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    Is Neal Ardley falling into the blame game, or is he too protective of his player? Ardley has started to sound a manager who is on the ropes with regards to his managerial career, rather than accepting fault and moving on. He seems to be focusing on excuses, example blaming this mysterious side of Notts that want to see the club fail. His recent comments about the Northampton game flatters them, he admits frustrations and actually pin pointed some of the blame [without naming names] but will he start to make changes?
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    Who's this? @DangerousSausage @Piethagoram @Fozzy @gtownjohnno @upthepies @Notoriousgee @magpiejue (random tags)
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    an interesting article...in fact Notts played Osasuna in a pre season friendly some years back https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/nov/04/osasuna-la-liga-return A good quiz question, which former Notts player played for Osasuna as well?
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    While the Barrow fans seem to be largely windup merchants on Twitter, I don't think any Notts fan would deny the better team won the game. It's just; I rarely see poor winners in such a pathetic demonstration of childish celebrations. I would have happily gone home, accepted that Barrow deserved the win, but the way they acted is just unfortunate. I can get over the way they attempted to incense our fans, does that demonstrate how much winning meant? No, Leigh, it doesn't. It highlights them as poor winners. Running over to their travelling fans, for me would have highlighted how much it meant to them. But, besides this - again they deserved the win. They did homework on us, shut Notts down and knew exactly how to contain us. Plus, at times Barrow was quite enjoyable to watch (when they weren't time-wasting, diving, playing dirty). All part of their tactics mind, I get that! This all put to one side; I feel there are things we can learn from this. Notts won't win every game, just like Barrow won't remain top of the National League table for long if they continue to be vein. 1] - Once our keeper has the ball, the players need to be quicker to make space and move without clustering themselves into areas which only benefit an organised opposition. Sam Slocombe can be very quick to release the ball, however, despite this we don't counter that well, and against Barrow, this would have been highly effective I feel. Don't get me wrong; it's improved from the days whereby nobody seemed to want the ball, but even I could make more movement after dislocating both my knees than some of our players. 2] - Retaining focus on the game rather than antics! Several players mentioned to me after the match that Barrow players repeatedly rubbed the result in their faces. While this is again poor showmanship, whatever happened to wanting to prove people wrong? This type of s**t is precisely the type of thing which fuelled me when I used to play. Good players, they use this to their advantage - just like Lee Hughes did back in his playing days at Meadow Lane. Michael Doyle, at times, almost lost his head, this isn't what you want to see from the clubs captain. 3] - Stop rushing passes! There's no point rushing, it leads to poor play, and often it just makes people panic. Damien McCrory was a visible offender of this, likewise Mitch Rose, who hasn't been the same since Michael Doyle returned from his suspension. Enzio Boldewijn rushed that shocking back pass, although if people wanted to be a bit fairer on that - why did we play so high? Especially knowing how eager and quick, the barrow players were to break. It makes no sense at all. 4] - Sometimes, changes are required at half time! If you want to try to get a result, sometimes you need to force a change. Enzio Boldewijn should have been subbed early, his free playing role just created space, and it made it more difficult for Richard Brindley to defend. I accept, most of the players performed quite badly, and it wasn't a good team performance at all. Yet choosing to stick, when it's isn't working. Just reminds most people that Ardley tends to leave things late, he doesn't have a plan B and individual players no matter what their form are always going to perform inconsistently when they don't fear being dropped. 5] - Better homework is required! Barrow did theirs on us; it just sometimes seems like we have no idea how to counter when good teams come to Meadow Lane or even play us. There's no point trying to chase a 2-0 lead, without acknowledging that the opposition is playing a different game. Or, only that our tactics aren't working. Before Barrow's goal, Notts looked okay, and chances did fall. When it went wrong, well it never seemed likely that we could salvage a point from the game. After last season, I can't be the only Notts fan who wishes to see more fight from our players. This season is far from terrible, we are doing better than Chesterfield, and I would like to maintain this. Would I be annoyed that Notts failed to make the playoffs? No, it's more about working together and losing games where we put in an excellent performance ourselves. Kyle Wootton and Wes Thomas are the only two players that can walk away from the Barrow game, feeling like they had put in any shift. I know, Thomas doesn't feel he played well as he told me himself. I don't want to see the squad suffering the same old problems that we tend to see.
