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  1. Yes, the man got it all wrong and I’m not condoning anything, but very few questioned his integrity when we were riding high at the top of the league.
  2. Obviously O’Brien is a much higher standard than none league so can understand him triggering the relegation clause in the contract. the rest will find places at other none league clubs if not league 2.
  3. I assume the list of those released is purely down to reducing the wage bill. We are now a National League side and most of those released would be decent none league players and would find a place at other clubs, some even in league 2 I suspect !
  4. There are 8 ex league clubs in that list, teams we used to play most seasons. It will be a monumental effort if we get out in my lifetime!
  5. The boy is National League standard anyway and did well in that league so no reason to think he can’t do a good job for us and won’t break the bank.
  6. Same old, same old. Build a team around a good solid spine. Goalkeeper, Centre half, Terrier midfielder and a 20 odd goal centre forward.
  7. I think City and Liverpool will both win today so City will win the title by that definition. I really don’t care to be honest, the premier league is shitting on the rest of football with their greed and selfishness.
  8. Bit of this, bit of that, bit of gardening. Mostly still checking for any Notts updates !!
  9. I’m not so much bothered about the price of the season ticket (yes I know I’m lucky) but I will be bothered if the club goes under and all I have done is line somebody’s pocket !
  10. Link who you like unless the Manager has been given the nod that he’s staying any rumours must be taken as such and disregarded.
  11. It’s all dependent upon the squad of players we end up with. If we start recruiting none league standard players that’s where we’ll stay (Fitzsimmons being a prime example) Salford proved that you need to pay decent players who are better than National League. That’s why we have to bite the bullet and stump up for last seasons season tickets prices. Obviously it all depends on the new owners how the club is funded.
  12. It’s nice to hear from a fan with some humility and integrity, a rare commodity these days . Best of luck for next season Ed.
  13. Of course sadness is the emotion this morning, 5 generations of my family have supported this wonderful club and I feel hurt for all of them, but I’m not in a state of dejected anxiety, that came months ago with the realisation that this season was going to be our last in the football league. I’m not naive enough to suggest that we will bounce straight back up because I don’t think it’s possible given the restructuring that now needs to take place. This could take years. No one knows what resources the new owners have or their intentions. The National League can be the graveyard for football clubs. I have supported Notts fo 62 years and the likelihood is that I may never see my club in the football league again, I sincerely hope I’m wrong but most of my predictions this season have been accurate, I just hope that the last rights haven’t been read and there is a future for the club and it’s fantastic supporters.
  14. The manager watches all of the players available to him every day in training. Do people really believe that if we had a kid ready to make headlines he’d keep him in the youth or reserve teams ! No manager keeps players out of the first team if they are better than the experienced pros he has at the club. We have had a nightmare season and up until a couple of games ago it was still in our own hands. Throwing kids in that aren’t/weren’t ready would have sealed our fate weeks ago.

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