone and clicked the link? I suppose I will give into it and have a butchers. Did Alan Hardy save Notts County? No, he like previous owners led the club in the wrong direction. He relegated us with his ego and attraction to former Premier League players, he should have given Kevin Nolan a bit longer and then sacked him for the right manager - no Harry bloody Kewell... Even if he realised he didn't have the money, he should have tried harder to sell up whilst in the Football League. Perhaps the Danish owners would have it easier? They've got a battle on their hands to get us out of it. The transfer panel was tried and tested under the previous regime, only the manager should decide who comes after proper research. For me the major issue is the fact every manager seems to bring players that they know or have played with, it becomes a pal like a club and sometimes this is okay and other times it creates the issues which hinders success. I feel Alan Hardy loved the attention, he liked spending time with higher profile players and attracting them to his golf club. If anything, I feel in my opinion he wanted to be known for every single thing possible. Rather like becoming Alan Hardy FC than Notts County FC.
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