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  1. I can see it being a player who can play as a striker, much like Nemane can - yet I think it will be an attacking midfielder. Perhaps an inverted attacking midfielder.
  2. I've said it already here: Yet I will add, I feel the club are in very strong hands and we'll continue to become a stronger club together.
  3. Notts County was a club on its knees during the remaining days of the 'error era', I am incredibly thankful that the Reedtz brothers have come in and given us some solid foundations to build on. Back-to-back playoff finishes, stronger recruits and players signed for a fee. The futures black and white!
  4. Imagine if Notts, had a defensive and attacking minded coach. The role would be ideal for Lee Hughes and a reason to get back Mike Edwards. I think having a strong coaching squad at this level does have its benefits, surely the club will have an idea who they'd like to bring into the fold?
  5. I also think Wrexham won't have it all that plain-sailing, I can easily see them starting off awkwardly but improving as Christmas approaches. I don't think this season will be promotion for just one team, well, I mean, I don't think one club will run away with it. I think Yeovil might do better than some expect, with Eastleigh being a team who could flirt with the top places. These two should be in the mix with the play-offs. I think Chesterfield might be the dark horse of the season, I just have this feeling that they'll be a team in the running for the first place. Grimsby might struggle, they have a good enough squad to do well, but I think there's a few issues that they need to resolve in order to be decent on the pitch. As for Notts, it all depends on how they start - if our confidence is high, and we start well. I think momentum will build positively, if we can retain a place between 1st-5th - I think we could really push on this season. The return of Meadow Lane for fans, mixed with that feeling we can go one step further. It will be crucial. Yet as I say, I don't think it will be a single team. Most likely between us and 3 others.
  6. A fair bit of pace but his end product isn't all that much to shout home about.
  7. Ah, I've bought so many things online which has been produced or made in China - I no longer find these types of things unique. A lot of the documentation is often poorly translated and often hysterical.
  8. Reminds me of a time I watched ChrisMD play football in Jersey.
  9. I miss this, but it wasn't a very safe place. I was surprised when I went to Birmingham and wondered around with my family, how they've retained many of these areas Nottingham has built over.
  10. I wonder if @super_ram shown @GrannyPie the pictures? Whilst I can see some pretty big chances, I know where each photo was taken - these things can be a trip down memory lane. The Meadows used to be a very different place before all this redevelopment.
  11. It's a positive that Cal Roberts came on and did well, I have been of the mindset that we should slowly bring him back in the season - rather than friendlies. Yet having a good pre-season would be a big thing for him. Notts just needs to avoid a setback, as losing Roberts again would be a massive blow.
  12. I think people are realising the bond that Gareth Southgate has with the players, they didn't play for themselves solely - they played for him. He's made England quite good defensively, sometimes criticism falls due to that stupid international league, or friendlies, but I don't think we take these seriously. Friendlies have always been an area for England to experiment. For the first time in my life-time, England are making real progress under one manager. This is always the case with football, yet going into the next World Cup - England have another chance to build on their impressive run. Bringing Jack Grealish on late against the Italians did seem like a mistake, as I felt once they started to pressure us - then found the net. That England needed someone to be direct, hold up the ball and draw fouls. The thing is, I believe Southgate understands that Grealish is an exceptional player but has this spark about him that tiring teams hate to play against. I think if Phil Foden managed to bring his skill into the games he played, it might've paved way for Grealish to replace Mason Mount earlier. There's a strong building block, with very good English players coming through. By the next major competition, there will be the likes of Harvey Elliott, Ben White and Liam Delap all coming through. One area I think we aren't as strong in, is up top - we've reverted to relying on Harry Kane much as we have done in the past with goalkeepers. Kane started to do well with more support, yet no other striker looked capable of getting us the same results as playing Kane would do. Don't get me wrong, we have talent in this area but it doesn't quite fit into Southgate's current system. I actually felt, we could've done with Jamie Vardy at times in the Euro's.
  13. @Pie since 89 my son @super_pie and @Magpie callum want the mint shirt, it's their choice but I personally don't like it. I might get the training jacket instead of a shirt, the home one is okay. Just quite average, very close to last seasons too.
  14. This is rigged! Somehow I voted for the black and white option, but my vote magically turned into a mint vote. Seriously, what the hell? @Feral Fox have you been watching The Simpsons?
  15. Money talks, we know this - they should be okay with extending Andy Dallas' contract. Obviously Mullin is a more prolific striker and a cracking signing for Wrexham, but he's only ever been prolific with Morecombe and Cambridge United. At 26-years-old, he's dropped into the National League for the money which doesn't always work out well. I can't see Wrexham doing anything but trying to bring a fluid attacking game, something which Mullin doesn't always settle within. Good striker, good deal for Wrexham but poor decision in my opinion for a striker that would've been picked up by a Championship side had he stayed with United. Especially if they came straight back down, a club would snap him up no doubt.
  16. I think his original retirement game was set to be played at Halesowen Town FC, so Meadow Lane would be a big upgrade. Lee wanted to play it at WBA, but I think The Hawthorns had commitments already. It would've been WBA legends to take on an All-Star team. I am very excited about it potentially being switched to a Notts County 09/10 champions squad vs. All-Star WBA side. Great thing to have played down Meadow Lane after being locked away for so long, Notts needs to make it happen - Lee deserves it, as does our fans.
