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    With our beloved Notts County having four games to save their Football League status, we at Pride of Nottingham wanted to pass on a message from a fellow fan. Addressing the Magpies players and coaches, Glen Gretton has this to say: To any of the players or management team that may read this. I am a lifelong Notts County supporter third generation and in August 2017 my partner gave birth to my first child he will become the fourth generation Notts County supporter. I like telling him stories but this one story I’d like to tell him is about a bunch of players that were down on their luck and in the pits of despair and nothing was going right and it looks very bleak for the future, but somehow someway, these bunch of players gathered themselves together, looked each other in the eye and said we can get out of this mess. We can do it because we are Notts County players and Notts County players never give up it will be the greatest of great escapes for this great club. If you boys can get us out of this mess you will go down in history. Please let there be a happy ending to my story for my boy. COYP
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    What a season the 2018/19 League Two campaign has been, never would have dreamt that Notts County would be on the verge of relegation from the Football League. It’s something I find very sad, certainly it’s not good to see the faces of worry in the crowd but you know what? This is football after all, once you brush off the hurt and come round. I think the majority will accept that having the club still in existence is the main thing. The community around the club is one I would consider to be very solid, it’s been a huge privilege and its seasons like this when you miss the old days. I often think back to when I was bitten by the away day bug, how seeing the fans anticipate the game for me was one of the most exciting aspects – feeling that match day atmosphere floating around, not knowing what to expect. The club’s actual history could never be erased by being relegated to the Vanarama National League, yet it’s important that a smooth takeover happens – especially to avoid the worry of falling into administration. This is where the risk of the club’s heritage falls into concern, yet for me this isn’t something I feel is likely to happen. As fans, we just need to ensure that our support is there. After all the moans and groans, would a Saturday afternoon be right without seeing Notts County take to the field? That’s where the community comes into, we’ve all made a connection to other fans on match days, it’s almost like a ritual for some and the flocking of magpies’ is one that has great meaning behind it. Feeling like you’re a part of that community, knowing that you’re right behind the football irrespective of what happens on the pitch. I have seen fans come and go, quite a few who are no longer with us, but I will personally do my best just in the hope of making a small difference. Notts County has three massive games remaining in League Two season, games which need to see the players fight – not just for the badge but for the club itself. Survival is important, going down without a real fight isn’t what we want to see. Too little, too late? I have the feeling this might be the case, but I do restore the hope that the very last game of the season against Swindon Town will be one to remember for all the right reasons.
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    You're right @Chris, Notts will be fine and the clubs lucky to have someone who fights so hard to represent them despite all your up evils. Great blog.
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    the main thing is the clubs existence, players come and go. relegation happens, i hope that we survive but if we dont i will still be here next season.
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    Good Friday fixtures Birmingham City 1 v Derby County 2 Swansea City 2 v Rotherham United 1 jkr Rochdale 1 v Wycombe Wanderers 1 Walsall 1 v Southend 1 Cheltenham Town 1 v Oldham Athletic 1 Newport County 1 v Bury 2 Easter Monday Blackburn Rovers 2 v Bolton Wanderers 0 Hull City 1 v Sheffield United 2 Peterborough United 1 v Sunderland 3 jkr Plymouth Argyle1 v Barnsley 2 Lincoln City 2 v Tranmere Rovers 2 Swindon Town 2 v Crewe Alexander 2
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    I am currently in the midst of writing a piece about what needs to happen in regards to Notts to make sure we can move forward as a club and escape the boom and bust model we currently have Topics I have at the minute include - Decisions on managers - Managerial tactics - Player recruitment and scouting - Training ground and facilities - Owners and board level decisions - Youth team Would anyone else like to include anything to write about? Thanks
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    Good Friday Fixtures: Birmingham City 1-2 Derby County joker Swansea City 2-0 Rotherham United Rochdale 0-2 Wycombe Wanderers Walsall 0-0 Southend United Cheltenham Town 2-1 Oldham Athletic Newport County 0-2 Bury Easter Monday Fixtures: Blackburn Rovers 1-1 Bolton Wanderers Hull City 0-2 Sheffield United Peterborough United 0-3 Sunderland joker Plymouth Argyle 0-1 Barnsley Lincoln City 2-1 Tranmere Rovers Swindon Town 1-4 Crewe Alexandra
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    Birmingham City 1-2 Derby County Swansea City 2-1 Rotherham (Joker) Rochdale 1-2 Wycombe Walsall 2-2 Southend Cheltenham 1-2 Oldham Newport County 1-1 Bury Blackburn 2-1 Bolton Hull 2-2 Sheff Utd Peterborough 2-2 Sunderland Plymouth 0-2 Barnsley Lincoln 2-1 Tranmere (Joker) Swindon 2-0 Crewe
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    Leigh Curtis....... County's Evening Post alleged reporter..
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    I would be hopeful that it isn't too little, too late. Whatever happens I will still make the trip to match days.
