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    Notts County FC - Home and Away, I follow some other local teams but my passion is for Notts. I used to live around Hucknall. Darts, Cricket, Tennis, Music

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  1. @DangerousSausage I think tomorrow is a good chance to see what Vincent has to offer, we haven't seen much of him and if Notts progresses further in the cup. Ian Burchnall will need to mix things up, know who can come on and make an impact.
  2. The first goal was a very tidy finish by Ruben Rodrigues, he plays at another level when in form.
  3. Been in many of them over the years, The Globe had a lot of potential but is hurt by the limited parking.
  4. @gtownjohnno @Fozzy Perhaps I should've clarified that I meant robust in the his versatile and overall football qualities, rather than strengthen/being strong. As much as I love Brian Stubbs, his ability on the ball was very basic and limited.
  5. Notts are only a little lightweight in a few areas, with the mentioned players back I think Notts will be a lot more stronger. I think defensively we all know that Alex Lacey the passing defender, with Kyle Cameron being the enforcer type player who can a lot more. He reminds me of a more robust Brian Stubbs.
  6. Common thing in football, to attack those that are well liked, give 100% or are in just poor form. A lot of it will people who can't control their emotions.
  7. I am sorry to read you're feeling unwell @GrannyPie, I hope you feel better soon. Take care!
  8. We've had disappointing time recently in the league, but it could be worse. I think we will see what this squad is made of in the next few weeks, Tamworth might be a welcomed distraction as suggested.
  9. I looked at their YouTube channel, its very poor. I don't think Notts fans want to watch the extended highlights, I gave up after our goals.
  10. The last two games have been different, I know the OP started this before this point but it just shows what a single defeat can do. Notts has to start believing that they can win games, that promotion is possible. If nobody believes, tough results will happen.
  11. Does anyone know how Southend have gotten themselves into this situation? I do not know much about how they've been doing in recent years.
  12. The upturn has to happen sooner or later, I just worry that a few more defeats will happen before something gives. Yeovil aren't a side I think anyone should write off. Ian Burchnall needs to make sure we have the right balance in attacking and defensive play, if we lead, he should be mindful of the players switching off and try to shout out commands to experience players to try to weather the storm.
  13. I thought Notts had a lot of luck to take the lead, Halifax created more chances that could've resulted in goals but seemed to struggle to get the clear cut to take them. At 2-0, Notts needs to learn to close the game off and just kill time, without making stupid mistakes. To allow a game to go from 0-2, to 3-2, especially after the result results its just neglectful and naïve. Something has to be put in place in the training to improve this, otherwise the season will soon be over.
  14. On paper, it looks like a young lad who is close to becoming his clubs first team keeper. A loan like this could help him if he impresses, if he don't it's no loss to us really.
  15. After saying the club has been monitoring 4-5 players, he needs to be good. Its a vital area that is needing cover, and although I am not worried about his inexperience I do think when someone comes in they need to do their best.

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