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    Exclusive... This was the reaction I got earlier from the scoreboard when I asked how it felt about being fixed.
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    Portland United's Grove Corner down here is my favourite hands down. The most scenic drive and most picturesque ground I know. Get yourself down Green Lane to watch the mighty All Whites mate. My old man captained them back in his younger days, no mean feat considering some of the well known names to come through the ranks there.
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    So those of you who play the prediction league, or who follow me on Twitter may have seen that I was in Bristol over the weekend for the Western league Groundhop. Basically Groundhop UK arrange several such weekends across the UK every season whereby kick off times are staggered to allow those of us who enjoy ticking off new grounds to attend several new grounds over a weekend. This weekend just gone it was the turn of the Western league, which for the benefit of those who don't follow lower league stuff is steps 5 & 6 of the non league pyramid. I thought I'd share a few photos from the 7 (yes seven!) games we attended over the weekend. I'll do each match as a separate post on this thread as it only lets you post a certain number pf photos per post. Hopefully you like them! The first stop was on Friday night as Brislington hosted Odd Down from Bath. The ground was a real beauty, full of character and was almost fully covered which is rare for this level. The game: Brislington 2-3 Odd Down (Bath) (Taylor 41' Biggins 72') (Lloyd 6' 78' 84') Western Premier league (05/10/18) Crowd 262 Game 1 of the weekends Western league groundhop set a pretty high benchmark, as the visitors edged a 5 goal thriller in front of a bumper crowd. The visitors hit the front early on when George Lloyd rounded the keeper to slot home, but the hosts levelled it up before the break, with Clarke Taylor pouncing on a defensive error to run through and fire into the bottom corner. It was an end-to-end game despite a couple of lengthy stoppages for injuries, but the entertainment went up a notch when Connor Biggins scored the goal of the night - hitting one into the top corner from some 30 yards. But not to be outdone, George Lloyd soon restored parity with an equally impressive effort from the edge of the box, although it may have taken a slight deflection with the way it looped over the keeper. And Lloyd completed his hattrick 6 minutes from time. The hosts only cleared it as far as Lloyd lurking at the back post, and he did well to hook it in with the ball behind him. The hosts threw the kitchen sink at them for the last 5 minutes and had a couple of half hearted penalty appeals waived away, but the visitors held on for their third league win of the season which moves them up to 11th, a place and a point behind their opponents, having played 3 games less.
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    The scoreboard unfortunately went faulty on Tuesday night leaving just the clock working, the crests both disappeared for both clubs.
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    Time to get your predictions in folks, just because Notts aren't playing this weekend doesn't the show doesn't continue. Please do add your predictions ASAP... @upthepies @magpiejue @samwatto2008 @NottsTastic @super_pie @4everapie @Truefootballfan @SIMMO @Northants Pie @CliftonMagpie @nottsnutter @ebbk @Magpie64 @Nottsfan76 @jurgenpie @barnet11uk @DangerousSausage @Rob Reid @jimbob @Canadian @Elite_pie @Dan @PD 1862 @AmericanPie @adelaidepie @Wombboy @Notts County Polls @Bainbridge NCFC @Who r ya?? You Pies!! Good luck!
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    So the score board has officially been repaired and was used for the first time this season. Have you missed the score board? Do you like the new look? Are you pleased to see it back? thanks to Dan Westwell for the pic
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    90/92 Forest Green Rovers and Fleetwood missed through family engagements have been to around 20 former League grounds which are in the National League now edit ....and Rushen & Diamonds ( now demolished I believe)...witnessing Matty Gill being demolished as a full back
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    I'm listening in now @Chris great listen as always. You both done very well @Magic magpie and @Chris
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    This came up as a Facebook memory, one of Grandson George’s first matches: ———————— Conversation with George at the match. George: Grandad, where is the referee? Me (pointing): It's that man over there with black shorts, grey shirt and a white stick. After a pause, me: Can you see him? George: I can see a man with black shorts and a grey shirt but I can't see his white stick. (Laughter all round) Me: He hasn't really got a white stick. George: Well why did you say he had then, silly.
