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  1. Chris

    Halifax vs Chesterfield

    They're doomed I tell ya, doomed. In all honesty we know from looking at Mansfield that it's no easy league, they threw money at it and struggled to get out. If you have the right setup and players, it's not as hard but the standard of the football is the biggest hold up of all.
  2. Two lucky Young Pies members won the opportunity to play FIFA 19 with shirt sponsor Jake Bugg and full back Cedric Evina.
  3. Chris

    Daily chat thread - Sunday 14th October

    I've been helping Kate finish the living room, it's looking awesome! With a few more ornaments and objects on the wall, it will look very homely. Other than that I have been doing various work, talking to people who help me with items and just doing my general tasks.
  4. Chris

    Video Discussion: CEO Sleepout 2019

    It's horrible and any sort of awareness should be praised. This is a good bit of community togetherness in my opinion, well done to all who took part.
  5. Chris

    Matchday experience

    I'm quite happy with things now. The build up is standard but enjoyable to watch, I mean I'm busy and I do things before, during and after the game - there's not a lot more that I would notice but I am perfectly content with things as to how they're now.
  6. Chris

    Jamie Fullarton on Notts

    Seen it before, the discontent on his face and the micro reactions tells he's be careful as to what to say. I believe the interview was a click-bait situation myself, as there's nothing interesting said. He won't be a better manager for moving to Halifax, he's lucky that they still employ him. At the same time I do feel he was given a rough hand and was never likely to succeed, however it took the heat from the real concerns at the time didn't it?
  7. Chris

    Change of fortunes = Paul Hart?

    Paul Hart would love this but I think he would be humble enough to say he's had very limited impact on what's happened. I am sure he's offered advice but at the end of the day it's down to Harry Kewell to decide what he feels best, and I believe he's started with going back to basics. Then focusing on the training, improving the desire to get onto the pitch and selecting a squad he felt he could grind out results. So, I don't believe Hart's had much to do with it but he can be a bigger part given time.
  8. Chris


    We are very proactive with separating waste, it's only the odd time things go in the general waste and usually it's for a perfectly good reason. Kitchen bin is for general waste. Side area for plastics and recyclables. Garden waste when we cut the grass or do other gardening.
  9. Chris

    Alan Smith calls time on his career.

    Don't mention his career @samwatto2008, he gets very grisly when people question his achievements - possibly because he could have done so much more if it wasn't for his injury. I think his real issue was joining Newcastle United, that seemed to be where things started to declining but credit to him for pursuing things and for playing in the lower leagues with MK Dons and us. I recall seeing him boss us when we first played MK Dons, people said then he was passed it but he did well. With us I always felt he should have focused on coaching, I believe he was promised the managerial job here - at least the times I've spoken to him he's alluded to it.
  10. Chris

    Me And The Macc

    He didn't do much for them during the game did he? I saw him standing near one of the corners and at times it seemed he was dancing but to only a crowd of like 100 people. Well I guess those Macclesfield fans had some form of entertainment.
  11. Chris

    Prediction League Round 13

    Fallen back to 18th @liampie your slipping also buddy.
  12. Chris

    Did Notts Proud On Holiday

    It looks beautiful down there! Have a great time @4everapie.
  13. Chris

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Dion Dublin - Coventry City David Ginola
  14. Chris

    Daily Chat Thread - Saturday 13th October

    Today's all about focusing on the important tasks that I normally wouldn't get to do due to the Saturday being a match day, it gives me a great chance to use today and tomorrow for this. I feel like I'm in 5th gear and cruising through things so far. Kate's working on the kitchen today, so I try to help from time to time. Again, I feel a little useless as I do tire very easy if I'm 'mobile' or using my arms a lot. I can sit and type quite easy but even this requires me to take breaks. It's a good day though!
  15. Chris

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Kevin Keegan - Newcastle United Tom Finney

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