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    Not much has happened for me this week, just work, work and work. Just picking up the extra hours here and there. Working for the next 5 days, but got the weekend off for my birthday, so I am looking forward to that. My test results from the doctors came back clear so I am happy with that (I wasn't when I first got them ). Very boring week for me this. How has everyone else's week been?
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    One last reminder - these matches are tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7.45pm, @4everapie, @barnet11uk, @nottsnutter, @Chris, @Magic magpie, @liampie, @TheSkipper, @Bainbridge NCFC, @Canadian, @lambleypie, @CliftonMagpie, @BESTpie, @SIMMO, @thommo, @Truefootballfan. And @magpiejue, your fixtures aren't quite right - it's Colchester v Swindon and Eastleigh v Aldershot.
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    @magpiejueI think you should review your prediction league selections.
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    Nothing to add, my weeks been average and I have spent most of my free time planning things.
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    I noticed on Saturday that both Alfreton Town and Matlock Town's games had been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances ..On further internet investigation I discovered there had been an unrelated murder in Alfreton on Thursday.This news came as a bit of a shock having grown up in Alfreton and watching Town when The Rams weren't playing.Violent times ! RIP Jordon Sinnott.
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    The results: Stoke City 2-0 Swansea City Bristol Rovers 0-0 Fleetwood Town Rochdale 2-2 Gillingham Crawley Town 3-2 Grimsby Town Exeter City 0-0 Colchester United Chesterfield 1-1 AFC Fylde Hartlepool United 2-0 Stockport County Maidenhead United 2-0 Eastleigh This week's to scorer, with three correct scores, was @barnet11uk with 12 points. Congratulations! A few positions change hands overall, but @weymouthPIE keeps the place in the sun for now... The next round of matches is on Tuesday (kick-off 7.45pm), so I'll post them in a new thread in a couple of minutes. See you over there!
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    Basically been the usual week for me apart from not felt upto to doing much apart from essential things due to not feeling well. Hopefully next week is more productive.
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    Based on a mean of 5.5 Fitzsimons 4 Gifted second goal undoing some good work especially in the first half and some good distribution Brindley 5 I am doubting whether he is really better than Toots... Wasted a great crossing chance when he had been put in by Roberts Rawlinson 5 Fallen blow the high standards now expected and still cannot really pass Lacey 6 Cultured with the ball at his feet, less effective in central defending today Bakayogo 3.5 Caught too often on the wrong side of his man in the first half, and then there was a disasterous hospital pass to Doyle Roberts 4 Expected more but was really finding his feet. One good shooting opportunity Rose 3 Work rate commitment missing Doyle 5.5 Ground covered and movement had him MotM until that incident Boldewijn 4 Only came into the game in final 10 minutes on the right, maybe as Dagenham tired.. No meaningful contributon before that Wootton 5.5 Effort yes, service no Dennis 5.5 Good shot fired in the first half but how can the forwards thrive on a sparse midfield service?
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    Some of you might have heard about this in the news ... the former Chesterfield and Huddersfield player Jordan Sinnott has died at the age of just 25 after suffering a fractured skull after a night out in Retford. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-51249670 For any of you planning a night out next weekend, just remember to look after yourselves and avoid anyone who's looking for trouble. It only takes one idiot for something tragic to happen
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    Had a bad week. Won't go into it. Needed yesterday despite the result. Wondering around Dagenham trying to find our coach being the standout highlight of this week
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