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  1. He should've phrased it better, I don't think it's the worst comment that's been said and I certainly don't think malice was behind it. If it was intended as a joke, it's s bad one. Racially motivated? I don't think so, but the passport part is unacceptable.
  2. It turns out, comments directed by Ross to Enzio about his movement and a false passport was the reason he resigned. It's unclear if Notts sacked him or if he resigned, I'd assume he resigned as this is what he says and allegedly it was instantly after the comments. Right decision and totally unacceptable.
  3. @Piethagoram it's what happens when I use my phone.
  4. Ouch, poor defending all round. Rodders did well with the first shot despite thinking it should've been saved.
  5. He's done well in the games I've seen, able to mix it up and play on the wing. Think Millwall would take Enzio In part exchange? Massive upgrade for us.
  6. @DangerousSausage I've not taken anything personal, but I have found some comments hypocritical.
  7. On the other hand, it could give him adequate time to get used to the club in time for the new season - further strengthening his bond. It's not like the role is as hands on as the managers. They just assist, so a more knowledgeable coach at this point could be more beneficial than some think. Usually, temporary decisions like this is down to the club/manager not knowing who to get in. It's not always best to put things off, and those who say he'll have the pre-season to settle probably don't realise it's one of the busiest periods for senior staff.
  8. Cox? I doubt it. I don't think Ardley would've requested him either. I assume Abbott applied and was given the position to fill the vacant void. Re: money I do think it's likely that the Reedtz preferred someone in-house and already on a salary at the club. Recruit for an AM(AHC) might be ongoing behind the scenes now, but the likelihood of someone truly benefitting Burchnall would have experience behind them. It's the one thing Doyle doesn't have, fans thought he would assist Ardley before Abbott joined. An inexperienced manager who has suffered a poor start to his English care
  9. Who's going to want the win the most? I think it's going to be a fight from both teams, on paper I would favour us but I know Barnet has a tendency to suss us out. I'd like to think we'd focus more on a balanced side, rather than attacking or purely taking any risks as a means to forge a result. Barnet do have some players who will punish a poor defensive side and that is exactly what Notts are right now. It will come down to who takes their chances and whose midfield will work the hardest to make those happen. My minds saying this will be a 2-2 draw.
  10. Valid point, amongst some nonsensical assumptions.
  11. There's been a lot of calls on social media for his departure, if you've read Twitter at all - there's fans with their handle as BurchnallOut (hash tagging it too). Its a bit more self-destruction if anything. The Reedtz brothers won't sack him this early, I don't think he should either (despite his appointment/start bring very underwhelming). My personal thoughts so far, he's desperate to have a few of his own signings in the squad. He hasn't really influenced the players and performances haven't been great either. Hopefully, the win over Sutton can be a turning point.
  12. There's a lot on social media, I hope it does work out but it's still a disappointing hiring/start. Fingers crossed Burchnall can get an experienced assistant behind him come the end of the season. Experience could make a difference in speeding up his learning curve.
  13. I'm surprised you haven't called for it, since you did a few times with Ardley. Now, that's nonsense Ben.
  14. Good result, determination shown to get the win even by going to 10 men. Some of the comments I read on Facebook about Sutton had me bemused, I've seen them about 5 times this season and they've always given a good account of themselves. I think it's a positive but we can't read to much into it - at least it leaves the playoffs with a glimmer of a chance.
  15. Reading between the lines, I think it was the boards choice rather than Ian Burchnall's decision. The latter part of your sentence, i.e the question could be applied to Michael Doyle. If he's not going to take to the field, then okay, at least for the remaining games but if the rumours are true it still would seem bizarre. Just like Neal Ardley, I don't believe for a second he asked to have Greg Abbott as his assistant. I'm sure there's someone out their with redeeming qualities. When people wanted Ardley out earlier this season, I asked who people wanted and nobody could a
  16. Wait. allegedly he had a bust up with Ross and his reward is getting his job? If this rumour is true, it's bizarre. Michael Doyle shouldn't be anywhere near our squad now, as a coach maybe but I would prefer actual experience. It was a good opportunity to turn Ian Burchill's poor start around. I just don't think Michael Doyle resolves this issue or can offer adequate advice.
  17. Flash back to the 90's with the backing sound and opening introduction. The defending by Notts isn't zonal or man marking, I have no idea what is going on. Just pull x back behind the ball and do nothing, absolutely bizarre. Seems a lot worse than I remember too. Notts looked a bit brighter in the squad half. All the calls about Jake Reeves being poor, I tell you what - I bet he's much better without Michael Doyle. Fingers crossed Burchnall sees the light and gets rid at the end of the season, he doesn't offer anything for the whole duration of a game for me.
  18. The picture of Roberts exiting the field after his recent issue, Moss looked like he was quite hands on with the player management/mentoring, whereas Burchnall looked like he was clueless and ****ing himself. That said, both look quite out of their depth. The thing about Ian Burchnall for me, is he talks football but doesn't apply anything. He's quite emotionless, seems quite clueless and just not someone ready for this type of appointment. The pressure is really on to achieve and do better, which so far he's failing to do. I always hope for the best, but I don't see him i
  19. Just to advice members further, I have completed a theme update for all the existing options.
  20. It was a pretty pointless signing, first thing I'd have done as Ian Burchnall was send the majority of loanees back.
  21. And yet, Enzio magically makes the list despite never being a very good signing. He's not had a standout season for Notts, all have been pretty average but its acceptable because of a flash in pan moment.
  22. I haven't changed it, I really should but part of me wishes he was still here. Those fools who called for Ardley after every defeat/draw, poor souls are now in overtime. I imagine they'll be doing it even if Ian Burchnall wins 3 games in a row back to back.
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