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  1. Truefootballfan

    Jim O’Brien in just one word

  2. Truefootballfan

    Player ratings v Morecambe

    I couldn’t get to the game so can’t contribute this week. All seems too familiar though.
  3. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: Game 38 - The Shrimps (H)

    If Stead is fit he will play, if Stead plays we’ll lose. It’s like starting every game with 10 men and one of those 10 give the ball away every time they touch it. I am not questioning Stead’s passion, he just attracts the ball being played up to him and he can’t win a ball in the air. Unfortunately i expect Tuesday night to be just another false start. Notts 1 Morcambe 2 i do so hope I’m proved totally wrong.
  4. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: Game 36 - The Robins (A)

    I’ve given up predicting anything positive. There was a little bit of hope after the Lincoln & Mansfield games but that all fizzled out pretty quickly. We have no regular goal scorer which has been an issue since Christmas 2017. We have had 3 managers this season and we are still bottom, 8 new players (not counting Kewell’s signings) and there’s been one constant John Stead, what was it 9 goals last season about the same this season which is laughable for a player leading the forward line and he’s still first on the team sheet. Until someone realises we need a recognised striker nothing will change. The money we are paying Vaughan would have secured the player we’ve been missing. Nolan said he gave Hardy a list and got everyone he wanted and now he’s blaming Hardy for the mistakes made.
  5. Truefootballfan

    Answer this for our squad

    Best. O’Brien Underrated. Rose Unlucky. Turley Surprising. Schofield Bargain Doyle Cult Hero Tootle Most Potential Osborne Underwhelming Vaughan
  6. Truefootballfan

    More news about the takeover

    Personally I’m weary of all the BS. How many times do we have to be the laughing stock of football. All we have had for years now is the promise of this, that or the other. Other clubs go through insecurity and come out the other side. I am tired of my weekends and the early part of the following week being ruined by abject failure. I can take getting beat by better teams but Macclesfield, Yeovil and towns who’s population isn’t enough to fill a decent stadium.
  7. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: Game 35 - The Valiants (H)

    Win lose or draw tomorrow I’m afraid it’s too late. A good result will only prolong the inevitable in my opinion. I have been positive all season thinking that things are bound to turn around but it’s been a continuation of bad fortune and poor performance which has brought us to the point of no return. of course there will be blind faith and false optimism but this is one great escape too many.
  8. No point getting excited over speculation. I would say we are doomed to relegation now anyway.
  9. Truefootballfan

    Match Ratings v Newport

    Fair assessment I’d say. Nothing much to add except Send Gomis back. He’s not ready for men’s football.
  10. Truefootballfan

    The relegation run-in

    Still all to do. I thought we might get something out of Newport but they exposed the defences inexperience. If we can recover from that we stand a chance, but we desperately need to start scoring goals and I can’t see who is going to do it.
  11. Without doubt, he is out of contact in The summer. Comparing him to Dennis is ridiculous (I have nothing against Dennis) CMS is a far better player.
  12. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Exiles (H)

    The boss said that there are a few suffering after Saturday and won’t know until today if they will be ok. How many a few is, what position and who they are could be fundamental. I’m sure he would want to keep a winning team but playing with the intensity that we have in the last 3 games may have taken it’s toll.
  13. Truefootballfan

    Ratings Notts v Mansfield

    Schofield 6.5 a couple of dodgy moments but a vocal presence at the back. Rose 8.5 Another wonderful performance. Stubbs 9 An absolute rock. Barclay 8.5 Gets better with every game. Milsom 7.5 Defensively did his job well and looked to push forward at times. O'Brien 9 driven and passionate. Doyle share 9 up to his old tricks. Nibbled away at their player ‘till he bottled out and was subbed complaining of shithosery. Boldewijn 7.5 solid performance, worked hard. CMS 10 work rate was 100% ..Great goal and does so much winning the midfield balls Stead 6 can’t last 90 minutes, can’t hold the ball up, can’t win a header but he tries his utmost. Gomis 5.5 great pace but his lack of a good touch or shooting prowess let’s him down. Looks like an U23 playing in a man’s game. Out of his depth, erhaps I was expecting more from a Championship player Subs Hemmings 6.5 Shame he couldn’t connect with a decent cross to break stags’ hearts. Alessandra 5.5 Nowhere near his best. Overall a brilliant performance and result. We really must start converting chances into goals!
  14. Truefootballfan

    Man of the Match: Notts County 1-0 Mansfield Town

    CMS takes it for the goal but what a fantastic overall performance by everyone. All of the Bak 4 were brilliant. nice to see Stead taken off, hopefully the manager has realised that he can’t go 90 minutes. He can’t win a header either but that’s another story.
  15. Truefootballfan

    Who would you rather have in goal for Notts?

    No contest in my opinion. Schofield has been coached properly From an early age and it shows in his attitude. Yes the defence has been transformed which may have helped Fitz but nothing can be left to chance we must stick with the new players that have given us a chance of survival.

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