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  1. I hope you're on the mend @GrannyPie, get well soon.
  2. A bit of drama has emerged from the latest press at Meadow Lane, with the NEP's very own Leigh Curtis tweeting this. Wes Thomas is entitled to self isolate, I cannot see him returning to action whilst he has concerns about his family. This leaves us with Elisha Sam and Jimmy Knowles, both of which could do the job if they're up to it but Sam looks like he would benefit more from the game time. Notts needs to look into what options are out there.
  3. It looked like Notts benefitted from the rest tonight, they looked fit and determined.
  4. I think we should leave the team to get on with things and have faith that they will get the results needed, but to answer the question promotion is the target set back Neal Ardley. It's not my target, I want the club to go up as much as the next person but I am inclined to wait for it. Build a strong enough team to gain double promotions on the bounce. Rather than struggle once we do go up.
  5. Notts played well as a team, well deserved victory which will give the club something to build on when they do return to action.
  6. The performance might not have been the best, poor game all round but the points are important. People say they want Notts to be able to win ugly, well they have. This season will be largely hit and miss in my opinion, but its important that good results start to come. Winning, playing regularly [without breaks/gaps] will only be a blessing. The fixtures are going to come much faster now, so this helps to lift the club. Very happy with the win. Disappointed that we are still sluggish in our play but hopeful.
  7. Chesterfield have much bigger issues than conceding goals in the 80th minute mark.
  8. If we see more tidy finishes like this from Sam, he will be a useful player to have within the squad.
  9. The rug keeps getting pulled from under Notts this season, not a complaint but there's no chance of settling or building form. Notts just has to deal with it the best that they can.
  10. Scottish Oats, I like it with a bit of jam.
  11. I am not that interested in other clubs, any matches that I might find interesting to watch will be on TV.
  12. I would welcome signings of the standard of the National League, I believe this is a key area that Notts are missing and the focus seems to be adding quality that would be good enough to improve in the Football League, weather this be League Two or One. Winning ugly isn't always in the mindset of good quality players. I feel they're more perfectionists. This doesn't mean we can't learn to win ugly but it goes against what Neal Ardley is trying to achieve by playing exciting football. Perhaps 3 good, National League standard players would help to give the squad a bit more fi
  13. Our new owners strike me as patient and careful thinkers, previous owners might have sacked him by now and that strikes me as a breath of fresh air. Results and performances don't always provide the full picture. Around Christmas for me will be the biggest decider but none of us know if the club would be happy sitting in the National League for another season. I partly feel the signings has given some fans a bigger expectation. As did the new owners coming in and wiping all the debts that had been built by the Trews and Hardy. Regarding Neal Ardley, I will admit that he baf
  14. I don't feel anything for Mansfield, they're not a league club in my eyes. They have done well to establish themselves above their natural place, but there's a reason why the always flirt with life in the Non League.
  15. It quickly went downhill. It's a disappointing loss for the main reason that Notts attacked better than them, we just made a pigs meal of every slight attack that they had. No real danger otherwise!

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