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  1. Where does every one sit on match day.

    Pavis for me. Can’t afford ST
  2. My vote is for Hewitt. But Tootle has blossomed as well.
  3. And the cold hard fact is we were cheated in so many other games this season by incompetent officials... there shouldn’t have been any need for us to join the playoff lottery. Football has been the sam as long as I’ve been a supporter. The game is run buy arrogant egocentrics who give not one crap about fairness or integrity as long as the can sit back and rake in their obscene salaries.
  4. The retained list...

    We will have to hope Kevin has a good idea of who he can get in. He didn’t like Forte which he made pretty obvious since he ignored him during the terrible goal drought around December. I would have kept him but he may have wanted guarantees we couldn’t commit to. On the other hand Kevin loves Duffy and personally I would have let him go. Shola couldn’t play every game and his goal return this season was poor for a player of his class so sadly his time had come. I we can improve in every position of those released (which surely is the point) we should have a good team next season. Remember there is a 5 year plan ..... if we don’t get promotion next term instead of being ahead of schedule we will be behind schedule so Mr Hardy needs to commit to some serious investment be it in transfer fees or wages or both.... can’t wait to see who we get in.
  5. Kristian Dennis

    Age isn’t the issue for me. Let’s face it, at the moment we can’t afford players from the top 2 leagues ( other than the odd loanee) so if the 5 year plan comes off he won’t be here then anyway. I would prefer looking at good League 1 standard to take us to the brink of the Championship then see how the finances stack up then.
  6. ARLukomski's Match Vlog: Notts County undone by Coventry City

    Headline adjustment required.... “NOTTS COUNTY UNDONE BY MATCH OFFICIALS ... AGAIN !”
  7. Ratings Notts v Coventry

    O’Connor 5 all the way MotM and he only played 45.... nearest we’re Forte for the goal (I’m counting it as a goal) and Tootle for effort both 4: Grant 3 for the goal: 2 for the rest for turning up 2 nd half....
  8. If you take away Kevin’s silly arrogance at not recognising that Forte should have been a regular after we lost Bennett we would be a league 1 club now. So I don’t think the team is too far away from being good for promotion next year. O’Connor is the key to our success, a proper skipper who leads by example. Shola has not contributed anywhere near the goals he should have at this level so I would say thanks, but no thanks. We have no option but to keep Stead as he triggered his extension. Collin ..... get rid Tootle ..... keep Jones ..... Keep Dickinson .... Keep Brisley .... Keep Duffy ..... depends who else we could sign, ok for back up. (If only we could afford Ben Hall). Hewitt .... Keep O’Connor .. Keep (captain) Hawkridge .. Keep Noble ..... Keep Husin ..... Keep Milson ... Keep Allessandra ... Keep Forte .... Keep Thats a basis of a 14 man squad giving scope for some great signings. I am pretty sure Bennett will return. After recent attendances Alan Hardy must be encouraged by the potential gates that we could generate with a quality team; so without suggesting ridiculous unrealistic spending I hope he can provide Kevin with the funds to build on what we already have and carry us forward....
  9. Without being over confident or wanting to tempt providence, I have a strangely optimistic feeling....... please lads, put on a fantastic show and get us out of this bloody division !
  10. Pre-match build-up: Notts County's date of destiny with Coventry City

    My dads ashes are buried in the Meadow Lane pitch.... I will be willing him to rise up and drive us on to win tonight..... come on dad ....... do us proud...
  11. League Two news roundup: Transfer activity gathers pace among clubs

    We need to be looking at league 1 quality at least, regardless of where we finish after the playoffs!
  12. Forgot to predict score ..... 0 - 0 after 97 minutes and Coventry take it 5 - 3 on pens.
  13. Forte will be out injured and I now worry we are back to no pace up front and will be unlikely to score. i would play Alessandra in Forte’s place and Hawkridge in place of Virtue.
  14. The unfortunate thing is that we all knew a striker was the missing piece in the jigsaw to get us promoted. Sadly Kevin realised too late that We had the answer to the problem in Forte. Obviously it all depends on which league we end up in next year but I hope we will be looking for at least League 1 quality. Ben Hall has been a revelation since he came in. Not sure about Bennett on loan again..... he looked good but was it just a flash in the pan or could he be a rough diamond for us. no one on the list stands out as worth taking a risk on for me. Maybe big Al will spend a bit and get some one worth having ! i know it’s all water under the bridge now but.... oh, if only Kevin !
  15. Coventry City boss Mark Robins sticks up for "cheat" Tom Davies

    The football authorities won’t do anything about it. It’s not Premier League so they aren’t bothered.

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