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  1. Truefootballfan

    Notts v Yeovil.. can we get anything out the game

    Sadly not. There has to be a massive change in attitude from most of the players. I am not one who thinks that they don’t care but their confidence is shot and without the influx of new blood (be it loans or otherwise) I can’t see a recovery any time soon. Continuing the high ball to Stead will only result in the same depressing counter attack from the opposition. We need to get behind and put crosses in for Dennis.
  2. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: Game 29 - The Glovers (A)

    I would love to be positive about the game but I am struggling to see us getting anything tomorrow. Not that Yeovil are much to shout about but we have been so poor so far that without more signings I feel we will be left wanting AGAIN ! Presumably we’ll continue to launch it up to Stead and he’ll continue to lose 95% of them...... 2 - 0 Yeovil for me unfortunately.
  3. Truefootballfan

    Enzio could return this Saturday

    I’d take him to Yeovil just as a confidence builder if nothing else but if the manager feels he would benefit from 20 or 30 minutes and the game happens to go our way, then so be it.
  4. Truefootballfan

    Paul Hart

    He was only here as a sounding board for Kewell. If we got anything for his services we did well.
  5. Truefootballfan

    Turley signs with Leyton Orient

    Unfortunately it seems Neal Ardley’S search for our saviours is not going well. Jamie Turley was probably the best of the central defenders we had but the club has to have a realistic eye on what we can afford )if we do happen to be able to attract anyone). We have a few games left before the disaster contingency has to be adopted so fingers crossed everyone it’s going to be a close call, closer than any of the previous escapes !!
  6. Truefootballfan

    Thoughts on Ryan Schofield debut.

    Nice to see the keeper interacting with the defence. Unfortunately Saturdays team performance has put the coffin lid on, it only needs a few nails now and it’s curtains for our famous old club. This is one great escape that is beyond us I’m afraid.
  7. Truefootballfan

    Enzio is ahead of schedule as he looks for a early return

    You have to worry that if he comes back too early he could be heading for a longer term injury. We can only put our faith in the medical specialists.
  8. Truefootballfan

    Notts v Cambridge 12,000 tickets sold so far.

    Fantastic support for a club in our position and brilliant thinking on the part of Alan Hardy to get people through the turnstiles.
  9. Truefootballfan

    Jim O'Brien Signs!

    Just the sort of player we needed last season as well, he will be skipper next season. Now please please Notts let’s get a good keeper, PLEASE!
  10. Truefootballfan

    Is Neal Ardley the right man for the Job.?

    Absolutely the right man for Notts in my opinion, whether he has the time or can get the players to get us out of this mess is another question.
  11. Truefootballfan

    Would you give Jamie Turley a new deal?

    I would give him a contract, unless Ardley has some one better in mind.
  12. Truefootballfan

    Colchester United 3 - 3 Notts County

    God save & preserve us ! Please get someone in with some balls who can marshal the defence and instil some grit. The boy Ben Barclay did well but we need a leader on the pitch.
  13. Truefootballfan

    Man of the Match: Colchester United 3-3 Notts County

    Absolutely pissed off with that! It looks like the gods are against us and I’m losing my optimism with every passing game. We desperately need a new keeper. The defence was far too deep and he never gave any direction to push forward, ok so he couldn’t do to much to stop the shots but he was crowded out and for their goals AND the penalty award. Get rid of the keeper, his coach and the defence coach.
  14. Truefootballfan

    Barclay to bolster defence .. as Notts make first signing.

    Don’t know the lad so can’t give a view. I was hoping for an experienced skipper at the back but trust in Ardley’s judgement. As long as it’s his judgement & not Paul Hart’s ! we need a keeper !!!
  15. Truefootballfan

    Hawkridge to Harrogate Town.?

    Terry is not the worst player we have but we need to make space for the player/s that will change the ethos in the dressing room.

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