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    Harry Kewell has stated that the Notts County players who put in a poor display against Newcastle United Under-21s in the EFL Trophy are not in a "good position". However, the Australian has refused to close the door on them outright and will give them the chance to redeem themselves by working harder in training. Kewell made 10 changes to his side as he gave the likes of Andy Kellett, David Vaughan, Noor Husin, Dan Jones and Kristian Dennis some much-needed minutes after not figuring for his first team in recent weeks. However, Notts fell to a meek 2-0 defeat, leading many fans thinking that some of the players involved could well be jettisoned in January, “People are happy enough to keep coming in and ask questions,” Kewell told the Nottingham Post. “All I ask for is hard work every single day and when it comes to the games you should be happy because it’s not training. “But the best thing about the game like that is you record it and if anyone has a complaint then I will watch it and I am open to suggestions. “They have to prepare themselves for a tough battle now. It’s not a good position, but all the doors are still open. They just need to work harder.” Share your thoughts about this news story on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    i thought they packed up awhile ago? i was not aware the all whites played still. @CliftonMagpie we should check them out mate.
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    It looks like PON could start an AA meeting here. It's good everyone enjoys a different pint, you can't beat real ale to me.
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    this is a great idea, i would love to see your blog return in this format @weymouthPIE. its a good read and i am sure other members miss you posting here.
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    Ok for some reason it's now not allowing me to post any more photos at all, must've reached a limit? For those who are interested, we then went onto Hallen at 5pm whose ground had 2 actual bus stops in it which I really wish I could show you. Then it was Cribbs for a 7:45 kick off. Thats where Bristol Rovers train so as you can imagine the facilities were very good. On Sunday it was another early start for an 11:00 kick off at Bridgwater Town, which was another superb little ground. Then the finale was back in Bristol at Bristol Telephones. I was disappointed they didn't have a bit of Go West or Blondie for the pre match music there! The hosts held for a while (see what I did there) but two stunning free kicks settled it in favour of the away side. Telephones spent a lot of time in their box. The manager tried to ring the changes but the players were on a different wavelength. I'll get my coat
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    From there it was a drive to the seaside for a visit to Clevedon Town for a 2:15 kick off. Clevedon have played as high as step 3 in the past so their ground was much bigger than the others, albeit in need of some TLC. Clevedon were 4th going into the game and welcomed Buckland Athletic who were midtable. But the hosts failed to kick on after taking an early lead, and Buckland fought back to take a deserved win. Clevedon Town 1-3 Buckland Athletic (Camm 12') (Johansen 30' Bush 73' Richards 84') Western premier League (06/10/18)
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    Game 2 of the weekend saw us up bright and early for an 11am kick off in the pouring rain at Longwell Green Sports. They were relegated from the premier Division to division 1 last season and have made a steady start. They welcomed the early season leaders Welton Rovers. But the hosts took the lead after less than 90 seconds, and set the tone for an exciting end-to-end game in the pouring rain with the tackles flying in. The league leaders eventually came out on top whilst those in attendance crammed into the small stands to keep dry! Longwell Green Sports 2-3 Welton Rovers (Britton 2' Charles 36') (Hunt 28' Sevior 52' Newton 73') Western league Division One (06/10/18)
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    Apple Pie There's nothing like a nice warm apple pie with custard or ice cream depending on the mood.
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    Outside of the Football League @weymouthPIE, which ground do you like the most? I am curious to see what team you say. I might give some of my local teams a go and see what its like down there.
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    A very detailed and to the point PONcast @Chris and @Magic magpie. I thought you both spoke brilliantly and I would encourage you to get Mark back on the show in the near future.
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    I am glad that PON has found time to start putting PONcasts out. I think @Magic magpie did very well, you both spoke sense and discussed good points. Great job with another show.
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    Welcome to PON @SLOLozClough enjoy your time here and join in on Prediction League.
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    Nice to see the SLO engaging with the community on PON, welcome @SLOLozClough.
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    I like gateau's the most, chocolate, fruit or strawberry they are all nice.
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