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    Notts County FC - Home and Away, I follow some other local teams but my passion is for Notts. I used to live around Hucknall. Darts, Cricket, Tennis, Music

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  1. Over 50 years in his role, the voice of many generations. Colin will never be forgotten.
  2. The Irish league standard is all over the place, they have some very gifted players but many who are sub par. I would say its closer to League 1 and 2 in terms of standard. The National League is not that much of a drop for a player who needs more game time or experience. Arriving at a team hopeful of gaining promotion would be a good thing to have on his football CV.
  3. I thought England talked about not entering the Qatar World Cup?
  4. The club will be in mourning after the loss of Colin Slater, its hard to see how the game may unfold due to this. Notts must be at their best for this.
  5. I don't think Notts has the right amount of faith in him to be anything more than a backup, he clearly has talent but much of the practical parts are lacking. He may benefit from a loan move away from the club, so that he can get more game time in England but I fail to see it happening.
  6. After all the failed tests, its only about time for Notts to find someone who shows good promise. Ian Burchnall is fine in my eyes, just a sensible manager who's learning his trade here.
  7. Good chances by both teams, Rochdale look like a side more geared to threatening.
  8. It was only a short term loan, that I believe the club extended to cover Connell Rawlinson's return. Now he's back, there's not much point in having him and that must be the underlining reason why the Owls have recalled him.
  9. These look superb lad, you've done very well to release so many. I hope they're a big hit for PON.
  10. It makes no sense and does look to be more about financial gain, but it could be down to budgets? At least partly.
  11. Play no fear football, with smart but less obvious risks and Notts could reap the rewards. On paper, I think Notts looks the more creative outlet.
  12. I don't mind the current plans, I am sure someone has done the research needed.
  13. I do agree that Ben Fox looks to be a very useful player.
  14. I aim pleased Ian Burchnall navigated the defeats, whilst avoiding falling back on Michael Doyle. I believe this opened the door for Frank Vincent, who I would say has taken his chance and positively impacted the team. Ed Francis is a fine player in the making, but he's just a little lightweight at times. Vincent finding his way into the team, along with the return of key players has helped a lot. I think the club can build on this point, with the players looking like they're enjoying playing. Its important I feel to work a little harder in those games we struggle for possession. This way we might grind out some more victories as Notts did against Grimsby.
  15. Well done @Alex, I think the OSA focuses oh the youth side of football. A well worth thing to get behind.

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