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  1. @hissingdwarf Would you like any players on it? I recall the last one having JCR on right, with him not being here now - would you prefer someone else?
  2. Aye, I know a few who have won on Lifeline. I'm not a member currently, I keep meaning to join up but will have to wait for things to be in a better position personally.
  3. Those Frankfurters/Hot dogs look the bomb. @super_pie look at these. I don't eat at football grounds if I can help it, I especially do not at Meadow Lane. I was put off when a server tried giving Jake a hot dog that they had dropped on the floor. We always eat before approaching the ground now. This food does look interesting, minus the source and funny cowpat looking thing.
  4. I had a bit of a ramble myself recently, will enjoy giving this a read. @DangerousSausage: Why not share your blog in the Facebook group? I am sure those who visit our site will enjoy the read, it's an extension of our community here.
  5. We wouldn't have Ava sweetheart, Chloe's being well looked after by our grandfathers I am 100% sure of that. ❤
  6. @hissingdwarf It looks like it has, I can remake you one and ensure it was the colour of your preference. Thanks for the kind words.
  7. Bump @KB1862: I'll have to access what players to choose but this would be a fun topic I feel.
  8. I have seen the first episode, I can say I wasn't that impressed. It's not really my style, it's one of those where you have to invest a lot more time to really get into.
  9. I agree with calls to have the coaching staff tested, along with the players. If a higher percentage is okay, they should proceed with what they mentioned about playing behind closed doors. Provided the UK Gov agreed and, that clubs could be sensible with how they proceed with this. I.E don't expect love ones to still go, as this risks an higher chance. To be perfectly honest, at this stage I just want them to make a decision and allow the club/fans to have their say. Before doing what most expect and, be bullied by the FA in cancelling the whole season.
  10. It's actually a good idea IMO, I enjoyed talking to my friends as they watched the last live stream this past Saturday. It wasn't a substitution for the real thing. However, it did make up some of what I am missing right now. it's amazing how sport brings us together.
  11. Honestly, this can be a raw subject for me but I wouldn't change a thing in principle. Before the last few years, I would have said that avoiding my first knee dislocation would have been something I would have changed. I have mentioned this a few times if not more on here, however if I had changed that outcome - I don't think I would have known about hEDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). That could be a scary thing to think about, as I might have made it as a footballer and, then suffered dislocations naturally without knowing the cause. I'm not going to suggest another thing, although my mind has gone their but I have three wonderful children. I suppose the easily thing, that I know I would do 100% is how I spent time when my grandfather passed on. I was worried that he would see that I knew he had cancer, so I avoided going when I really wanted too. Instead I escaped playing on my PlayStation and Civilization. In hindsight, I wished I had made more of this and just gone because it's time I would never have gotten back. Also, I wished my final goodbye wasn't in the hospital after he had died.
  12. @DangerousSausage I am in the process of creating some graphics ahead of time, with promotional messages on and they do feature the Pavis stand and Kop. The zombie idea is cool, most should know I love zombies and films relating to them.
  13. It’s a bit of a depressing time right now with the Coronavirus pandemic restricting day-to-day in so many ways, yet it’s essential that we protect each other and, stay connected in the digital world. The National League season seems to have gone by quite fast, for Notts there were some dips and natural moments where it seemed like stability would be the main thing to take from it; however, the club managed to persist moving forward. Before the suspension, I felt like the magpies’ form at home had become unstoppable. I have mentioned at various times on social media; just how much I have enjoyed the season – with all due respect, we are a Non-League club for a reason. But, Neal Ardley has created something that on paper seems to be unique, and from the evidence, I have seen it’s more promising long term – as we have a youngish squad that has experience within those core areas that make a huge difference. I thought the National League would be somewhat dull, yet in hindsight, it’s been anything but that. Notts County fans have been incredible on the road, others like Barrow, Stockport County and Wrexham might mock us on social media – however, I suspect that they wished their teams could have adapted better to this challenge within their first season of Non-League football. After such a disappointing relegation from League Two, I admire the togetherness and way in which we have bounced back. Under the new ownership of the Reedtz brothers, Christoffer and Alexander the club has been very forward-thinking, and Notts County doesn’t feel like the biggest joke within football. Some fans who are reading my blog may take offence to that, and it’s not my point. The circus around Notts County has always been tinted due to issues presented with previous owners; I won’t mention names because we all know the story – if you’re an outside fan reading this (save yourself time and don’t bother looking up the turmoil). It’s been very well documented and, for any new football owners looking to buy a club researching the events might show you how not to run a football club. Unity! That’s a difference for starters. The sensible approach from our current custodians has brought fans together with the hope that they can and will move the club forward. I don’t miss the headlines or stories coming out. The uncertainty of if staff are going to be paid or, even if we will have a club. It’s been a massive underlining issue for Notts County, with debts piling and owners either pointing the finger or burying their heads in the sand. With Christoffer and Alexander Reedtz it’s not like that, they must have the patience of a saint or quite possible more understanding that a club has to look at the long term gains – rather than the shorter-term growth. I didn’t feel like this season would reset the club, fighting for promotion has been enjoyable, and whatever happens now with how things are, I would be confident of this squad and manager to move us forward further. I think every fan of football can appreciate how important that feeling can be, so I do hope whatever outcome occurs – as a much as we care about our clubs, deep down we can understand that life moves on. Until football resumes, I will try to enjoy the break and avoid the social distancing online as this tends to be what usually happens (with the best of interest). If you know me, please be sure to say hello and let me know your thoughts. Lastly, thank you for the wonderful supporting during the 2019/2020 season. All the banter laughs, jokes and conversations – it’s been incredible. If you're able, would you please consider contributing to the PON donation drive?
  14. Let's keep this going, I tried yesterday to see if we could get a couple of guesses.
  15. @menzinho I'll spare you the details, but in summary let's just say I was never his biggest fan.

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