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    Notts County FC - Home and Away, I follow some other local teams but my passion is for Notts. I used to live around Hucknall. Darts, Cricket, Tennis, Music

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  1. upthepies

    Tom Crawford loaned to AFC Fylde

    If he gets a chance if he returns I think he would do well at this level, the lad needs game time and a manager who will coach him as a professional.
  2. upthepies

    Blooming Rose?

    I hope he settles in quickly and hits the ground running, Notts needs players who will give their all and won't be afraid to scrap for the ball.
  3. upthepies

    Please join me and welcome Jon Christie to PoN

    Welcome to the community here @Jon Christie.
  4. upthepies

    I think I'm cursed....

    This needs to be tested with the relegation suggestion, just to see.
  5. upthepies

    Grant signs for Mansfield Town!

    He's doing well for Mansfield, fans I know have been suggesting he's looking to be their best January recruit. It disappoints me that Notts didn't go in for him, well if they did it failed and after the previous two successful loan spells he could have helped keep us up.
  6. upthepies

    never give up.... #notts

    I am getting pretty close.
  7. upthepies

    Alan Hardy posts his pecker on Twitter

    He's systematically destroying this great club, we all know how unstable Notts has been since the Munto saga but he's not helped matters. Promotion last season may have allowed this to turn out different but it's clear to anyone, Alan Hardy has lost his head [I have not see his tweeted photo so I can't validate this as being true].
  8. upthepies

    Club up for sale

    He won't sell quickly, not with the club rooted to the bottom of the league but I do wonder if the club will start to improve once the man is gone? I still feel this decision is an effort to make it all about himself at a time he should be trying to breed confidence and lift into the club.
  9. I feel the clubs doomed with how self motivated and anxious Alan Hardy has proven himself to be, putting the club up for sale after sharing that stupid picture shows how he's not the right man for the job. It will lead to more unstable issues and breed a further lack of condition to the club. Poor downfall.
  10. upthepies

    Jim O'Brien Signs!

    I want to see more from him but he looks a good signing, one made too late for me. If he was here at the start of the season his experience and attitude may have had more impact. I just doubt it will at this stage.
  11. upthepies

    Martin o’neil Favourite to be new forest manager

    Too good for Forest and most likely will regret it as did Stuart Pearce, never go back to manage a former club that you played for.
  12. upthepies

    Remaye Campbell and Kion Etete?

    Jon Stead isn't the issue Sam. He's being caught out by poor instructions and even weaker tactics, him being isolated won't help a youngster who doesn't even have the experience that comes from having played the game at a much higher level. Stead reads the games, he works hard. You can't fault that when there's players who don't give 30%.
  13. upthepies

    Would you rather?....

    Zombie Would you rather support Mansfield or Forest?
  14. upthepies

    Broad Marsh bus station

    The good old days before the traffic was made worse with all the changes!
  15. upthepies

    Can we welcome Lowestoft magpie to Pon

    @Lowestoft Magpie welcome to PON.

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