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  1. I see this close season as testament as to what could happen. First real radar close season IMO. Brexit stunting the pool so to speak, but as a club, the structures and framework in the background are now all in place. Hopefully the players can make good on all the resources the club has at its disposal. I see us as a long term bigger project. Not rose tinted glasses etc…just believe that the stepping stones put in place now will enable us long term to move through the leagues as soon as we get out of this one! I’d say Championship level as well tbf. Regards ticket prices, season ticket prices and stadium capacity… These are shrewd owners with faith in Turner as CEO. I’m sure every option has been discussed and I think we trust in their decision. Notts have always suffered in the shadow of Florest community wise. As a teacher from the Meadows, it was sickening to see the 7 year olds being given free Florest shirts each year. Notts FITC does great work, but really should be in-house now imo. Education is the starting point. Get a setup where schools are bussed into the Lane for days out. Get classrooms setup and full time staff to run an educational program. (And yes I’ve voiced this before to Ray Trew, who agreed in principle, but wasn’t prepared to put money into it) get coaches in to all schools in Nottinghamshire regularly. So regularly, they’re seen as first choice above Florest. Communities normally follow where the children are welcomed. Start there and whole swathes of communities will follow.
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  2. Bit late to the Party, but I like to make a grand entrance lol. Coventry City 1-1 Reading Stoke City 2 -0 ottingham Florist Fleetwood Town 1- 0 Cheltenham Town Shrewsbury Town 0 -1 Plymouth Argyle Hartlepool United 1-1 Walsall Scunthorpe United 2-0 Sutton United Halifax Town 0 - 1 Maidenhead United
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  3. Just to point out, Hartlepool once offered much lower season ticket prices, and they never imagined how many fans would take them up. The price was that low, it backfired, and they lost revenue. Bradford City are a team that has the supporters out there, they're a club that's bounced through all the divisions and in fairness to them - they could be a Championship side. Notts County, on the other hand, are a League One club at best. The comparison between the two teams is quite different, with them not exactly competing with a rival like Nottingham Forest for local fans. Yes, there's Bradford Park Avenue - they're no threat to Bradford City though. I know the clubs are looking at plans to attract younger supporters, which I feel have started to come through more within the last 5 years. It's an interesting discussion, but realistically I just don't see the room for much change. Personally, I feel that maximising the clubs' match day revenue is the area worth focusing on. Improving the catering and, giving fans quality products would bring in more revenue than season tickets, along with the match day hospitality. Allowing fans to be fans in hospitality is something that Notts needs to identify, as corporate businesses and wealthy fans aren't exactly the area they should be targetting IMO. In addition, I have always tried to push the idea that Notts should get into communities a lot more. The Caribbean, Polish, African, Asian etc - parts of Nottingham aren't associated with local football. Whilst Forest might have more of an attraction with some of these communities, it's nowhere near what other football clubs have. Wolves have a strong Asian following, as does Leicester City. The number of Asian taxi drivers that have asked me about the Notts score, or have show general interest because Notts are the 'underdogs' of Nottingham is outstanding. I have also spoken to communities in the past and asked them about if they've attended football in Nottingham. Most that have spoken to me have said they either work weekends or don't feel comfortable watching live football in Nottingham.
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