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  1. @cheeky~k8 gets it from Amazon, you just need a license and there's plenty of legitimate sellers on Amazon. Stay away from eBay, that's not worth your time or money. Ensure you get a CD, if you do, as there's a card inside that requires you to scratch it before activating.
  2. Birmingham City 0-2 Sheffield Wednesday Charlton Athletic 1-0 Luton Town Ipswich Town 3-1 Oxford United (Joker) Fleetwood Town 1-2 Portsmouth Leyton Orient 0-1 Oldham Athletic Carlisle United 2-2 Morecambe Boreham Wood 0-1 Yeovil Town Woking 0-1 Stockport County
  3. @cheeky~k8 That rarely happens, I've actually never kept a note.
  4. Defensively, we should try to exploit them at the back because they can struggle if pressured. Allow their midfield time on the ball, they'll work hard and create chances. If we write them off, they'll teach Notts a lesson. I highly rate some of their players, they build around young talent and can do well. I remember Notts being 2-0 up, seeing fans say how poor they're and I warned that they can break down teams/fight back. I think it ended up a draw. Wootton will be useful, pace is required and our midfield needs to have a top performance to get something.
  5. Unless he's sold on for a good fee, Notts needs to retain him and ensure the club progresses with him. He's a quality player, we lost Alan Judge because he felt the club was going backwards and Notts never really convinced him otherwise. Callum Roberts has the best part of his career ahead of him, he's steps above this division and just needs a goal or two to push on. I'm hoping he'll be around for a long time.
  6. I don't remember now what exactly happened to Ricardo Moniz, I think we had a string of poor results if I do recall somewhat right. I think the pressure grew, with all the stupid stuff ongoing behind the scenes. His brand of football did have benefits, it was exciting to watch but we conceded as easily as we scored. Still he should have been given longer, he could have turned things around and gave the club some stability.
  7. I might be one of few Notts fans who thought there was a decent player inside him, however, years of moving and being unsettled seems to have taken it's toll on his career. He had very good close control, he could skilfully take players on and defenders did seem to struggle against him. His pace wasn't great, but in small bursts it was more than fine. Issue is, his wages most likely wasn't good for a League One team, let alone be affordable League Two. He could finish, he just seemed to suffer from confidence and that issue where his energy had been used before he struck the ball. I wouldn't be surprised if he retired early, he'd make a good coach IMO.
  8. My grandfather would have been keen to get hold of one of these brand new, has he collected money and coins. It's a nice design, I look forward to seeing one in person. I'm still not the biggest fan of this new plastic notes, other countries have a better feel to it. I think it's Australia or Canada that have nailed to feel like paper, but it can't be ripped, burned or screwed.
  9. I've actually heard of him, he's quite good and considered a bright prospect. However, he doesn't have a lot of experience and even in the English leagues he lacks it. I don't think he's actually played a competitive league game for Wigan, but when he was playing in the Island of Man he was being chased by Reading and some other Championship teams which would say he's got something about him. At this level, it's a good place to learn due to how physical the league can be.
  10. Might I ask if you're using free antivirus software due to multiple devices? @DangerousSausage Windows Defender is by far one of the most robust free antivirus solutions, this is inbuilt into Windows 10 and there's not many actual better solutions out there - at least which isn't focused towards you actually upgrading to a paid version at some point. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/comprehensive-security Avast and AVG are two which I can recommend, however, neither are perfect but would get the job done if you needed something a little extra. Avast - https://www.avast.com/free-antivirus-download AVG - https://www.avg.com/en-gb/free-antivirus-download Whilst CCleaner can get rid of tracking cookies and other malicious nasties, it's not intended to be a comprehensive solution. CCleaner - https://www.ccleaner.com/ It's useful speeding up a sluggish system, whilst it does remove some stuff antivirus software tends to miss. Honestly, for the peace of mind and ease of use. I would always suggest getting Kaspersky Internet Security. You'll get protection from antiviruses, which does some advanced removal. It protects you against toolkits, trojans etc. You'll get one of the best firewall solutions out there, with easy management for blocking suspicious programs. With other useful additions such as a money protector (if you visit sites where you intend to buy something), web camera protection, network attack blocker, mail protection, application and password management tools. -- @super_ram has used Avast, it tends to be less than perfect and doesn't catch everything. It can also be a little sluggish and annoying, AVG is less of an issue but I think even Super will tell you that Kaspersky is much better. If you have multiple devices, you can obtain cheap licences online via Amazon (legit copies) and it's usually no more than £15 depending. I'd highly recommend it.
  11. I saw this posted on Facebook, I'm thinking of going to it. Anyone thinking of attending this ex players event?
  12. I'm sure the staff are pretty limited about what they can do, yet I think at some point the club will make it up to those who renew early. A few years ago, they did this with the "bench" scheme. Not all managed to get booked due to the demand, but it's happened. I'm not that bothered, it does get a bit annoying at times but I don't support Notts for these types of things. I don't renew for extras, but it is annoying how Alan Hardy made false promises last season at various events - something which the club should have noted and put right. Main thing is supporting Notts and those who do good, Lifeline is a prime example of this.