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    Breakdown of key topics: The Danish brothers were attracted to Notts because, the clubs history, Nottingham as a city, the potential and a fantastic opportunity. 2019/2020 aim is to hopefully gain promotion - however, they feel it's not expected and Neal Ardley must establish the team. Long term goals: Create an excellent scouting infrastructure to enable the club to sign the right players from the English leagues and overseas. They want to work with the fans so that the club can attract newer and more fans. It's hoped the club can go as far as it can, creating new memories. Hardest challenge faced coming in was forming the team, due to the time limits. Neal Ardley acknowledges that the new owners came straight in, they helped him to move quickly to make the signings and some of the players didn't have a pre-season. Media has been interested in the takeover in Denmark, that we are the oldest professional club and additionally with Kasper having played here - Danish people like supporting one English club, perhaps Notts? Things had to happen very quickly, they didn't have much time to look at players nor due proper financial diligence with the takeover. Both were happy with completing, they just wished they had more time. Unsure what to expect from owning a football club, they acknowledge that the staff have plenty of experience which makes their life easier. Spending money respectfully and carefully, Neal Ardley doesn't want to mismanage this. Owners look beyond defeats, they look at the bigger picture. Two new scoreboards to be installed, with support from Lifeline and the OSA. The club wants to promote the heritage, yet there are no plans currently to open a museum. Neal Ardley instructs everyone to go up for corners as it allows for more space, those with height have a threat. i.e Ben Turner, Kyle Wootton etc. There are no plans to have our own training facilities, but the club hopes to have something more permanent in the future. Neal Ardley starts Enzio Boldewijn because of his current ability, rather than form and despite Sam Osborne being described as a having a bright future - he's not see as being better, despite being a 'hard worker'. What do you think of the evening and, the items discussed? You can watch the event below.
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    The "Ox" more like The "Bloody Useless".
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    It's quite bemusing that we now have an issue at right back, DKE doesn't seem to be anywhere near the first team. He's back from injury right? Brindley has been quite poor in recent games. I know some moaned about Tootle for being a liability. What you got from him was a consistent performance, which is the main reason why I feel like venting my frustration that Ardley constantly backs players who are poor in form. I wish Matt all the very best, I thank him for his memories and for all that he did.
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    the awkward thing about this decision i think is the fact the club does need cbs who are natural in this role. i cant help but feel annoyed, as bird never seems to get the chance to start. he reminds me of kristian pearce when he first arrived, im not saying they are at the same level but it took pearce some time to establish himself. then after that he ended up being pushed out of the door.
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    I got it but only due to the teasing post that @Chris. How about you do something similar to this on a weekly basis @Piethagoram? I would enjoy it.
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    Notts County's FA Cup journey is over at the second round stage after Northampton Town claimed a 3-1 victory over Neal Ardley on Sunday. The Cobblers where ahead after just three minutes when Scott Wharton ghosted in at the back post and headed home Nicky Adams' corner. Regan Booty scuffed his shot wide from 12 yards for the Magpies, while Sam Slocombe denied Sam Hoskins at the other end, with the rebound hitting Ben Turner and coming back off a post. The home side's second goal arrived midway through the first half when former Notts player Vadaine Oliver was left unmarked to convert Hoskins' cross. Notts had chances to get back into the tie in the second half, but Enzio Boldewijn rippled the side-netting and Wes Thomas headed over with the goal gaping. Harry Smith then wrapped up the win, nodding in another Hoskins cross after 76 minutes, with Kyle Dennis' late goal proving nothing more than a consolation. ARLukomski was at the PTS Academy Stadium for the game - here are his thoughts. Share your thoughts about this vlog on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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