  17. Whilst I want to openly acknowledge that Notts requires strengthening up-top off the bat, one player I believe Ian Burchnall needs to commit to giving regular game time during the 2021/22 National League season is Lewis Knight. Arriving at Meadow Lane from Bradford Park Avenue, the exciting forward who has a blistering amount of pace – described during his debut for the magpies by BT Sports as ‘rapid’ looked to be a real handful. I can only imagine how effective he can become with developing further as a player and, featuring around the likes of Kyle Wootton and Elisha Sam who should only benefit the 22-year-old. Having scored 11 goals in 15 appearances for Park Avenue, it signalled a real sign of intent by Notts to sign such as young upcoming player, but I felt slightly disappointed after his initial run of games and the appointment of Ian Burchnall that his development time seemed to be abandoned - this might’ve been due to an injury to the young striker, towards the tail end of the last campaign. I mean, I can understand that whilst Jimmy Knowles was scoring those all-important goals that it left little space for him – especially with Knowles finding himself on the bench towards the end of last season. But I saw something promising in Knight, that needs to be given time to come up to the level the club requires. It’s not just due to his pace, which alone would cause a lot of those slow lanky brutes in National League trouble – his reading of the game seems to be something promising, as he found space which other players might not have drifted into. I think with the focus being on playing quick, steady build-up football – the sheer number of knock-ons that he would be able to get onto would be exciting to see. Plus, the formation of playing three centre-backs provides Notts that extra edge up top, that someone could really thrive from with the right level of support. It’s clear that Ian Burchnall favours this style of play as it provides an extra body in attack, but with a strong tall striker like Kyle Wootton, a tricky winger like Callum Roberts – this would leave opposition teams having to commit players to marking them alone. Including the new additions to the Notts ranks, such Aaron Nemane who also has a speedy reputation. The sluggish, slow Notts of old could be a thing of the past. When you intend to play ‘pretty football’ you need players who can hang onto the ball or at least run with it, I firmly feel Lewis Knight can develop into a forward that can get those all-important goals. Knight could be the right player to advance further with the right nurturing, being a player that could develop into a free scoring striker. Nobody imagined that Wootton would be such a big hit at Meadow Lane, yet I can see a similar amount of hard-work and graft in Knight too. Whether, he plays a big part in the upcoming season – it would be a waste not to give him further time to showcase what he can do. I also, don’t believe it would benefit Notts to loan him out as its clear he needs to make the step-up in order to be a success and the chances of him going out to a team above us seems slim. If there’s one thing we know, goal scorers are hard to find and even more difficult to see do well in our famous Black & White shirts. This is why, I feel for the promising aspects of Lewis Knights game – the only way he can improve further is to be given a chance to establish himself this upcoming season. Join the Pride of Nottingham in discuss what role you see Lewis Knight fulfilling in the upcoming season. Fancy showcasing your brand or business on Pride of Nottingham? Click here to find out more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us.
  18. We can't compare the budget so much to last season, also there's little known as to how much the Reedtz brothers will invest personally themselves. They've got a manager in of their own liking, it seems they're giving Ian Burchnall freedom to add more depth in every area - something we have tended to fall back on. Burchnall has spoken about looking to sign 2 more, that's a guarantee. I still think we need another CM/CB, with a lot more piority going on another striker. If Tyreace Palmer goes out on loan like he wishes, then I highly doubt we'll see either Elisha Sam or Lewis Knight go anywhere.
  19. The movement seems to be more direct, which if Notts brings into the league - I think we would find clubs easier to unlock with chances. Unlike how we struggled at times last season, just need to keep working at things.
  20. I still believe that Elisha Sam can come good, sometimes it takes a player a full season to adapt to a new league. I get that some will dismiss my views as excuses, yet it's expected that Leciester City's midfielder Boubakary Soumare is expected to need time to adapt to the Premier League. Sam arrived last season clearly unfit, his confidence could perhaps require a boost - which would naturally assist him. Perhaps with a proper pre-season under his belt, a little more support and actual game time - he might start to improve. As he's here already, I don't feel it's in the clubs best interested to allow him to sit on wages. Ian Burchnall needs to attempt to get the best out of him, as he does Lewis Knight.
  21. The fact a club like Wigan wanted his services, it says something positive to me. All players have dry spells, but it's down to the club/manager to motivate them - if the player can't do it himself. I think the fresh challenge here, connected with the signings and existing squad will be enough to excite him. I am actually impressed by the signing, he might be one of those hard-working players who goes unnoticed most of the time. Yet I feel he will be actually what is needed in midfield, good signing I say.
  22. This looks about right to me, I can't see us using Nemane as a wing back dominantly as he's more influential further up the pitch where he can cause the damage.
  23. Arron Nemane, I think will play more of an advanced role in an attacking midfield position in my opinion. I can see him assuming the role we've come to expect of Ruben Rodrigues, who may adapt to play more central at times. There's also the possibility that Nemane might play as a shadow striker, just behind Wootton. Having the freedom to become a secondary striker, or push out to cover either side of the wing. There's a possibility, we might've signed him to rotate between Rodrigues. Also, he'll miss most of the pre-season as he's injured. So, I'm doubtful we'll see any clues from those games. Perhaps he's seen more of a Cal Roberts rotation? My bet is more closely to what we see with Rodrigues.
  24. Very good signing! He's a quality player that could player much higher than our level, so hopefully we can grow with him. He'll entertain fans for sure, just need to get the best out of him (he can play as a striker which is good).
  25. Luke Shaw International midfielder in disguise! Haha.. Ha. No idea, I wasn't at the Coalville friendly but Notts does need to be keeping a progress report on players like this as it could be a cheap means to build forward. Plus with the Non League becoming more professionally setup, meaning they train, coach and have a more polished approach - players are now able to get noticed and progress higher up through the leagues.

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