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  1. Is it only on Sky ? If so I can’t get it anyway, so no won’t be watching it.
  2. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: EFL Trophy - Magpies (H)

    I hope those picked to play the game are as embarrassed as I am !!
  3. Truefootballfan

    No football this weekend what will you be doing.?

    It will be nice not to have to worry how Notts are going to do ! The weather is looking bad so staying at home & keeping warm & cosy ......
  4. Truefootballfan

    Would you give Jamie Turley a longer deal at Notts?

    Realistically we won’t get promotion this season now so we will need him next season to try and get us up. Yes I would extend until the end of next season. lets face it, he’s done a fantastic job since he came.
  5. Truefootballfan

    Kewell...going Dutch...Blog

    Now don’t get me wrong, I was not banging the drum for Kewells appointment and by his own admission it’s early days, but let’s give credit where credits due; he’s dug us out of the mire and I don’t give a fig what philosophy he’s used or intends using in the future, the boy as done us proud. The thing is, as Notts supporters we aren’t used to terms like “philosophy” or “culture” being used in association with Notts County. We’ve been used to being labelled anything but and there’s no reason things can’t change. I for one am prepared to embrace the thought that one day the doom & gloom will lift from the Lane and terms like “pylosophy” & “culture” will become synonymous with our great club.
  6. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: EFL Trophy - Magpies (H)

    We’ve got to give the squad players a full game. Yes, we have some promising youngsters coming through but the squad needs to be kept ready for first team action. An injury or injuries could happen any time and to maintain our recent progress we need to keep players chomping at the bit to win a regular first team place. Giving the Youngsters a chance is all well & good if you’re flying high but we aren’t and we need players ready to step in and maintain our push up the table.
  7. Truefootballfan

    Can we start to get excited yet?

    Yes, a wonderful turn around in form, but in the first few games we played teams that are now at the top of the table and we were hammered by most. Getting carried away now would be folly. I think we have left ourselves far too much to do to make any realistic challenge for promotion. Of course there is a long way to go but we hardly tore Macclesfield apart ! the signs are good for a great recovery but for me, unfortunately this will be a “dead rubber” kind of season. Such a shame after such optimism. I don’t like to say I told you so but I did predict this season would be an “after the Lord Mayor’s show” event if we didn’t capitalise on our position after last Christmas.
  8. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: Game 12 - The Silkmen (A)

    I dared to dream we could win again and the dream come true .... just hope we don’t lose momentum now. Fantastic 9 points!
  9. Truefootballfan

    Man of the Match: Macclesfield Town 0-1 Notts County

    Can’t comment on MoM as I missed the game but 3 points is more than I expected & 9 from 3 is fantastic. I had my doubts about bringing Brisley in but get the reasoning completely. game by game Harry is proving the doubters (and I was one) wrong. Let’s just hope we don’t lose momentum with the loss of the Oldham game and we can continue the progression up the table.
  10. Truefootballfan

    Prediction League Round 12

    Millwall 1 - 1 Aston Villa PNE 2 - 1 Wigan Athletic Bradford City 0 - 2 Sunderland (joker) Peterborough United 2 - 0 Barnsley Forest Green Rovers 1 - 2 Newport County Yeovil Town 0 - 3 Exeter City
  11. Truefootballfan

    Goose Fair

    Not been for donkeys years. I’d even forgotten it was on !
  12. Truefootballfan

    Video Discussion: Lionesses at the Lane

    Sad to say I know, but I can’t get excited about women’s football. There’s no justification in it; just doesn’t do it for me.
  13. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: Game 12 - The Silkmen (A)

    Wow, what a game this is ! Not in terms of quality necessarily but in terms of what a win could mean; of course it isn’t make or break but as a springboard to a decent run. as for the Rob Milsom situation; one man doesn’t make a team, but continuity is important when momentum is required and that’s the worry for me. Husin will probably be Harry’s choice, the other alternative is Vaughan of course but somehow I don’t fancy him, he’s not a ball winner any more than Husin is, so where do we go ? Alesandra dropping into midfield and Thomas on the wing ? Or, he change tack and simply bring in Kellett. it will be interesting but we really need to win this game, I think we are at a crucial point which could be the catalyst for how well we continue to improve. my predictions are very rarely accurate, my heart says we’ll win my head say something else. Fingers crossed for the former
  14. Truefootballfan

    Who would be your replacement for Milsom?

    Agree with Alesandra in midfield & bring Thomas in on the wing. I might be tempted to bring Kellett in if he’s fit but Harry can see something in Husin and will probably play him. I think we’ll need a bit of steel in there on Saturday.
  15. Truefootballfan

    Player Ratings: Crawley Town (H)

    Just watched the highlights on the Notts site and adjusted my rating of Fitzsimmons from 6/10 to 5/10........ he should have easily stopped the cross for their goal. I’m not one for giving a sympathy vote.

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