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    just work, in my downtime i have just been relaxing and listening to some audio books. i have found all the extra hours and training to be a bit stressful, so i wanted to take some me time.
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    I don't know if this has been a topic before or not, but what was your first Notts match? Mine was Notts Vs Hartlepool, 11th Match 2017. It was a 2-1 win with goals by Ameobi, Grant and a own goal by Hollis. Attendance: 8,653
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    Not much has happened this week for me, I worked monday to friday. Had moments where I've been low and not wanted to do anything just stay at home and listen to music loudly, while no one was in. Spent Friday night and all of yesterday with @ARLukomski. Went to Yeovil yesterday, it was one of the most interesting matches that I have seen, it was definitely worth the win. Back to normal tomorrow. How has your week been?
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    Notts County vs Peterborough United 7th September 1961. The game ended 2-2.
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    Some one grab the paddles as we’re heading up #£*! Creek
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    1978 if memory serves. At the Lane Vs Orient. 1-0 to Notts with the Don scoring right near the end.
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    Honestly, I don’t remember. It would have been like 1993, my Grandfather Ray took me with my brother. I remember walking to the ground after he parked, I know we was either top or at least 4th. As I asked my grandfather if Notts would get promoted to the Premier League. I do think we won 2-1. It was lightly raining and somewhat cold, but everything else is a blur.
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    Honestly, I’ve quite enjoyed it and there’s only one major gripe that annoys me. It’s the ridiculous agreement, over TV rights and highlight which should be made available to fans much sooner. Monday is a joke. They shouldn’t force fans to wait that long, just because they want a few days of the spotlight. I’m not keen on Vanarama website either.
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    Every opposition fan in this league repeats the same idea that Notts fans thought 'we would walk this league', despite nobody saying it, ever, and fans predicting we'd struggle. It doesn't seem to matter what your fan base actually says, if you're a 'big club' for this level (i.e over 2000 fans), then you will be told that you thought you'd walk the league.
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    @Joshua same here, I do a light bit of gaming and internet browsing but it’s school that takes most of my days up.
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    Worked Monday-Friday. Had a bad morning on Thursday so I threw my safety knife at a wall and the protector on top of the knife that protects it shattered. Friday night and Yeovil away yesterday with @meg_walshx was brilliant. Needed Saturday so much
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    Worked Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Wednesday I caught up with some friends, we went into Nottingham and then back to Clifton. Nothing special otherwise. Today I haven't gone out as its very windy. There's a large pool of flood water not far from where I live, at times it looks like it's raining sideways due to the wind. LOL
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    Well, there's no more Father Brown on TV at the moment. The BBC have put a different show on, it stars Max's annoying wife from Eastenders and, I can't stand her. Goofy and wooden acting from someone who spoils the good work Mark Benton (who isn't perfect but at least he's funny, and don't take himself too seriously). Thursday, I went to watch Space Jam with @GrannyPie and @super_ram. Only myself and, @Ellie_Pie10 watched from the beginning. Maybe @cheeky~k8 did a bit, but @CutiePie and @super_pie just talked or did something else. Once food arrived, it was fun as we all just sat back watching it. It's nice to go over and, do something like this. Usually, we just talk or have a laugh but its different to eat and watch a film. I think both of my parents enjoy too, we now do it every 2 weeks. I don't remember doing anything else.

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