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  1. Notts County has confirmed which players have been offered new deals after the 2019/2020 retained list was published on the official website. The club has announced that five players will be released, with manager Neal Ardley offering 7 new deals to others. Whilst Enzio Boldewijn, Damien McCrory, Jim O'Brien, Connell Rawlinson, Cal Roberts, Sam Slocombe, Wes Thomas, Ben Turner, Kyle Wootton and Tiernan Brooks remaining under contract. Neal Ardley said via the OS: "This is always the toughest day in a manager’s calendar, but it’s especially difficult this year as we are saying goodbye
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  2. You’ve pretty much got to have the perfect season to go up. This league is so hard to get out of, your laughing in league 2 when you get 3 promotion spots and the play-offs. In this league there’s always a team that surprises everyone and does well, I don’t think anyone predicted Barrow to win the league last season. The positives now are Barrow and Harrogate who were the two best teams in this division, they're gone now! We were the 3rd best and with some more savvy recruitment there’s no reason why we can’t go on to have a successful season even if it means finishing in the play-offs ag
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  3. I hate the play-offs. I wasn't there for either of the Warnock finals, but I definitely was for the debacle in 1996. And now this. I never expected us to get this far, but there's still somethig galling about having the prospect of an instant return dangled in front of you tantalisingly, only to have it snatched away again. This was our first go. Hopefully next season we can get the 90+ points we'll need to avoid them. On a personal note I have a special relationship with promotion play-offs. My adopted team, Waldhof Mannheim, qualified for, and failed in, the play-offs three years runnin
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  4. Wow, well the staff definitely weren’t sitting around feeling sorry themselves. I knew today was the day some meetings were taking place but I didn’t expect it all to be done today! Lacey is one I’m desperate to see sign though, Dennis a close second too. They could quite easily have interest from clubs above though. Could maybe see Brindley have offers from above too. I’m pleased Ozzy’s been offered a new deal, he’s always looked lively when given his chance. Big season for him now though and he’s got some tough competition in Enzio and Roberts. I think he’ll resign along with Doyle
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  5. Michael Doyle isn't under contract, he's been offered a new deal. Neal Ardley spoke about getting rid of the "old guard" image that had been picked up, but has allowed Tom Crawford to go. I can't see Jim O'Brien and Michael Doyle being that successful when played together.
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