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  1. We have a great squad in my opinion, maybe a little top heavy at 28. I really think we need to get a reserve team fixture programme to keep the fringe players match fit. As the bad weather approaches injuries may become an issue and players need to be able to come in and hit the ground running.
  2. People will moan that Bird isn’t the first choice replacement at centre back but in my view we are definitely pushing for promotion and Ardley doesn’t want lo leave anything to chance if Rawlinson or Turner get injured. Bird will get his chance I’m sure but getting back into the league must be the priority. This new lad will only be good for the club as a whole, I just hope the budget can stand it !
  3. Same team for me. Booty in midfield PLEASE !
  4. Only just got this but I’ll go 0 - 4 to Notts ........
  5. Totally agree with everything here. We’ve lost 2 in 11. We played Chesterfield AND we were on TV, it was never going to be our day. I agree Rose needs a rest, I would play Booty every day of the week
  6. Slocombe 7 - Came for crosses and punched when necessary Kelly-Evans 5 - short of match fitness Rawlinson 8 - Solid, works hard. So pleased we’ve got him. Turner 6 - Does what it says on the tin. McCrory 6 - Frustrating. Another short on match fitness but saved an equaliser near the end. Shields 7 - improving every game. I wish he would vary the crosses a bit against 6’5 defenders. Doyle 6 - Usual Doyle performance always available, usually reliable. Booty 7.5 - first class work rate great through ball for Wootton’s goal Boldewijn 7 - Great goal, just wish he would take more players on. Wootton 8 - A good goal. Never stops working for the team. Not sure how we’ll replace him in the new year if we can’t extend the loan or sign him. Dennis 6 - Should have scored just before being subbed, but he can’t do it every game. subbs 5
  7. I think most people would look to give the fringe players a game but I liked what the manager said about players having to earn the right to be in the team. lets hope we come out of it injury free.
  8. It really is not surprising to me that things have turned round. The impatience and unrealistic expectations of too many fans was the only thing that I was annoyed about. With no squad to speak of a week before the season kicking off Ardley and Cox were always up against it. The problem they have now will again be an unrealistic expectation that we may be promoted by Christmas!!!! we all need to keep our feet on the ground, there will be bumps in the road but we are hopefully looking towards a brighter future.
  9. Bit of a none story in my opinion. Even if it’s true it’s all irrelevant. The brothers have done us proud.
  10. Couldn’t make the game yesterday but (although unhappy at conceding twice) things are improving game by game. We really do need to find some steel in defence.
  11. We are now at the point where Notts historically disappoint. Another win on Saturday would really put us into the mix. Dover haven’t performed too well at home thus far so if the boys could pull this one off it could be the real beginning of our season.
  12. Good luck to him but to be honest I’m really not that interested in him or his career moves (unless it benefits Notts of course).
  13. In almost all of the previous games when we should/could have won but only drew, others we should/could have drawn but lost, at last we maybe didn’t play well in this one but won !! A fantastic 3 points and signs that partnerships and understanding is developing. No complaints from me ......
  14. What a result ! I didn’t think we’d pull it off, but a great performance all round the pitch. Wootton for me was immense, working as the proper target man we’ve been missing for ages. Congratulations to Sam for a wonderful goal. The gaffer has some thinking to do for Saturday now ( or maybe not ) !!
  15. Unfortunately I can’t see us getting anything again tonight. All we can hope for is a postponement. It appears the weather down there is torrential and set to continue. It’s about Tim we had a bit of luck .....

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