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  1. Truefootballfan

    Is there any player from last season who left are we missing.?

    20:20 hindsight is a wonderful thing but realistically, with the signings our main rivals have made I wouldn’t change it. We have made good additions in the playing staff and given time all will be well.
  2. Truefootballfan

    match ratings Middlesbrough v Notts County

    I would play Husin, Vaughan, Hewitt & Kellett, although Hewitt is looking out of sorts as yet this season. Desperate to see Dennis & Hemmings together. Hall is not fit, I don’t think Bird is up to it yet so I don’t see many other options for the back 4 other than the usual suspects unfortunately, unless of course Kellett plays Left back and Alessandra plays No10 !
  3. Truefootballfan

    Man of the Match: Middlesbrough 3-3 Notts County

    We wouldn’t have been in it if Stead hadn’t scored 2 but Kellett was ready to pounce If Stead wasn’t there for his second. I can’t choose between the two for mom... has to be joint for me.
  4. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: EFL Cup - The Boro (A)

    Obviously it’s very unlikely we’ll get anything out of the game other than some fringe players gaining minutes or experience or both. Although we need the cash, we are best out of the cups, they were a major distraction last season and we have enough injury problems without these type of games. i just hope it’s not embarrassing.
  5. Truefootballfan

    Hewitt and Brisley

    It was an off day. Let’s accept it & move on. Cambridge are a bogey team, everyone has them. If we could have pulled off a win against Colchester no one would be too bothered.
  6. Truefootballfan

    Prediction League Round 2

    Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 Hull City  Stoke City 2 - 1 Brentford Bradford City 1 - 1 Barnsley Luton Town 1 - 2 Sunderland Forest Green Rovers 2 - 1 Oldham Athletic  Lincoln City 2 - 1Swindon Town (joker)
  7. Truefootballfan

    Notts commentary on Radio Red

    I wouldn’t expect anything different from the BBC. Supposed to have a charter for being fair and unbiased. But it’s just another quango run by the corrupt for the corrupt. Someone will have had a back hander somewhere, but it’s ok because it probably means people will come to Notts if they can’t listen to it and stay away from florist because they may as well listen to it on the radio. will be interesting to see the figures and if the ratings go down ban them from the Lane again.
  8. Truefootballfan

    Match Discussion: Game 2 - United (A)

    Looks like Hall will be missing this week due to slight groin strain. i just hope we play Dennis & Hemmings in a 4 4 2. I would like to see Kellett, I think he will be the surprise package this season.
  9. Truefootballfan

    Early thoughts on Enzio Boldewijn?

    Early days but the boy looks short on confidence. I thought as the game went on he seemed to feel more part of the team and when that happens vrom the off I am sure he will be ok. Hope he’s not a flop, we’ve had our share of those !
  10. Truefootballfan

    Bring a guest ....

    Mmm, mine’s a senior & my friends are florist supporters so don’t want to waste it on them. As yet undecided!
  11. Truefootballfan

    Ratings Notts v Colchester

    All about average for me which made for a performance below last season’s standard. There was no point playing Stead up front against the tallest back 4 in the league. Much improved when Dennis came on in my opinion. I also think Thomas & Hemmings tried their best to make things happen. Other than one decent shot Boldewjin never got near the game. The team still look disjointed to me. Yes, we have brought in new players but so have Our rivals for promotion & they seem to have hit the ground running. I have a feeling this will be a transition season. I hope I’m wrong and we see a vast improvement soon or we could be playing catch up towards the end.
  12. Truefootballfan

    Who you looking forward to seeing against Colchester.?

    According to Kevin’s pre match press conference neither Dennis or Hemmings have enough minutes under their belts to warent 90 minutes. Hemmings looks good from what I’ve seen so far and Dennis didn’t stand a chance of impressing against Leicester coming on so late on. Bolderwijn hasn’t impressed as yet and Kellett is still unavailable! Like most people I was looking forward to watching the Dennis/Hemmings partnership. so all that said, we have all heard that Vaughan should be too good for this league (according to reports from the “plank farm” supporters), I doubt it really so I am looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about.
  13. Truefootballfan

    Prediction League New Season

    Bristol City 0 - 3 Nottingham Forest (joker)  Wigan Athletic 0 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday Accrington Stanley 0 - 2 Gillingham Coventry City 2 - 1 Scunthorpe United  Northampton Town 1 - 2 Lincoln City Swindon Town 4 - 1 Macclesfield Town
  14. Truefootballfan

    Is the squad complete?

    I am not convinced Fitz is ready for the No1 spot. I would like to see a good keeper on a season’s loan and then see where we are next season With Vydra now seemingly staying at Derby I can still see an opening for Bennett but I think Kevin has the squad he wants with most of the new players being versatile enough to play more than one position.
  15. Truefootballfan

    I am slightly worried

    Naivety again in thinking we have a decent goalkeeper. We buy two of the highest combined scorers in League 2 last season and we play them in different games. How on Earth will they develop a partnership if they don’t play together ! I hope I am wrong but Kevin looked severely rattled after today’s game !

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