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  1. Chris

    Steve Chettle joins Notts

    I think it could be a good thing, I'll reserve my judgement. I hope he knows if he doesn't improve things, that he will be blamed just like Dean Yates did. For me it's not about the coaching, it's about how the players apply their role and what they do to keep focused/engaged with the game.
  2. Chris

    Magic magpie needs some help

    I think for football casual and healthy things would be better, something that isn't already there. Most fans would pay for something too expensive and most don't carry a lot of cash, I get this all the time as to why the club don't have more wireless payments and a cash machine on site. Blah blah
  3. Jonathan Forte is a yes, Adam Collin could be argued (I think we do currently), Jorge Grant is a big loss so far.
  4. Chris

    Daily Chat Thread - Friday 17th August

    My home CCTV messed up overnight and I had to spend several hours flapping around with that and my old laptop which is on it's last legs. Now I am posting on PON, then I will catch up with social media and then onto @ARLukomski thumbnail. No rest for the wicked it seems...
  5. Chris

    How do you like your steak.?

    Your all making me feel very sick, Steaks are horrible.
  6. Chris

    Roll Call: Notts v Yeovil who's going?

    BRING IT ON!!! We are in the KOP too which is awesome, the club really needs to cater for fans in the hospitality section. Football shouldn't be about wearing smart clothes and there's nothing wrong with trainers either.
  7. Chris

    Caption this

    I can confirm Nathan Thomas is one of the smallest people in that mid inner circle. Who knew that the match officials wouldn't? Over to you Geoff.
  8. Chris

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    I've seen a lot of messages being shared on social media, which is sad but it's nice that the memory lives on. Rest in Peace Aretha Franklin
  9. Chris

    League Two Transfer Roundup

    Some good movements, I wish Rob Milsom all the very best. He deserves to get his career back on track.
  10. Chris

    Would you rather?....

    Pie and Chips Would you rather go to Skegness or Blackpool?
  11. Chris

    Prediction League Round 3

    Incoming e-mail notification folks, please do follow the Prediction League forum and look out on our social media channels for updates. The topic will always be featured in the dashboard list too. @upthepies @samwatto2008 @NottsTastic @super_pie @Truefootballfan @SIMMO @Northants Pie @nottsnutter @TheSkipper @ebbk @TM1993 @Magpie64 @jurgenpie @barnet11uk @DangerousSausage @Ancientpie @Rob Reid @Elite_pie @AmericanPie @adelaidepie @Wombboy @Notts County Polls
  12. Chris

    Prediction League Round 3

    Bristol City 0-2 Middlesbrough Leeds United 4-1 Rotherham United (Joker) Peterborough United 1-0 Luton Town Shrewsbury Town 0-1 Blackpool Oldham Athletic 2-1 Macclesfield Swindon Town 1-1 Tranmere Rovers
  13. Chris

    Good morning PoN - Thursday 16th August

    Busy day here. I had to go out and fetch general shopping + things for the children's new school year. Two shops later and 4 bus journeys later I feel extremely tired. I'm a bit disappointed to see the site struggling two consecutive days mind, I hope people are just busy.
  14. Chris

    match ratings Middlesbrough v Notts County

    I wouldn't worry about the criticism about you being harsh @Piethagoram, I think the ratings are consistent and your own assessment (which some may forget). Despite playing well, we can't just hand out 8's and higher because we scored 3 goals against a Championship club. I feel they're a fair rating and I would encourage others who read this to share what they feel is right.
  15. Chris


    I believe you also have to tip a percentage of what your order costs in America, at least a couple of people have told me this. Having worked in hospitality and the catering trade for a considerable number of years, I never tip. In my first job as a waiter I had management take my tips and even gave me warnings for keeping my own tips. In another unnamed restaurant, the general manager refused to allow 'pot washers' have any share of the tips raised and all the tips people got went to all the front staff. The Chefs complained and they ended up taking the majority between them, so the smaller jobs never received anything. In the same environment but working in the hotel staff was allowed to keep the tips, yet you had to declare what it was and anything over £10 had to be rejected otherwise you would get a disciplinary strike. It's very common for tips to end up in other peoples pockets these days, it all depends where but you would be surprised how widely common this thieving behaviour is. @Magic magpie should be able to tell some tales like this himself, as a chef who's spent most of his life working in the trade. I don't tip people, not even if they go beyond their job description. I just thank and praise them to the management/managers. --- PS. I also once gave a £5 tip to an elderly waitress in the Wheelhouse Pub in Wollaton, she made a fuss of Jake on his birthday and fetched candles etc. I asked her before I tipped her if the money would go to her, she said it did but it ended up in a gar for the kitchen staff. I'll never tip for these reasons, I'd rather praise and be kind.

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