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  1. I went to the Arsenal friendly, I attended about 7-9 games this season with my grandfather. I remember a rainy Tuesday night match, when my Grandfather told me the title would be won by Notts.

    The squad was quite small from my memories.

    I also believe we played players out of position, although some fans have recently clarified that it wasn't solely due to injuries. More the fact Notts needed a good target man and someone who could run at people.

    I believe Matt Redmile played out of position a lot. 

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  2. Only changes I would make right now, are to Rose and Enzio.

    I think the starting lineup only really needs to tweaked here and there, it's a fair point that we did better with a few changes. The fixtures really forced that, however, Ardley should try to solve some of the issues about game time. He's done right by shipping some out on loan but if we are to improve further, you can't play tired bodies, you can't persist out-of-form players are good enough to start ahead of hard workers.

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  3. The future must be the focus, it's good to have two brothers who support each other and those around them. I get the impression that they're relaxed about progress, understanding that it takes time and hard work. The clubs been in a state since as long as I have supported Notts - it will take steady hands to change this.

    Neal Ardley has been backed by them, they worked fast to support him in getting signings and it's just welcoming to see how it's the club being put first.

    No gimmicks, no false dawns or blame. No getting the fans all excited over nothing, just common sense.

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  4. I would have given him a 5-year-deal myself, yet I openly admit this might have been a bit OTT.

    2 years is a very sensible option.

    We need to be ensuring players like Kyle we can move forward and grow together, I don't want to see the Alan Judge situation whereby we don't meet that forward progression every club seeks to make. If we build wisely, sign players who stock we can later sell but replace well - we would have moved forward a lot.

    It's always disappointing to see a good player leave, especially for free. Likewise, it hurts when we can't capture them as first team signings such as Ryan Yates and Jorge Grant.

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  5. I feel Neal Ardley needs to be given time to add the stability we lack, however, he's as stubborn as Kevin Nolan. Very similar downfalls, I think right now he should be getting players fighting for places - which we all know certain people are guaranteed to be on the team sheet.

    The inconsistencies can be pin pointed to several factors, most of which Ardley has to take responsibility for due to him being the manager.

    I'm probably right now, 65% Ardley in but it does keep becoming lower.

    When he made the silly comments about people wanting Notts to fail, whilst I respect his opinion, it was obviously very silly to say publicly during a press conference. One of my biggest concerns is the lack of management skills when it comes to lifting players, I hope he serves and gets us playing.

    The football at times has been a joy to watch, some of the best stuff for years but these past several games it's been the opposite of it.

  6. I think I've been quite critical of Michael Doyle, as I have to admit I wasn't his biggest fan.

    I can see that he's Neal Ardley's voice on the pitch, something which I have mentioned myself but I find him to be a bit of Jekyll and Hyde type of player.

    Whilst I have preferred Mitch Rose as the captain, I don't think Rose's recent performance would warrant such duty. He's gone very quiet, whereas Doyle now plays in the opposite fashion. He's sometimes extremely wasteful and frustrating, I don't deny he can be effective in his simple duties.

    The passion at times I feel does benefit the squad.

    Would he be my first choose on the team sheet? No, however as the captain it would be difficult not to name him. This, I do feel is Doyle's biggest weakness as he knows he's not replaceable.

    Great to see your balance in perspective, and thought process @Simon Clark, this is a very good piece.

  7. I have to be honest, the World's Oldest Professional Football League Club while it was nice - it did seem to be part of the curse that Meadow Lane has.

    I wasn't that bothered about the title, for me relegation from League Two was more about the uncertainty of falling out of the Football League for the first time and how we seem to sit in divisions once this happens.

    The club is certainly big, the potential is there to take us to the Championship and although I feel our natural level would be League One (if we go by stature).

    I think we need to earn it, right now it's promising under the Danish owners. Neal Ardley to his merit has remoulded the club and got us playing quite well, this season has mainly been exciting for that reason, and recruitment seems to be spot on.

    This commitment and level do need to be met continuously, then perhaps we can grow again further.

