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    Worked on Monday. Only day I worked this week. Avoided symptoms of the virus this week. I'm missing @meg_walshx and it got to me a bit on Saturday. Started doing quizzes on Zoom Won promotion with Notts on Football Manager in the play-off final against Barnet. Also won the FA Trophy against Chesterfield. Won the first three games in League Two and sit top of the league. Started another one as well with Maidstone as I fancied a challenge. Won 3-0 on the opening day against league favourites Chelmsford. Got through quite a few James Bond films as well. Live And Let Die, The Man With The Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker
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    Well... Its definitely been an interesting week, probably has been for all of us. Worked monday night for 3 hours, little did I know it was the last time for maybe 3 months. Done quite a lot of things this week. I've baked, watched a lot of things on Disney+ and YouTube. Spoke to @ARLukomski a lot due to not being able to see each other. I've even painted, not done that since school. How has you're week been?
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    Thank you to @Chris for tagging me in this on Facebook. Thought I'd post it on here as well Favourite Club: Notts County Favourite Football Nation: England Player I hated the most: There's a probably a few for this one but I can't think off the top of my head Club I hate the most: Mansfield Town Favourite ever player: Thierry Henry Favourite ever manager: At Notts (Moniz or Ardley) Legendary player: Lionel Messi/Thierry Henry Favourite ever Keeper: Struggling with this one (Kasper?, Bart?) Favourite ever Defender: I'm struggling with this one. Favourite ever Midfielder: Ronaldinho or David Beckham (England) Favourite ever Striker: Lionel Messi If I get a definitive answer for the ones I've left, I'll come back and edit them
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    Every day now seems to be exactly the same. I have been doing a lot of graphical work and, editing pictures. Just something to take away the boredom, as I have Netflix on or the TV in the background which I listen to (and loosely watch). I sneaked out to see my parents, just to see if they were okay as I miss them. Aside from that, there's not a lot I can say.
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    At home every day of the week, first proper week of lockdown and I feel I will go stir crazy soon.
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    With all the spare time on my hands now I’ve been playing around on photoshop. I then strangely remembered the ‘where’s the ball’ feature from the competition pages of my old football mags and thought I’d make my own for people to try. Just a bit of fun really. Here’s the picture, all you have to do is reply with the name of the square you think the ball is in! I’ll let this run for a bit and post the real picture on Thursday night, along with a congrats to anyone that gets it right! (Hope it isn’t too easy/hard)
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    It's not so bad, I don't mind not having to go out but a month's time could be a different answer.
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    LOL at Richard Duffy @Chris! Favourite Club: Notts County Favourite Football Nation: England Player I hated the most: Joey Barton Club I hate the most: Salford City Favourite ever player: Raul Favourite ever manager: Pep Guardiola Legendary player: Messi Favourite ever Keeper: Casillas Favourite ever Defender: Maldini Favourite ever Midfielder: Kaka Favourite ever Striker: Del Piero
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    Welcome to the site and PON @Rio Doherty, it's always nice to see a fans opinion from the outside.
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    I can see why people end up sleeping a lot, it's getting boring now. I'm fine just going crazy with the lack of new things to do.
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    Some are red purely because it was too hard to read in the white text. There's no secret pattern that will lead you to the right square!
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