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  1. The results: Cardiff City 0-1 Reading Derby County 0-0 Swansea City Fleetwood Town 1-2 Charlton Athletic Sheffield Wednesday 1-2 Oxford United Bristol Rovers 1-3 Swindon Town Colchester United 0-2 Salford City Maidenhead United 2-3 King's Lynn Torquay United 5-0 Wealdstone --- That was a tricky one. As with Notts, points were at a premium this weekend, but five of you did manage to get five points each: @Dripsey3, @gtownjohnno, @barnet11uk, @Chris, @TheSkipper (welcome back!) - 5 @Dan, @super_ram - 4 @ARLukomski, @KB1862, @liampie - 3 @magpiejue, @4everapie - 2 @nottsnutter, @Megan_Elizax, @GrannyPie - 1 @DangerousSausage (what's wrong with me this season?) - nul points --- Aaaand here are the standings. @Dan is top by a single point and @gtownjohnno joins the top three: Dan - 72 Dripsey3 - 71 gtownjohnno - 67 super_ram - 66 nottsnutter - 60 jimbob - 59 magpiejue - 58 4everapie - 57 barnet11uk - 51 Megan_Elizax - 50 DangerousSausage - 44 ARLukomski - 43 KB1862 - 43 GrannyPie - 43 Chris - 37 Feral Fox - 29 liampie - 19 Joshua - 9 allardyces tash - 8 Alex - 7 TheSkipper - 5 Canadian - 4 --- As on Tuesday the teams in the Proper Leagues are playing in something called the EFL Trophy (a competition we've opted out of for the time being), the next prediction league round is this coming Saturday. So keep an eye out for the fixtures here from Wednesday evening onwards. Thanks for playing and have a good week!
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  2. I thought we started the game well and deservingly went in 1-0 up. Their disallowed goal was a sign of what they are all about but we desperately needed to get a 2nd goal and then once Woking scored we just fell apart… 4-1 flattered them but I agree we’ve only got ourselves to blame for the loss. They were massive and their game is all about physicality, but for 70 minutes we pretty much dealt with it. Once the second goal goes in we just lost all thought and composure though. Our approach is admirable but you need a balance and for me yesterday in the end we got bullied. Woking is one of those games where you want (need) Cameron and Rawlinson. And to top off the bad result, it sounds like Knight is injured again.
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