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    McDonnell 6 - Collected crosses when he needed too. Didn't really have much to do from the 65th minute onwards. Was on the end of bad tackle by Quigley resulting in his red card Brindley 8 - Forced Barrow back to goal and got in the face of Dan Jones and Patrick Brough. Never gave them room to breathe Rawlinson 7 - Commanding. Couple of wayward passes due to the wind but overall solid as per usual. Dior Angus was in his pocket all game Lacey 8 - Wall. Just a wall McCrory 7 - Couple of times where he left too much space for his man and have away the penalty. Did fine 2nd half Bagan 9 - Forced Barrow back well and constantly put Josh Kay under a lot of pressure, everytime he received the ball. Don't think anyone got past him all afternoon Crawford 9 - Pressured brilliantly. Snuck in from the corner to get the 1st. Passing was class. Unplayable at times Doyle 8 - Few wayward wind affected passes 1st half. Won the second ball on many occasions. Pure sh*thousery as well. Love it. Made the refs mind up for the red card too O'Brien 7 - Won the second ball many times like Doyle. More expressive 2nd half and got on the ball more Thomas 6 - Not much service first half but chased down the Barrow defence well before being subbed Wilson 6 - Like Thomas, chased the Barrow centre halfs well in the 2nd before being subbed Wootton 7 - Won us free kicks. Linked up the play nicely Roberts 8 - He wears a magic hat. Give him the ball let him work his bag of tricks. Sent two or three Barrow players for a hotdog for the 2nd goal Long 6 - Only came on to shore it up but we'll give him a rating anyway cos why not
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    @Chris fair comments about thelikes of Crawford Booty Roberts etc about progression. It'd be nice to have both. We can only hope that whichever way it happens we carry on moving forward. The bigger picture definitely is the league, I just feel like a trophy even if it is the fa trophy is something we can use to say that we weren't expected to do anything and we win a cup on our first ever appearance.
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    It would be better to store them in the bin were they belong. I hate all sauces
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    Gutted with that result - could and should have been out of sight by half time. Rooney hit the inside of the right post with the penalty after sending the keeper the wrong way, then the outside of the left post with a free kick, and Angus skewed one wide. Should really have been 3 up. 2nd half started pretty much the same, Dan Jones had a 30 yarder well saved by the keeper, then came the sending off which changed the game. Definite red and Quigley out for 3 games, then Crawford does what he did for Chester and scores against us, a scrappy goal defensively that the keeper probably should have saved. Notts played well against 10 men and Roberts got a good goal from a narrow angle. As per usual in this league the ref had a shocker. Before the game we could afford to lose one match, now we can't - but we'll still be top whatever happens with the Harrogate game later. Quigley will be a miss and i'm guessing we'll bring in the Welsh U-21 international striker we signed midweek against his home town club Wrexham next week
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