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    So we have been drawn at home Vs Aveley FC. They’ll be well up for this game and we need to treat them with respect and take the game seriously.
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    Not much has happened this week for me, I worked monday to friday. Had moments where I've been low and not wanted to do anything just stay at home and listen to music loudly, while no one was in. Spent Friday night and all of yesterday with @ARLukomski. Went to Yeovil yesterday, it was one of the most interesting matches that I have seen, it was definitely worth the win. Back to normal tomorrow. How has your week been?
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    The barn garage is up, its looking quite good. Plenty of space inside to store my truck until its sold. As for the house I have spent the most part of the week trying to sort downstairs, whilst having a contractor work on the staircase. Not much else I can add to this. I hope all are well.
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    Smashing night but we don't need a film just give @CutiePie the stage and let her perform,she so comical.Both myself and @GrannyPie were still laughing ages after you'd all left.
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    Worked Monday-Friday. Had a bad morning on Thursday so I threw my safety knife at a wall and the protector on top of the knife that protects it shattered. Friday night and Yeovil away yesterday with @meg_walshx was brilliant. Needed Saturday so much
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    Not really new as such. More of a revisit to an old friend! Hope all is well here on PoN and everyone is enjoying, what is now, an excellent resource for Notts fans. I hope to drop in a little more in the future to add my voice to the conversations. Site is looking good and forum seems to be ticking along nicely so praise goes to all of you. The team behind PoN at the moment and the regulars who drop in daily, and also to the not so regulars who still make valuable contributions. Best wishes one and all.
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    I don't know if this has been a topic before or not, but what was your first Notts match? Mine was Notts Vs Hartlepool, 11th Match 2017. It was a 2-1 win with goals by Ameobi, Grant and a own goal by Hollis. Attendance: 8,653
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    Fans can listen to commentary anywhere in the world on the BBC website. Here you are https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live-guide Scroll across to find Notts v whoever
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    Notts 1-0 Morecambe - December 6th 2008. 2008/09 season Sean Canham with the only goal. Got tickets from school
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    I cant remember the exact match but it was sometime in summer 2006 i think.
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    Pretty much everything, hope it's not a long stay
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    The quality of match officials, they're surprisingly worse than what we had in League Two.
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    The overuse of the word "tinpot", did we end up in the Non League by mistake? It just makes us look very silly.
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    @hissingdwarf The Sinn fein example is quite valid but Ireland have proportional representation...whereas we have first past the post...yes , Boris will drop a clanger big time but only one has to look to Trump to see even a party backs a fascist if he is seen to be a vote winner
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    McDonnell 8 - Made some important saves and including an awesome one late on Kelly-Evans 9 - Defended resiliently and gave Remeao Hutton a hard time (Hutton was Yeovil's biggest outlet) Rawlinson 9 - A pure champion. Great with the ball at his feet. Scored and got an assist too Lacey 8 - Headed everything out. As cool as 10 cucumbers never mind just 1 McCrory 7 - Stuck to his responsibilites in the 1st half and resolute as the 3rd CB in the 2nd half Shields 6 - Battled away first half before being subbed O'Brien 8 - Controlled the flow of Notts' tempo before we had to change things around. Part of the defensive resistant second half Crawford 8 - Ran his socks, boots and studs off and was absolutely shattered by the end. Continuenly closed down Hutton, got us going on the counter attack on occasions, linked up the play really well and should have had a penalty when through on goal Osborne 7 - Pressed well first half against Dicko. Sometimes got his feet muddled up but linked up well with DKE and made runs with the ball into the area Dennis 7 - Always looking for them runs and chased down the Yeovil defence Thomas 4 - Did his best to get involved in the game and link up the play. Was stupid for the red Brindley 7 - Part of the resistance 2nd half. Cleared it when needed Wootton 8 - Added energy to our attack and got in some good positions resulting in a goal. Started us on the counter attack and held the ball up excellently. Got back to defend too Rose 7 - Defended well when he came on. Resistant Rose A truly brilliant performance. Warriors
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    Notts County reached the quarter-finals of the FA Trophy after overcoming Yeovil Town 2-1 at Huish Park despite finishing the game with nine men on the field. Connell Rawlinson opened the scoring in the seventh minute of the game before Wes Thomas was dismissed for raising his hands to an opponent shortly before half-time. However, Notts were able to double their lead despite the numerical disadvantage, Kyle Wootton coming off the bench to net in the 70th minute of the game. Courtney Duffus pulled one back at the end of a move which saw Damien McCrory sustain an injury which left the Magpies with nine men on the field for the closing exchanges. Pride of Nottingham's ARLukomski was at the game - here is his take on the afternoon's events. Share your thoughts about this video on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Worked Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Wednesday I caught up with some friends, we went into Nottingham and then back to Clifton. Nothing special otherwise. Today I haven't gone out as its very windy. There's a large pool of flood water not far from where I live, at times it looks like it's raining sideways due to the wind. LOL
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    McDonnell 7 - Poor kicking and passing but the pitch could have caused that. He looked decent enough. Kelly-Evans 8 - A proper fighter, he defended well and did well going forward. Rawlinson 8 - Minor issues at times which could have seen Notts punished but the best easily outweighs the negatives, he did very well. Lacey 8 - Solid and calm on the ball. McCrory 7 - Did well until he went off injured, no issues. Shields 6 - Fairly quiet but he did work hard when he had time on the ball, I think he ran himself into the ground too quickly. O'Brien 7 - Looked like a good captain to me, he got forward and organised people around him. Crawford 6 - He made some good and poor choices, he did fine but could have offered a bit more quality at times. Osborne 7 - Good to see him back, he fought and did well. He deserves his place in the squad, his shot could have been better but I think he needed his preferred foot to strike it cleanly. Dennis 7 - Just needed a goal, he did very well and can come in easily to replace Thomas. Thomas 5 - I don't blame him for the red card, the Yeovil player was all over him and he just tried to get away. The player made a meal of it, he did well otherwise. Brindley 6 - Looks better at defending than going forward, he did well. Wootton 10 - My Man of the Match, he looked keen to score and found himself quickly into the game. How he got passed Carl Dickson was a joy, the pass he made was good. His goal came from a good bit of play. Rose 6 - Looked better, offered a bit more protection and filled in well when he came on,
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    Sunderland aren't exactly a ground breaking club for producing youth players, we'll end up with the players nobody else wants to loan. It might start off promising but it will end up in this manner in my opinion. Best to avoid it.
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