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    Hi all, I am involved in a research study looking at fans' views of sex and gender classification in sport and I am hoping you can spare a few minutes of your time to share your thoughts in an online survey: https://teesside.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/transgender-and-sport Thanks in advance.
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    Craig Mackail-Smith gives us his pre match thoughts as Notts prepare to face the MK Dons at meadow lane tomorrow.
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    With three games left in League Two this season, Notts County remain in dire straits as they lost 2-1 against MK Dons at Meadow Lane. Second-half strikes from David Wheeler and Chuks Aneke consigned Neal Ardley's side to the foot of the Football League once again. Ben Barclay netted a late consolation for the beleaguered Magpies in injury time but it came way too late for it to have a meaningful impact. ARLukomski was at Meadow Lane for the game - here is his take on it. Share your thoughts about this video on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining in the chat with hundreds of fellow Notts County fans. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
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    Friday Birmingham 1-2 Derby (joker) Swansea 2-0 Rotherham Rochdale 1-1 Wycombe Walsall 1-1 Southend Cheltenham 2-1 Oldham Newport 1-2 Bury Monday Blackburn 1-1 Bolton Hull 1-2 Shef U. Peterborough 1-2 Sunderland Plymouth 0-1 Barnsley Lincoln 1-1 Tranmere (joker) Swindon 1-0 Crewe
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    Good Friday Birmingham City 1 - 3 Derby County(Joker) Swansea City 2 - 1 Rotherham United Rochdale 2 - 2 Wycombe Wanderers Walsall 1 - 1 Southend United Cheltenham Town 1 - 2 Oldham Athletic Newport County 2 - 0 Bury Monday Blackburn Rovers 2 - 1 Bolton Wanderers Hull City 1 - 1 Sheffield United Peterborough United 1 - 2 Sunderland Plymouth Argyle 1 - 3 Barnsley Lincoln City 2 - 0 Tranmere Rovers(Joker) Swindon Town 2 - 1 Crewe Alexandra
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    It's time to come up with the goods whoever the opposition are - we need two wins bare minimum, more likely three. Lose tomorrow and we could be adrift with only three matches remaining. However, everyone in this league is beatable. In terms of form, the illegitimate franchise from Buckinghamshire are faring little better than us, sitting 12th in the form table. On paper Yeovil and Macc have got easier games, but football doesn't work like that. Roar the boys on tomorrow - with hard work and a little luck, things might just be looking a little rosier soon.
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    I hope it's a good Friday and not a crap Friday. Birmingham City 2-1 Derby County Swansea City 2-1 Rotherham United Rochdale 2-0 Wycombe Wanderers Walsall 0-2 Southend United Cheltenham Town 1-1 Oldham Athletic Newport County 1-3 Bury (joker) Easter Monday Fixtures: Blackburn Rovers 3-0 Bolton Wanderers Hull City 1-3 Sheffield United Peterborough United 2-2 Sunderland Plymouth Argyle 1-1 Barnsley (joker) Lincoln City 2-0 Tranmere Rovers Swindon Town 2-0 Crewe Alexandra
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    You don't choose to be a Notts fan, you're born one.
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    I have to admire his belief, it's looking grim but if the players see that fans are behind them who knows? Positive message from someone on social media.
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    This the game if we loose it could sink us ..just want to get this out the way. The lads need to turn and bloody fight no half Hart performance playing with passion desire and like it’s their last professional game of there career cause any thing else isn’t bloody good enough..
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    worth a good read of this thread, double click on twitter link below
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    Said in my vlog that if Hemmings scores he changes the game. Best thing Stead did all game but when you need to press the opposition you can't have him up front. He's so slow. That was the first time in the game where he actually closed down their centre-back
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    Tough game... Usually these I feel Notts won't do well in but we all know they lift themselves against bigger teams, I think the game should be okay and that thin thread of string will keep safety dangling over our heads for a few more games.
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    You have all the bases covered @ARLukomski, I look forward to reading it mate.
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    i wonder if he talks straighter than he tweets? reading his thread caused me to have a headache. his hearts in the right place tho.
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    Two rounds in one this weekend Good Friday Fixtures: Birmingham City v Derby County Swansea City v Rotherham United Rochdale v Wycombe Wanderers Walsall v Southend United Cheltenham Town v Oldham Athletic Newport County v Bury Easter Monday Fixtures: Blackburn Rovers v Bolton Wanderers Hull City v Sheffield United Peterborough United v Sunderland Plymouth Argyle v Barnsley Lincoln City v Tranmere Rovers Swindon Town v Crewe Alexandra Mine: Birmingham City 1-0 Derby County Swansea City 3-1 Rotherham (Joker) Rochdale 1-1 Wycombe Walsall 1-2 Southend Cheltenham 3-1 Oldham Newport County 0-1 Bury Blackburn 2-0 Bolton Hull 1-2 Sheff Utd Peterborough 0-2 Sunderland Plymouth 0-2 Barnsley Lincoln 1-2 Tranmere Swindon 1-0 Crewe
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