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    Slocombe 6 - Reassured us fans when he came and collected crosses and just making sure things didn't untangle in defence Kelly-Evans 5 - Many times in the first half his passes to Boldewijn were poor. Looked a little off the pace as he's just come back from injury Rawlinson 7 - Another solid performance. Becoming better with the ball at his feet Turner 6 - Relatively ok but sometimes would peel off his man. Thankfully, Rawlinson won everything McCrory 5 - Frustrating. Can tell he's only just come back from injury but everytime he got the ball in an advanced position, he went back Shields 8 - Superb. Constantly got down the wing. The Belper player who was marking him was shattered just after the hour mark because Sean had done him everytime. Bags of energy and pace. Getting better Doyle 6 - Lost his man for the goal but improved afterwards and took control and made tackles when needed Booty 7 - Class act. Defence splitting ball to Wootton for the goal. Some good interplay with other teammates. Will be a key player this season Boldewijn 7 - Scored a brilliant goal which he is capable of. Helped us get on the front foot. Made life difficult constantly for Belper Wootton 7 - A good goal. Hit the bar. A decent afternoon Dennis 6 - Should have had two goals. Intelligent runs but surprisingly for Denno, lacking the finish Subs Thomas 5 - Should have scored a 3rd for Notts Tyson 5 - Good to see him back from injury but then cleared the ball for Belper and then karate kicked one of their players
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    The scores are in - well done to this week's joint winners @weymouthPIE and @Canadian! And overall things are looking like this. @Dan still leads the way, but there is a bit of a chasing pack... The fixtures are coming thick and fast now - the next round is on Tuesday, so the next thread will be opened in a few minutes. Cheers and see you there!
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    We've progressed really well. Things have settled down quite quickly and well and the team looks like it has now gelled. I would have taken a mid-table season at the start of the season but now Notts have got themselves into a position to challenge for promotion, let's go for it. We've improved game on game and we are controlling games, getting on the front foot and making chances. Neal Ardley's style of play has emerged from the team in the last month. We just need to get a bit quicker with our passing but on the whole it is pleasing to see a Notts team play a passing game very well. Despite having to sign players late, we have bought in some good players. Regan Booty could be a brilliant find. Exactly the sort of forward thinking and forward passing midfielder we've needed for years. Ben Turner, Connell Rawlinson and Sam Slocombe have been solid. Kyle Wootton has been great since he signed. We are playing to Kristian Dennis' strengths as well and that has meant his goals have gone up from last season. Promotion is not an unrealistic aim now. We have progressed better than I expected. We have our club back
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