  13. Him coming out sort of caused him more trouble than it was worth, I feel sorry for him, nobody should have been treated like he did. I know, he wasn't treated very well at Nottingham Forest, not only due to his sexuality (which some team mates knew about) but because of his skin colour and price tag. This is something which is long due.
  14. I've been spending much needed quality time with my family. Yesterday we just had a day together, then grabbed something to eat. Today, my minions have gone over to see my wife's family. Tomorrow, we might be going to Wheel Gate, then Thursday we want to visit a friend in the day and in the evening it's movie night at my parents! Looking forward to seeing @super_ram and @GrannyPie. Friday something is happening but I totally forget what at this moment in time.
  15. I thought he was a good manager, especially during games. He knew how to get a side attacking, perhaps defensively it could have been improved but the brand of football always entertained. I actually don't recall why he was sacked, well the "reason" for it. I always felt Shaun Derry should have remained at Notts, but the memories of Moniz are there. The opening game against Stevenage will always be remembered fondly by me. I left thinking we were on the verge of something special, perhaps if he had more time to influence Notts he might have got us back into League One.
  16. I thought Enzio started off quite good, he looked keen to get forward. He won the ball a few times, some of which was down to his poor distribution but I felt he put himself about. It went all downhill after he had that poor shot at goal which was blocked, I would struggle to give him a 5 ratings. I think it's more constantly poor, I wished I could say something different but I still don't believe he deserves to start. Majority I agree with, I don't think Notts played badly just not well enough as a team to win.
  17. I think everyone will want the game to go ahead, Notts doesn't need a postponement right now. The teams in good form and, has put two good displays together. Woking I think should play through the centre of the park, they've got a few tall players that hold the ball well and we just need to be prepared for that. Hopefully the game goes ahead, Notts should do well.
  18. The only thing about Michael Doyle that annoys me is the fact he's experienced enough to realise what happens when he gets sent off, I think it's daft if Neal Ardley is suggesting he risks it. If he gets a yellow card, he needs to behave himself or come off. His career is more richer than I thought and, he's a very nice guy off the pitch. I have to say I wasn't his biggest fan and, I recall what he was like against Notts in the past but that's his character on the pitch. This is a good story, nice insight.
  19. Middlesbrough 3-1 Luton Town Preston 2-2 Millwall Gillingham 1-2 Doncaster Rovers Bristol Rovers 1-0 Blackpool Plymouth 2-0 Crewe Alexandra Cambridge United 1-2 Bradford City (Joker) Solihull Moors 0-1 Hartlepool United Wrexham 0-1 Torquay United
  20. He sounds and looks decent enough, I don’t know a lot about him but some Cardiff fans I know via FM have said they doubt he’ll break into their first team. This could be his chance to do well, gain experience and push on with his career.
  21. On the news a second ago, was a segment where Doddie Wier, Rob Burrow and Stephen Darby (who played on loan at Notts in 2010/2011) spoke about their battle with MND (Motor neurone disease). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-7995207/Doddie-Weir-Rob-Burrow-Stephen-Darby-unite-discuss-living-motor-neurone-disease.html Motor neurone diesase is a rare condition that attacks the brain and it nerves. It slowly kills the person from the inside, taking away their speech and bodily functions. It's a saddening illness, which I have witnessed during my time working in a specialist care home for people with brain injuries. It's good to see the three sufferers teaming up to promote awareness.
  22. Boy, do I miss this man talking about football. He didn’t speak about how Notts did well, it always sounded comical when he would say stuff like, “the ball was in the middle, we managed to attack a little bit but defensively, we weren’t as good. But, goals were scored and I think we did well.” I’d rather listen to one of his rambles.
  23. Honestly, I don’t remember. It would have been like 1993, my Grandfather Ray took me with my brother. I remember walking to the ground after he parked, I know we was either top or at least 4th. As I asked my grandfather if Notts would get promoted to the Premier League. I do think we won 2-1. It was lightly raining and somewhat cold, but everything else is a blur.
  24. They’ve hyped Jordan Pickford from day one, our media love doing it and then kicking them down when possible. What most fans don’t realise is this type of stuff stunts players growth, then their full potential isn’t reached. Pickford is a fantastic young keeper, yet his England experience only came due to the national teams failure to find suitable cover. We have many talented keepers, but by giving preference to one. There’s limited experience to cover, playing on the international scene is different. I thought the move to Everton would seal him to be successful, however, the clubs been pretty iffy. It’s not down to Pickford, I think he’s done as well as anyone would. Yet these doubts can’t be shaken off when he returns to international duty. No player should be guaranteed a start without being in good form. But this has always been a weakness for England, David Seaman for example played well throughout his England career, but despite good league keepers being there we had limited cover. Tim Flowers, Ian Walker, Nigel Martin etc. All of these tended to struggle when called upon.

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