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    Slocombe 6 - Couldn't do owt with the two goals. Deflection and a good finish. Steady second half Brindley 5 - Too casual at times. Played the easy ball on occasions Rawlinson 7 - Was good second half. His diagonal balls to Wootton and Thomas caused carnage amongst the Pools back line Turner 6 - Got sent to the shops for the 2nd goal. Did the dirty work second half and needed to, to keep it level McCrory 7 - Always offered that option going forward and played a class ball for Thomas to get us back in the game Shields 5 - Did ok. Some energetic bursts but sometimes lacked the run in behind. Subbed Rose 4 - Couldn't pass a parcel. Takes too long to decide what to do Doyle 5 - Very poor first half. Wayward passes a plenty. Improved a bit in the 2nd Boldewijn 6 - Always grafted to get the ball back. Nearly always involved in the action Wootton 7 - A presence and when we went direct second half, Hartlepool couldn't cope with him Thomas 7 - Beat the keeper to the ball for the first and a proper poacher's finish for the second. Game saviour. A lot better in the second half when we were more forward thinking. Caused problems Subs Booty 7 - Subbed on, gets an assist and makes us a lot better going forward. Our most creative midfielder Dennis N/A - Came on too late to make any impact
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    Mean of 5.0 Slocombe 6.5 Always good to have a clean sheet , survived some goal mouth scrambles...distribution still not right at times but did ride his luck, like coming to punch a ball he got nowhere near Brindley 6.5. Not much in offensive play but read the game well Turner 6.5 Solid headers Rawlinson 6.5 Good understanding with Turner...recalls the need for "nasty centre halfs"...so we don't get bullied McCrory 7.5 Pushing forward to give an outlet for crosses, defended well against Woking's main threat down his channel Rose 4.5 More hospital passes but to his credit defended well Doyle 8 MotM Have to say , performance was a step up, recycled possession well and some great cross field balls Booty 6.5 always tries to be an outlet to receive the ball Enzio 7.5 cracking goals , provides the extra class and it counted. One rather stupid freekick conceded in 2nd half Thomas 7 Gets in where it hurts...good defensive play too high up the pitch Wootton 7 Missed 2 great chances in the first 10 minutes but led the line well..Ref gave him nothing
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    Our former chairman died yesterday at the age of 97. He was a bit before my time, but he was the man who brought Jimmy Sirrel to the club and took us on a crazy journey from the fourth to the first division. RIP Jack. Here's an NEP article with an excerpt from Paul Mace's book on Jack Dunnett. Recommended reading!
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