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  1. Wow, what a question ........ couldn’t possibly pick just one, there have been many.
  2. 1. Abbey Road - Beatles 2. Rubber Soul- Beatles 3. Blood on the Tracks - Dylan 4. Fireball - Deep Purple 5. Sgt. Pepper - Beatles
  3. We will all need our PON fix from time to time so any news/comment no matter how trivial it may seem will keep us going. keep it up PON we need you, especially in these lean football times.
  4. The FA, EFL & NL need to restructure their financial spread. There are millions split between the PL & Championship, a restructured, fairer allocation would prevent see clubs over the suspension period.
  5. There just needs to be some common sense applied. People are going on about clubs going to the wall ..... clubs don’t go to the wall when a season ends ! This could and should be used as a break in proceedings and a resumption as soon as possible; Games can be played on the lifting of the restrictions and similar revenues will be made. If the season gets cancelled (null&void) those games will be lost along with the potential income. Take a deep breath, in time things will resume, our injury list will be the only thing that is null & void the team will be refreshed, raring to go and get us back in the football league.
  6. McDonnell 6 - Brindley 6.5 Rawlinson 7 - Lacey 7 - Bagan 7 - Roberts 8 - Rose 7 - Doyle 8.5 - Boldewijn 5 - Dennis 9 - Wootton 9 - Thomas 6 - Closed down the defenders and put himself about Crawford 6 - Got back to cover and showed some neat ball control Wilson - 5
  7. I don’t think anyone other than a core of about 4 or 5 players can guarantee a regular place in any starting 11. Crawford has made massive strides and with another season under his belt should make a good player for us.
  8. I expect Enzio & Osbourne will start and. My dilemma would be resting Wootton means playing Thomas who doesn’t fill me with confidence, then a toss up between Dennis and Wilson along side him. this is the kind of game we could really make a statement and find ourselves in the top 3 but history suggests we’ll fall short. I predict 0-0 at best.
  9. I was expecting Barrow to hit a bit of a sticky patch but as yet it hasn’t happened, hopefully Notts can be the start of their poor run and we can hit some great form. I have a feeling Mcrory and Lacey will be back in for Saturday but the gaffer is keeping that under his hat. would love to predict a win but can’t see it realistically.
  10. I would think the 2 new loanees will start giving Rawlinson a rest. Rose also needs a break and I think Wootton will be on the bench with Wilson and Dennis up front. with an eye on Tuesday night and the league a priority, I would go :- Mcdonnell, Bagan, Long, Brindley, Doyle, O’Brien, Crawford, Osbourne, Wilson, Dennis & Roberts.
  11. My view is that he inherited a poor keeper, did what he could to bring in the kid on loan from Huddersfield last season but it didn’t work. No one can complain about Slocombe, he is above National league standard for sure and it isn’t Ardley’s fault he got injured at the time of the season that no one of similar quality is available. McDonnell could and should have had a better game on Saturday but that’s football. You could say it’s Notts that have a blind spot in respect of keepers, it’s a possition that has let us down for years .... until Ardley brought in Slocombe.
  12. It seems every half dozen games or so we get one of these poor performances. The Ardley out brigade are out in force again, those who had nothing to say during a decent spell. sadly I think we’ll slip away now due to the fixture gongestion and injury situation. start afresh next season and see how we go from there.
  13. Depends who’s fit really. I worry Lacey is missing and I think the keeper has a silly mistake in him with the ball at his feet. Would love to be positive but can’t see it happening for us tomorrow and with the massive fixture list coming up I’m seriously worried about the run in too.
  14. Wouldn’t disagree with any of the above other than Enzio. The boy can’t keep living on a worldy every half dozen games to keep him in the team. He’s a dead loss for 95% of games. I’d give him 4 at best.
  15. The weather will be a massive spoiler/leveller. If it is postponed due to the storm and if we win the next round of the cup giving us a 2 leg semifinal I really feel that the fixture pile up will be the undoing of our season.
  16. It’s encouraging that a club like Sunderland could loan us players ..... as long as they are better than what we have. We fell short in the playoff season because we brought in substandard loans. Sunderland are looking for first team places for their players and I don’t see U23 players being right for a promotion push.
  17. Eric Houghton (1952) George Poyser (1956) can’t remember either of them !!!
  18. Ardley says players have to earn their place in the team, wait for an opportunity to claim the shirt. The Lacey/Rawlinson partnership is solid and shouldn’t be split up unless injury dictates. I have nothing at all against Turner but to split the current partnership up would be a big mistake and against Ardley’s own principles.
  19. Who’s available is the question ! Can’t see us getting much out of this Game taking into account Missing players and the TV monkey on our back. can’t help thinking the after Christmas slide is underway.
  20. Didn’t go to the game so couldn’t make any assessments. one thing I will assess though is that the last 2 games were winnable, if we had, I’d have been optimistic about a challenge to Barrow. Now it’s all about can we make the playoffs. I know there are still loads of points to play for but it’s Notts we are talking about and when it really matters they fail to deliver.
  21. This signing proves to me what fantastic owners we now have. The future looks really bright. we have been playing with virtually a man short in games due to Enzio’s lack of impact, he desperately needs a break from the team, I suspect it won’t be him that gives way though.
  22. Slocombe 6 - No too much to do, but commanded the area well. Nice to have confidence in a keeper. Brindley 6 - Good first half, average second. Rawlinson 7 - Solid as we have come to expect Lacey 8 - Showing his class every game now. Shame we didn’t have him last season. McCrory 6 - Steady performance but does have the odd dodgy pass in him. Osborne 5.5 - Not his best game but gives 100% Rose 5 - average day at the office. Doyle 8 - involved in everything. Boldewijn 1 - for the free kick. Wootton 6.5 - Signed a new deal, which may result in a dip in form. Thomas 5 - not showing enough often enough for me. Tyson 6 - Did well with limited time. Dennis 6 - never gets a run in the team but alway gives his best.
  23. I’m pleased Tuesday was postponed, it was a filthy night with wind & driving rain which would have made the game a lottery. we just need to carry on the way we have been and fingers crossed we can get another 3 points. It’s such a shame we couldn’t hit the ground running from the start of the season and with the dip in results recently it’s left us some catching up to do. i have every faith in the gaffer and the lads to do their Absolute best .... that’s all we can hope for.

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