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  1. I’m pleased Tuesday was postponed, it was a filthy night with wind & driving rain which would have made the game a lottery. we just need to carry on the way we have been and fingers crossed we can get another 3 points. It’s such a shame we couldn’t hit the ground running from the start of the season and with the dip in results recently it’s left us some catching up to do. i have every faith in the gaffer and the lads to do their Absolute best .... that’s all we can hope for.
  2. An absolute blistering goal. I wouldn’t call it my favourite of all time by any means, not because it wasn’t fantastic but because of the occasion. The FA trophy is not a priority at all so I would put less spectacular goals as my favourites purely because of their importance. Lee Hughes against Rochdale, McSwegan and Carlie’s against florist were more significant to me.
  3. We need to offload before we can realistically afford more signings. Not sure how far off O’Brien is but a midfield terrier who tackles and wins the ball would strengthen the squad in my opinion.
  4. Slocombe 7 Save of the season so far. Brindley 5 Gives too many balls away. Rawlinson 8 Defensive rock, brilliant pass for Thomas and a goal in the bargain. Lacey 7 Cool and assured on the ball. McCrory 6 Decent performance Rose 4.5 Turned over too much and missed the pen. Doyle 6 Boldewijn 2 Osborne 6.5 great ball for Thomas’ goal Wootton 6 Not his usual self. Thomas 6.5 Lovely goal but should have scored from the Rawlinson ball over the top.
  5. Who knows what the injury list is like ! Kelly-Evans must play in my opinion......
  6. He won’t come cheap because Scunny know how well he’s doing for us. But if we can possibly get him permanent it would be fantastic.
  7. They will make it very difficult for us tomorrow. Their home form has been poor so they will be going all out to stop us winning. I suppose a draw wouldn’t be a bad result but a win would really put us in the frame. We can only hope we have enough fit players.
  8. We have to break our necks to sign Wootton. He’s the making of the attack.
  9. Best wishes to everyone. Here’s to a good Christmas & a great 2020
  10. If you take out cancellation of contracts, I think Enzio will go in January !!!
  11. If his injury was a recurrence of the arm injury you could say it was ruched .... it’s just a terrible accident.
  12. If the lads start the game with the tempo and effort they have been starting the second halves with team selection won’t matter. God help Ardley if we lose this one !!
  13. Who else can he blame but the players. He identified Northampton’s threats in his pre match presser and the players worked on nullifying them during the week. The players failed to carry out the plan AGAIN ....... didn’t start playing until we were chasing the game AGAIN. if fans spent as much energy getting behind him and the team as they do criticising he wouldn’t be feeling any pressure and the team might play with confidence from the kick off.
  14. I think he will bring in Dennis, Osbourne, Kelly-Evans & zoom.

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