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  1. Reading the statement from Hardy I’m absolutely staggered that he still thinks the fans haven’t lost patience !!
  2. I got slated for commenting that after the first instalment of the take over that “due diligence” was taking a long time; that was after about 8 weeks. It was obvious to me then that something was and is seriously wrong within the club’s financial structure that due diligence can’t be complete within a matter of a few weeks. All we can do now is hope that things can be sorted out within the next few days/hours. I am absolutely staggered that the local media aren’t hounding Hardy to the point of complete humiliation. The only reason they aren’t is that they fear he will be installed as CEO or some such capacity and they don’t want to alienate him for the future.
  3. Didn’t go, but apparently the two trialists we had were a right back and left winger !! The two positions that we have covered (well until Boldewijn is sold).
  4. Well, here we are 5 days in and still nothing.... how on earth is there not a County wide media condemnation of the man ! Radio, TV all local press should be on his case shaming him into oblivion.
  5. Loans are the only option now but I can see some top earners being transfer listed very soon to fund the wage bill.
  6. It could all be done in 7 to 10 days ......... the club is a joke, fans are being hoodwinked disrespect and the treated like idiots.
  7. I’ve found a new interest ! Lure coursing. I have. 16 month old Whippet and this last weekend we traveled to Newbury to meet his father & brother and to watch dogs of all breeds, shapes & sizes chase a plastic bag tied to a pulley round a field .... sound boring ? Not a bit of it, it’s exciting and real. No money involved just owners with their dogs having a great time. Totally sporting, no one upmanship and If a dog does well everyone everyone is happy. I think all the shenanigans going on at Notts has forced me to look elsewhere for my sporting enjoyment.
  8. Yes the May consortium have been exposed but there has been nothing from Hardy stating that their bit has been rejected ! I doubt there will be, I would put money on Dodds’ consortium getting it now......
  9. How on earth can Hardy be allowed to continue to drag the club through the gutter! The man is a complete spent force as a custodian of a football club and indeed as a credible human being. He is happy to let the world know that a convicted fraudster of the most evil magnitude has his grubby fingers associated with our great club without any statement or obvious intent to distance himself from May’s consortium. We have seen some scum take over our club over the years but this cretin Alan Hardy has to be the most despicable piece of pond life ever to crawl into the club. I truly feel that the end is quite close now, the most we can hope for is that any half decent opportunist lurking to pick the club up from administration has a modicum of decency and can keep up from a further relegation following a points deduction. if this was happening at a continental club I’m pretty sure his safety would be in grave danger.
  10. The ticket price is fine as long as we have a team to put out !
  11. No disrespect intended but I have no interest in the women’s game so no, I won’t be watching.
  12. The club has never been in such disarray; yes, we’ve been broke, mismanaged, relegated and on our knees many times, but we are now on the canvas at the count of 9 and never in our history have things been so bad. If we were in many countries in the world there would be lynch mobs at Hardy’s door.
  13. Wouldn’t watch it to be honest. I’m sick of the elite plundering millions whilst lower League clubs struggle to survive.
  14. Clubs relegated from the football league are usually in a mess of some description. The fact that they find themselves in such a dire situation is normally as a result of underfunding, poor management or something of that ilk. All of the 3 clubs vying for the 2 relegation spots this/last season Macclesfield, Notts & Yeovil found themselves in just such circumstances.

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