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  1. By the sounds of what some fans feel on social media, we'll be sending out a squad that is bare-bones compared to regular starters - with suggestions that all of our key players will be rested. This can't and, shouldn't happen. Firstly, it would be an insult to Tamworth to throw out a squad where our quality isn't in depth. I agree, that we need to explore options to rest 3/4 players perhaps, but it can't all be from our attacking options. Secondly, if we lose, some fans will berate the squad selection (it might even happen before kick off). Thirdly, we need some quality up there, we can't just throw a squad out that rests a silly amount of players - it's got to be players that require it more than anything. If Aaron Nemane starts, we might be able to rest Cal Roberts or Ruben Rodrigues. I wouldn't rest all three of them for the sake of it. Kyle Wootton mostly will fall onto the bench if he's dropped, in order to rest - I can't imagine Ian Burchnall risking leaving a goal scorer out completely. Matt Palmer is the only midfielder who carries the ball in a way that gets Notts forward when we hit blockages, part of me hopes he isn't one who is rested. Having said all this, Ian Burchnall might just throw a largely unchanged squad. I think Notts will win 3-0, Wootton, Lacey and Nemane to score.
  2. I heard it used to be a regular for Notts fans in the 80s before home games, I forget where the other one is or was, but both are no longer 'pubs'.
  3. @Fozzy or enough fans ensure that any nonsense gets ignored, the way I see it - one person says something, then others pick it up and not, before long, it is weirdly accepted as a universal opinion. Yet, the easiest way is to focus on his own performance as you say. Even then, I think some will find the slightest fault, but that won't ever change.
  4. I think Ruben Rodrigues playing as a shadow striker/advanced creative midfielder - with a certain level of freedom, would help. In certain games, he goes wide in order to get the ball and that takes him away from where he's most effective. Notts has a good group of players that should make the opposition struggle to mark them. Kyle Wootton, Cal Roberts, Jim O'Brien, Aaron Nemane etc. We need to avoid playing out wide as much as we do, with play coming through the middle at times. The first goal against Yeovil is a good way to cut in, making space and allowing the finisher to take time to place it right.
  5. I am glad we have cover, I also hope Tiernan Brooks will form part of our squad next season and get more game time. Anthony Patterson might only cover once Sam Slocombe returns, yet I feel more confident about having that competition.
  6. Patterson's loan has been extended until the 9th of Jan, 2022. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2021/october/patterson-loan-extended-141021/?fbclid=IwAR0KeAuTBw6UjMR5QPjA3PuPbGlZcC3_r1RaXIIUXb9CC_aK1sPXASnkx1w
  7. Millwall 2-0 Luton Town Nottingham Florist 0-0 Blackpool Cambridge United 0-2 Ipswich Town (Joker) Fleetwood Town 0-1 Crewe Alexandra Lincoln City 2-3 Charlton Athletic Bradford City 2-0 Bristol Rovers Crawley Town 0-1Sutton United Exeter City 1-0 Newport County
  8. @DangerousSausage It's not going to change anytime soon, not at least without hard work. Finding new owners will be difficult I'd imagine.
  9. If Sunderland would allow Patterson to stay, even though there's limited game time on offer - I would keep him. As for Brennan I can't say, I haven't seen him enough and there's chance that someone better for us (not overall) could come up. I would leave this one open, see what occurs as things open up a little.
  10. @menzinho I'm not even sure I could manage that, I have been on a ferry to and from France - even that made me feel.
  11. It's hard to tell, was it Chicksen who ran down the left and got clattered? That was a good run, even better that we managed to keep it.
  12. If Notts were well drilled at this point, I think Tamworth would be quite routine to play. That said, I can see them causing us problems Defensively, Notts need to start strong and have their players under watchful eyes. If we can't win the ball back, just ensure we protect the keeper, block, cover and attack with a real sense of threat. I think the quality is there for Notts to enjoy a good performance.
  13. I didn't watch the game, yet I have seen a lot of outcries about how poor England have been.
  14. @Piethagoram have you heard about China's ambitious plans to connect to various countries via their bullet trains under seas? I'd rather go on this flight, then on a train underwater - especially one from China to the US in 2 days.
  15. I have my book of valid points, armed and ready to use. Bacon, Sweetcorn and Pineapple is heaven on earth. Incorrect, as does the sound of Gammon. Then again, I used to enjoy sausage and thick ham on my pizza. Very small diced cubes though! Gammon sounds a bit too meaty for a soft pizza.
  16. A rule I will always break. Tomato is actually a fruit, so the 'no fruit' on Pizza is incorrect. Hahah.... Viva la
  17. Interesting piece, regarding lost pubs in Nottingham. https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/history/gallery/lost-nottingham-pubs-bars-closed-6040811 @Piethagoram @super_ram @Feral Fox @DangerousSausage
  18. I'm not keen on Chicksen playing as a centre back, although he does a better job than Richard Brindley. Both do the role okay, but they tend to wonder out, with Brindley requiring to track back as he gets involved further up the pitch. Cameron, Rawlinson and, Lacey would be the preferred centre backs for just three. With the wing back's being Taylor/Chicksen and, Brindley over DKE. Patterson is fine in goal, although I do personally prefer Slocombe.
  19. @super_ram there's been a lot of well-wishes from friends on Twitter and, the other Julie Henshaw - not our @magpiejue.
  20. I haven't noticed any ill comments towards DKE, myself. It's debatable as to the benefits he brings to the squad, something which I think should always be welcomed. Fans will naturally like certain players, others will simply not. I also, think timing and performances plays a role, if there's a meltdown or worry within the Notts community - I think that will bring this sort of comments out. However, there's no room for abusive or hateful comments. Calling a professional footballer that gives an 100%, just seems lazy and a rash way to call a player. Very childish...
  21. I can't believe, I only have half of @Dan's point total. I'm not going to miss any rounds from here, to the top I go!
  22. I must admit, I am only interested in the actual group stages of tournaments. I used to watch every game regularly, but friendlies and qualifiers tend to consume too much of my time. I don't really enjoy watching most of the games either.
  23. I don't think Super has yet noticed this, I can see he hasn't been on but we're looking forward to seeing GP return.
  24. I think Kyle Cameron's return is a vital factor and, for a short moment I feared we might've lost Ciaran Brennan. Also, despite Yeovil sounding incredibly poor, the positives of the win and clean sheet shouldn't be overlooked. I don't think right now any faults can be had, of course there's room for improvement but the win puts Notts back on track to some extent. Charlie Slater mentioned that our start has been poor, without acknowledging that this is due to the 3 defeats in a row. A bit negative that, in my eyes, after the last 4 games. It's the form which hasn't been great, but after two defeats which we gave to our opponents - I think we need to avoid being too critical at this stage. Ruben Rodrigues sounds like he's on fire right now, was it him Ian Burchnall mentioned 'he's been playing through pain' - re the broken ribs comment? Hopefully, whoever it was, that is not the case. Stockport County will be a test, but if we focus on the right things I am not too concerned.
  25. I'm predicting a 2-1 win, I can see Yeovil leading, and Notts pulling back level near the end of the first half. With the win coming for Notts at the 80th minute mark. Kyle Wootton is due a goal again.

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