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  8. Some of the comments expressed online about Matt is nothing short of disgraceful, it's not right and this is football. I just feel Tootle needs to focus on his training and just go about doing whatever he can. A chance may come, he's a good player who can impress.

    It's good to know he's mentally well, this shouldn't be knocked or used to justify a reason to get rid of him.

    Neal Ardley has his mind set on what he expects, I just wished we could see the same standard being met by others who so far this season are falling short bar the odd wonder goal. It's about working hard for the badge and playing well, not earning selection just because you can score or do a few good things at random times.


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  9. My main objective is the fact we have sacked so many managers already, it would leave someone else with the same task as Neal Ardley but perhaps in a better state all round. Still, you get players who won't settle down or they dislike the changes someone else does.

    Exactly what Harry Kewell had and would complain about.

    The standard of football has generally been better, though it annoys me how defensive minded Ardley is - especially against teams like Sutton who looked beatable until the one change was made. That said, we have to stuck with Neal and hope he can fix things, or at least put in foundations for future success. Now isn't the time, thankfully some of this has died off with wins being picked up.

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  10. I think at this stage, Neal Ardley needs to be settling down the squad, and avoiding changes which seem to be within the 4-5 amount per game.

    The squad really does need to be settled, I'm sure most can manage 90 minutes and this is why we have subs.

    I'd like to see him go for games a bit more, rather than throwing the one defensive player on around the 70th minute but the National League isn't that bad at all. Hopefully, the promise we have in this squad which is clear - can thrive and grow in confidence. I think we are a few good results away from clicking, just need to demand a certain level of the players on a consistent basis.

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  11. I'll be fetching the prints Thursday, so if anyone does want one please let me know. I can adjust the quantity and reflect this on the pre-sale price.

    A3 prints are £10 (£12 if you want it delivered)
    A4 prints are £8 (£2 if you want it delivered)

    After the sale they will return to the regular prices advertised on the Pride of Nottingham store.


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  12. Kane Hemmings did well considering we pushed him out wide and failed to partner him with someone, I think provided he stays scoring won't be an issue as in the National League we should have people who can chip in - I honestly feel Tom Crawford will come good and be one of those players who adds to the goal tally for the club.

    There needs to be some brute force in defence, yet Notts needs to find two very good centre backs that can form a good partnership. Hoof it when needed, yet bring it down and pass with confidence when possible.

    Very good write up @George.

  13. My very first season was whilst Mick managed Notts, I recall my grandfather being unhappy that we had sacked the manager before him (Neil Warnock) and I believe we was somewhere like 4th in the old First Division (now the Championship).

    I was too young to realise that we had been relegated before that from the top flight and narrowly missed out on being a part of the first Premier League season (Oldham and Swindon made it though). I recall the football though, it was pretty entertaining and the squad Notts had worked well together.

    I'm not sure why we let Mick go TBH, again too young at the time.

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  14. Pierce Bird will be a key player if he's given a chance next season, we need to sign an experienced centre back to assist him and it's a shame Mike Edwards isn't younger (as I believe that's the type of player who'd help).

    Will Patching and Tom Crawford must be given a chance, Crawford especially since he's stood out at the National League level.

    There's no point having passengers, these are the signings Notts must avoid so it will be interesting to see who Neal Ardley will choose to give his backing.

  15. Good luck to Jon, I know there's talk of him retiring, but I have also heard he might stay on for another year and join a League Two team. I suspect he'll hang his boots up, as this falls into what he's mentioned.

    He came across as quite grumpy and somewhat rude towards the end of his time at Notts, before that always a standout as one of the best to engage with fans. I'm happy with the retained list, however, it would have been nice to hang on to Jim O'Brien - he gave his all for Notts.

    That standard needs to be met by any new signings next season.

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  16. I think Neal Ardley's made sensible 'team' signings, Jorge Grant would have been another luxury. I feel he's worth a few points just due to his sheer quality but I would question how he could fit into the squad we have now - without looking like he did for Mansfield this past Saturday.

    He looked empty and unable to change the game, I rate him but I feel he's best suited elsewhere.

    Mansfield should be a good fit if they manage to get more time for him on the ball, I'm personally happy with the January signings we got.

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