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  1. Okay, it's time to get the Member of the Month firmly back. Please nominate up-to three nominations per category, once we have received all the candidates by Sunday the 27th at 7PM - a new topic will be started which will allow us to poll for the winners. Member of the Month (which member deserves to win?) Team Member of the Month (which team member has gone above the call of duty?) Please do take the time to add your nominations, remember this discussion will close by the 27th at 7pm (this Sunday).
  2. Ben Hall

    The majority seem to be up for welcoming him back, so it seems a no-brainer for Kevin Nolan. Provided he was to play at least half the games or appear in as many, I don't think there's any negatives but I do agree that having him on the bench is a waste - especially for his age. I think he's a very capable young defender and, I would prefer him over Richard Duffy.
  3. when did yo join pon?

    In 2011 I started a very basic concept of the site, it just had a forum and a very simple design. I never took it seriously and, at the time I enjoyed posting elsewhere but I found that my ideas wasn't something others thought were good and I left after feeling criticized for my writing ability. Over the course of the following seasons, I decided to invest more time into developing the site and I purchased the PON domain - I then started to implement the idea of using social media as a way to reach out. The official date my profile states is March 26, 2011 but I had started work back in 08.
  4. I stumbled across this video on YouTube, it's very well produced and it's actually very interesting. It's about why American beer tastes like water, I would encourage anyone who enjoys their beer or even has an interest in brewing should watch this. @super_ram @Fan of Big Tone
  5. Notts County pre-season schedule

    @hissingdwarf Imagine Notts playing Roy Carroll's Linfield
  6. Notts County pre-season schedule

    We should be playing several local sides, usually these are used as a way to test trialists and get players sharper for the more serious friendlies. I suspect we'll play Rolls Royce, Basford and Ilkeston.
  7. There's only three players I hope successfully agree new terms with Kevin Nolan, which I will name below as my reasoning for this and why I feel they will be important. The three I hope don't are, Richard Duffy, Pierce Bird and Branislav Pindroch. I just don't see how any of those three will be a player that will someone who is required, Duffy is a liability and has more off days than most. The other two I just don't think are good enough and, I see little reasoning for keeping them. To be honest, I expect all six to agree new terms because I'm not sure anyone one else in League Two or higher would be interested in acquiring their services. Dan Jones is a decent player, he's proved this enough and at this level he's a good option to have. He should improve with a more solid defence, yet I feel he links up well the attacking play. Michael O'Connor just looks like a true professional and appears to have come back very strongly after his injury, I want him for his forward thinking and leadership skills. Ross Fitzsimons looks like a very promising goalkeeper, whilst I hope he does become our number one - I do hope there's someone else there to push him to be his very best (and to avoid kicking any opposition players in the future).
  8. I'm hoping to continue to build bridges for PON during 2018, there's many people I know that could make such a huge or significant impact with this community and I'm personally hoping I can welcome them back. Some might not, that's just the way things are but I have to try. I must add that I am delighted to see @Fan of Big Tone and @hissingdwarf back here and, with newer members such as @UnitedPie and @ARLukomski - I know the community has people who can help me drive it forward. I've messaged a few people recently, some I have been putting off but today after Notts released the retained list - I felt inspired to go for it. I ask all PON members who read this, write why you enjoy the site and let's see if we coax some people back or welcome other new people to our community.
  9. Transfer Roundup Week 1

    It will be interesting to see this get updated, yet as of now only Luther Wildin catches my eye for obvious reasons. He seems to have bulked up a fair bit and looks quite the impressive player. Nicky Adams should be a decent signing for Bury also.
  10. @UnitedPie I'll brew some more cider one day, I'm sure you'll love to try it.
  11. Eintracht Frankfurt win German cup

  12. Taekwondo (not sure of spelling)

    I'm sure those innocent emojis are transparent mate, your worse than the bathroom tale we got told once upon a time in the Navi.
  13. Sam Hughes and Scott Cuthbert

    It seems that we are being linked heavily with defenders, not that it's a problem but very interesting nonetheless. Scott Cuthbert is pretty decent, he's got height on his side and he's that no nonsense type player that would do well. I wasn't aware Luton Town had released him, yet I hope the interest is genuine as I believe he's quite versatile. I know nothing of Sam Hughes but he looks like a defender from the pictures I've seen. Two interesting prospects on the transfer front.
  14. When Amazon Alexa thinks she is being funny...

    Oh dear Ben, c'mon fella choose someone like Tootle or Hewitt as your favourite player.
  15. Your Notts County Dream Team

    Stephen Hunt mate. One of our most underrated players, who knew nothing less than giving 100%. He also tended to score some cracking goals!

    I think the majority of referees are actually okay, it's just those who have limited seasons and games behind them - this is where the inexperience shows for me. Yet officials need to be punished for making mistakes and, I do feel it would be in the benefit for all if they were 'professionals'. There needs to be something in place, perhaps if they make a certain number of mistakes they get demoted and forced to attend training? I don't think they should be punished too harshly, as to be fair mistakes are easy to make but the officials we had in the playoffs made some very baffling calls which in my opinion seemed quite bizarre (very biased). Usually in the league they aren't as bad, perhaps the occasions got to them but the standard needs to be improved. I don't like how officials are quickly becoming 'icons' and known for their positions, they're not a footballer and the attention some get is very unwarranted. I think this is part of the problem, when officials feel that we are there to watch them. Some act like they thrive on the attention.
  17. Can we generate some more replies here folks? I'd be very curious to see who people vote for. COYP
  18. Notts County pre-season schedule

    I believe the home game with a Premier League team is Leicester City, I heard people discussing it when the boys had their picture taken with Kevin Nolan - someone else suggested that it would be a friendly and I didn't think they would want to come to Meadow Lane considering their growing stature. I'm more interested about the two home games, perhaps a few local ones thrown into the mix too. Not remotely interested about going to Portugal, I don't have a passport but one day I would love to go on tour. If we had of gone to Italy, I would consider it strongly as it would be nice to catch up with the @Italian Magpies.
  19. Ben Hall

    Ah, that's a shame then. I don't think we could afford to make them an offer for his services, so a loan would be good. I don't mind the club topping up the squad with loans, provided we have the quality throughout the camp and they are players who bring something special. Players like McGregor, Grealish and Grant... Rather than those I dare not name!
  20. "Oh Notts will win"

    I think it would drive me crazy if I heard it every game, but I do also feel it added to the buzz around the ground and at times it actually helped to generate positive noise - especially in the first half. We just have to ensure that different chants are started so we get a variety. Also, I'm hoping each player can have their own chant and we can get 'em sung before the kick off. It must be a huge boost to the players to know that they have support right behind them.
  21. Ben Hall

    I thought his contract expired in the summer? There was talk at one point about us supposedly aiming to acquire his services of a free. I would welcome him back, he's a good player and will only improve further with game time. He's someone I think will be able to compete in the Championship if he can get the experience required. Hopefully we can get back or on a free if his contract is up, he'd be a great signing.
  22. Your Notts County Dream Team

    -----------Cherry----------- Tootle-Edwards-Liddle-Finnan --Draper--Grealish--Davies-- ------------Grant------------ -----Hughes-----McSwegan----- Bench Schmeichel Hunt Butcher McGregor Rideout Stallard
  23. Eintracht Frankfurt win German cup

    Sounds like Bayern have taken the school of 'Manchester United' to a whole new level and then some. Don't tell @UnitedPie I wrote this... Opps
  24. Taekwondo (not sure of spelling)

    Oh dear @Fan of Big Tone.... @UnitedPie you seen this fella? It sounds like one of your stories/jokes. lol

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