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  1. Those Frankfurters/Hot dogs look the bomb.

    @super_pie look at these. ;)

    I don't eat at football grounds if I can help it, I especially do not at Meadow Lane. I was put off when a server tried giving Jake a hot dog that they had dropped on the floor. We always eat before approaching the ground now.

    This food does look interesting, minus the source and funny cowpat  looking thing.

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  2. I thought he was a good manager, especially during games. He knew how to get a side attacking, perhaps defensively it could have been improved but the brand of football always entertained. I actually don't recall why he was sacked, well the "reason" for it. I always felt Shaun Derry should have remained at Notts, but the memories of Moniz are there.

    The opening game against Stevenage will always be remembered fondly by me.

    I left thinking we were on the verge of something special, perhaps if he had more time to influence Notts he might have got us back into League One.

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  3. Passion has been missing for years, it was bridged with the signing of Shola Ameobi and to some point Alan Smith.

    Two people I would welcome back.

    I think Notts could inject a lot more if they tried to rekindle a connection with the likes of Lee Hughes, he has a great sense of humour and is very much down to earth. I was at the Hastings Magpies game at the weekend and it was amazing to see him turning rings around players. I do feel, having someone like him in and around the dressing would only be a good thing. Get him back as a coach, he's obtaining his badges now and will retire soon from playing.

  4. 59 minutes ago, TheFostarr94 said:

    @Chris goodbye Notts-Joe. Great article buddy. I did always wonder where the Joe came from.


    I'm gonna request a new username with that last line, please go to SimplyChris haha! 

    I was almost tempted to go with 'EverybodyHatesChris' after the sitcom but it was too long. 😂

    28 minutes ago, DangerousSausage said:

    It's a shame you didn't pick a more creative user name, like Enormous Banana or something.

    I'll have you know Chris is a very creative name, where else would I get my creativity from? It's not @super_ram for sure.

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  5. I loved hearing stories about his scouting methods, even today I often have various fans tell me stories of him. Scouting a player long term really does give a bigger picture, as you see their flaws more clearly and I do believe every manager should join in with the scouting.

    Jimmy spoke gold, which is clear by how successful he was that it worked.

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  6. I watched the video on YouTube of him the other week.

    It confirmed a story I had been told as a child, basically Jimmy stayed with us - despite better offers from higher because he didn't want to let 'the people of nottingham down', the young players, board, chairman etc.

    *Sigh... You wouldn't get that respect these days.

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  7. I haven't been paying attention to the Olympics, if I was totally honest I would say they have lost all their appeal which they once had. I don't even given our own the time of day when it comes to medals etc.

    That said, there are some which I keep an eye out (mainly runners).

    Also agree that it shouldn't take place if Brazil don't have the virus in hand. Last thing we need is for it to spread or for it to get out of control totally - it makes me curious why they stop the African Nations for fear of spreading a disease but not this?

  8. I think it's not so much a case of foreign players but teams knowing how to make use of their ability.

    When you cook something, these days herbs and spices aren't uncommon to be added - whilst in the footballing world, managers insist that they know best and some do not give people chance to express myself. The perfect example would be Swerts, he looked very useful and now we have the missing Stanley Aborah - who do we fall back on? It's certainly not Gill Swerts because he opt towards releasing him.

    Like I try to mention, it's more about the clubs.

    I forget the Dutch defender in the 90's who played in the Championship, yet he was someone I always felt could cut it. Also, some teams have made it quite successful in dabbling in the market. Forest (hate to say it) managed to find some gems whilst in League One.

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  9. I praise the club for what they, the way they have got children involved but I have always said more can be done. Having taken the photos in the club shop for a brief time - I met many young fans who had a great heart and attitude towards the club (which you will know).

    Your friend Lee, he's unlike a lot of young fans and I think there's certainly more that could do done on match days.

    This interest will lead to further loyalty, so maybe at some stage we will see more but I wouldn't make recommendations myself.

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