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  1. Could Matt Tootle make the switch to centre back so that we can inject more pace on to the flanks? I think only Jones, Brisley and O'Connor are pretty much guaranteed a starting place. Tootle and Hewitt are awesome players, yet they do have areas of their game which we could improve on from. I'd like to see Hewitt in the middle of the park regularly, yet we may end up signing someone else who is a bit more robust in their defending. I wouldn't consider Stead as a regular personally but I hope he comes back stronger. He's someone other strikers can learn from and aspire to be like.
  2. Where does every one sit on match day.

    I sit in the Kop. I've sat pretty much everywhere though, Family, Pavis and Sirrel Stand in the past.
  3. You can't rule it out, yet it seems very unlikely. As the captain you have to be positive and, Harry Kane has that winning mentality. I don't think the squad is as bad as people think. Yet winning the World Cup will take something special and I'm not sure we have the depth in quality but I think we'll do well.
  4. Balls of Steel

    You may not have seen it, it's funny though. It's mostly funny, but there are somethings which irratate me. I wished they brought it back, sadly I know it caused a lot of negative reactions.
  5. Tyrant

    I'm not sure I've seen this but I will give it a watch.
  6. Adams released ..! Fitzsimons the new number 1

    I still think we need another solid keeper, Ross is young and will have to be kept on his toes. I'm delighted for him, he's worked hard until his mistake but I think he could have got back into the squad. Next season he can secure the position, but please let's get someone else who can be relied upon.
  7. Matt Tootle: 'I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else'

    I wouldn't class it as a 'sour note' Matt, I think the outcome was taken out of our hands and the squad responded positively when the chances of playoffs seemed bleak. The squad pulled together and secured a space within that, yes we may have missed out on the automatics but really it's football. Keep inspiring people and lets come back stronger!
  8. I'm hoping to continue to build bridges for PON during 2018, there's many people I know that could make such a huge or significant impact with this community and I'm personally hoping I can welcome them back. Some might not, that's just the way things are but I have to try. I must add that I am delighted to see @Fan of Big Tone and @hissingdwarf back here and, with newer members such as @UnitedPie and @ARLukomski - I know the community has people who can help me drive it forward. I've messaged a few people recently, some I have been putting off but today after Notts released the retained list - I felt inspired to go for it. I ask all PON members who read this, write why you enjoy the site and let's see if we coax some people back or welcome other new people to our community.
  9. 2018/19 squad

    I wouldn't have Pindroch as the reserve keeper, he's still learning himself and we need someone to push Fitzsimons - I really doubt he could do that. Find another suitable keeper would be the best thing, there's plenty of them and I can't imagine Ross is on big money. The rest we need to inject skill, pace and overall quality to the ranks. We have a good foundation but as I have said previously, we need to have players who can be pushed within their playing positions. If players know they won't be dropped there's nothing for them to play for, so we can get the best out of them by ensuring our squad is full of quality.
  10. The retained list...

    I personally hope Pindroch isn't on much as I feel he should have been released, Duffy can be backup but we should look to replace him personally. Jones and O'Connor need to sign on the dotted line, they'll be massive players for us. I'm sad to see Ameobi leave but it's the right call. Forte should have been given a two year deal but I suspect the damage has been done, he's proven he can score - so lets hope Nolan knows how to replace him well. Collin, Hodge, Hunt and Smith they needed to go, so it makes sense.
  11. Stadium improvements

    What about to the other stands? I know families who attend the Pavis and Kop, whereas I know that the Family Stand's drawings etc have created a nice environment for youngsters. I would love to see these types of things rolled out for other areas. The wall at the back of the Kop concourse has a lot of graffiti, some of which has been there since the stand were used by away supporters many moons ago (so of which isn't child friendly). It would be great to see the Pavis and Kop receive some of this treatment, make all fans feel very proud and of course children to be excited going to take their seats.
  12. Your message to Notts County Football Club

    I would firstly thank everyone for their amazing efforts during the course of the 2017-18 season, it's been a successful campaign which has renewed the hopes of many fans and it's one that nobody would have believed we'd have had. To have led the League Two table for a fair amount of time, it just seemed very surreal and after the difficult seasons we have had we finally had something to be optimistic about. All the players have worked tirelessly, we may have stumbled a bit but that's part of 'football'. I would encourage Alan Hardy to keep attempting to generate a buzz around Meadow Lane and, of course thank him for his effort to engage with all supporters - yet especially the younger generation as they're the future of the club. Thank you to all the staff for lifting the club up, further progress can be made next season. COYP!
  13. Would anyone be interested in doing a Pon day.?

    Once the fixtures are released we can start planning, I'd love to meet up with people throughout the upcoming season and I aim to book into the hospitality (Pavis) a few times. I'll just need to speak with the club with regards to them allowing me to sneak into the Kop, which I hope they would grant (during the half time etc). It's great to see the amount of interest expressed. You Pies!
  14. Callum Saunders Gone!

    I expected Callum Saunders to be one of the released players, so I would agree it seems to be pretty much spot on. I'm eagerly awaiting the full released this, yet so far so good.

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