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  1. How Qatar won the right to hold the World Cup is mind boggling. I think we all know how they won, ching ching, you know what I mean! I won't be watching the WC for the first time in my life. The treatment of workers who built the stadium, the on going persecution of the LGBTQ community etc etc. I love the WC, but peoples rights come first. We are all equal in my eyes.
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  2. Yeah I’m really going to struggle to get any enjoyment out this competition and I don’t think I’ll be watching it. In some ways it’s shame it coincides with England being good again but you can’t just forget how corrupt it is and how many workers lost their lives. I'm amazed how many companies are willing to be associated with it for the sponsorship and advertising. This might have potentially caused some issues but from what I gather the likes of McDonalds and Budweiser are signed up. And David Beckham I’ve no idea who advises him (someone greedy) suggested he should be an ambassador for this tournament, it’s embarrassing and thoughtless. As what for fans could though, that is a good question. I’m sure/hope as the World cup gets closer it’ll be make the news for the wrong reason and some organisation will do something that can be beneficial and allow the protesting voices to be heard. I’ll be amazed if there aren’t already groups organising protests and I’ll be amazed if all the games run smoothly, I’m sure they’ll be some sort of disruption.
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