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    The opening of this memorial message has been constructed by Notts fan @Darryl Broughton, as fan messages came pouring in the news – first with the Notts County Supporters Club. It quickly became apparent how much the magpies’ star had touched the lives of many. Mick Vinter joined Notts County in 1971/1972 season, he was a great player for the reserves, being the top scorer with 26 goals from that season. He continued to be a regular striker for the reserves making the odd substitute appearance for the first team in the early days. Eventually, he made a regular striking partnership in the first team with Les Bradd in season 1975/1976. It was a joy and pleasure to have watched him play for Notts County. Notts County fans pay respect to Mick Vinter: Team-mate Les Bradd described the passing of Magpies' legend as, "Very sad to hear." Notts County also lead paying respects, with a beautiful piece from former BBC commentator Colin Slater. The full article can be read over on the OS website - Here. We at Pride of Nottingham would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mick Vinter, who has sadly passed away aged 65.
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    Saw this on the 11 Freunde Facebook page, and thought it was time to revive the lookalikes thread. WW and assistant WW and assistant (One WW is Wolfgang Wolf, manager of Lokomotive Leipzig. But which one? )
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    Exhibit A on Netflix. It's a crime documentary series about how police cut corners and arrest someone who looks innocent due to iffy evidence.
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    If I am perfectly honest, I have been disappointed for the most part of the season with Enzio Boldewijn. I don't think the club will get their money back. It's down to Neal Ardley to get the best out of him, if we can get back to League Two I think he would prefer better. I have a feeling the smaller grounds, lack of fans and standard of the division has Enzio not wanting it. He might be blaming himself for the clubs relegation too, something other than his form is going on.
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    I think at the point you realise the squad is capable of winning games and they play for each other, not just themselves you can tell. Back in 09-10 you could see this in the very first game against Bradford City.
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    I think if we'd signed him on a free, most would say he'd been a decent signing, or undecided at least. The fact that we overpaid for him (thanks Hardy), continue to do so in the form of wages (thanks again Hardy) and he was over-hyped when signing (hat-trick Hardy), means that we expected a superstar but actually got an average winger who occasionally produces moments of magic.
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    hes come back stronger, i do feel hes earned his redemption. some fans love to complain about him but hes anchored the squad and has done well.
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    I wonder if he's struggling to settle in Nottingham. He's a very friendly player, always smiling and, thinking about others. As a footballer, he does frustrate me because he doesn't warrant to start at all in my opinion. I can accept that defending isn't his strong point, so just allow him to take and cover when he's close. I am sure Notts could afford to allow him this freedom, especially now that we have stronger defenders in the squad. Biggest issue, I don't see anyone wanting him unless he's leaves on a free. I also think we'd win more games without him starting right now, he once used to carry us but now it's Notts carrying him. It's not right when you have eager players who could do a lot better. His fee will never be recovered, so unless Neal Ardley can lift him - it's money not well spent for me.
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    I'm quietly hoping we can sneak into the top 3, Turner, Booty and O'Brien all fit again for the run in... As for Chesterfield, they've improved in recent weeks it'll be very close. I think they could stay up. Notts - 3rd. Chesterfield - 20th.
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    Wow, that's a signing that no-one predicted! Talk about getting a player bang in form as well, 17 goals in 25 games is outstanding and he's not even a striker! Blyth Spartans fans are understandably gutted. With stats like that he should be moving up, clearly to good for the National League North. I'm surprised a league club didn't come in for him or maybe we just beat them too it! Either way I'm really excited to see him play, looks really promising. You can see the owners philosophy of wanting to create future funds through transfers now, signing good young players and hopefully (unfortunate in a way) sell them on for more.
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    I honestly don't know a lot about him. I do know he's considered to be a great prospect, yet adapting this into the first-team can be difficult. Good players don't usually fall too far down the footballing pyramid, usually someone higher up is prepared to take a gamble but Cal might feel he could progress better having played at various levels to date. It certainly seems to be a good coup for us. This is a good read for those who are interested, it has been shared by a fan. https://beta.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/05/15/newcastle-united-fans-react-to-callum-roberts-release/?amp&fbclid=IwAR0e5pjTi-OS-yk44aKuizXapFBrBEO3BnFjrgpmYfT-FzQ7fszg2nTMP6Q
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    For any football fan who's seen their team get relegated, one positive once you've got over the initial shock is to think about all the new grounds you can visit. And with Notts having previously never dropped down to non-league in their 157-year history, all these non-league grounds seemed like an exotic novelty to a Notts fan who travels home and away each week. So having completed half a season in the non-league wilderness, let's take a look back on the highs and lows of a non league away day. Best away days: Without question, I would have to list my favourite away ground that I've visited this season as Aldershot. Why did I like Aldershot's ground? Because it was the right mix of being an old school terrace, as well as a ground with a good atmosphere between home and away fans, which hasn't always been the case at the majority of non league grounds. Another terrace which I thoroughly enjoyed was Halifax, a large, retro terrace for away fans and an experience helped by the fact that Notts actually won! However, in terms of both the result and away day experience, then the best away trip this season would have to be the 4-0 win at Woking. From the slightly surreal yet friendly experience of drinking in the snooker club that was the only pub anywhere near the ground, to the cracking on the field performance from Notts, it was definitely the most memorable away trip of the season. Chants about "Our Danish chairmen" rang out throughout the game, as Notts put in a performance that established their challenge for immediate promotion back to the football league. Whether Notts genuinely have a chance of that promotion is a question for another blog! Worst away days: My least favourite ground I've visited this season would have to be Sutton. The whole vibe of the place was quite weird; on the one hand the stewards and other staff at the ground were very posh and overly formal. On the other hand, I recall facilities at this ground being particularly poor and not up to standard. The fact that the game was poor didn't help, but there was no real atmosphere at this ground which made for a pretty unmemorable experience. Another away ground I didn't particularly enjoy was Eastleigh; a ground which while facilities were modern and up to standard, was just pretty bland and the result also contributed to a relatively unmemorable day. While I can't moan too much about Chesterfield away as an experience as we've been there before in the football league and the facilities are pretty good for this level, I must give a special mention to Chesterfield advertising that they were selling out of date beer at the ground. Thanks for telling all away fans that they should give that a swerve, I guess! Thankfully no matter how bad things have got at Notts, we've never stooped to that low. So are the grounds in the National League significantly worse than those in League Two? I suppose it depends what you look for in a ground. In terms of character, there are some pretty bland grounds wherever you go in the football league. Therefore, an old fashioned ground like Aldershot, Halifax, or Maidenhead is definitely more charming than a football league out of town ground like Colchester or MK Dons. However, if you're talking about facilities then the overall standard is definitely slightly lower. The facilities at most non league clubs who have never been in the football league are definitely not quite up to football league standards in the whole ground, never quite as clean or well maintained as facilities in a football league ground. But even at the worst of times at any tinpot non-league ground, it's important to remember that this roller-coaster ride will all be worth it when Notts are a football league club! Share your thoughts about this feature article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    I am genuinely exciting as when he played against Notts the other season, he looked like a bright spark in the Newcastle squad. People shouldn't judge Cal Roberts as a finished product, more a player that needs shaping and assisting to bring out the best of him. Almost like a diamond in the dirt, but he does look like a quality signing. I will be keen to see him perform for Notts.
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    Former forward Mick Vinter has sadly passed away yesterday at the age of 65. He joined notts in 1971 and the magpies were his first professional team. Mick left Notts in 1979 but continued to live in nottingham as a coach when he retired as a player. The full article is here https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/mick-vinter-passing-210120/
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