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  1. If he continues just to enjoy his football, he could play a big part in our season. He seems to have all the right tools, nobody can blame him for the odd mistake because they play as a team. I hope he establishes himself as a starting regular and not one of these good players Ardley chooses to forget.
  2. I am hoping this lad continues to be fired up, Notts needs to identify good young players to work themselves up the leagues.
  3. A win would be massive back to back, yet I don't expect it. I do agree it could shape the season!
  4. I haven't purchased either yet, will wait to see which grows on me the most.
  5. Welcome to PON @John C, be a team player in our community.
  6. Welcome to PON @GazH, be a team player in the community here.
  7. Good luck to the lad, I hope it works out for him as it's always nice to see ex players do well.
  8. Wrexham bringing a good amount of support should lift the occasion, if Notts battles and tries to win every ball. I am confident that they can end the game on another victory, I think it will be narrow mind.
  9. If it keeps him away from the media and TV, I can only see it has a good thing.
  10. Slocombe 7 - Always the calm influence at the back, made some solid saves too. Kelly-Evans 6 - Better going forward, defended well at times but always seemed to get caught out. Oxlade-Chamberlain 3 - I thought he started well, became nervous with pressure and he just lost his head. McCrory 6 - Solid debut, he did well IMO. Bird 6 - A fairly decent performance, he did okay. Bakayogo 5 - Played exactly like Enzio did, wasteful and ball greedy. Doyle 2 - Did little defending, sideways and backwards passing. Not the captain, very little respect for others. Rose 6 - He looked a good outlet, I am happy with his work rate and effort. O'Brien 6 - He did well, got the players to go forward and tried to make things happen. A far better midfielder than Doyle who seems vastly overrated to my eyes. Boldewijn 4 - Ball greedy and wasteful. Tyson 6 - Worked well, made effort with the limited service and was let down by the isolation. If supported, he might have seen something break. Subs Hemmings 4 - What is he doing on the wing? Play him up front and he will do better. Turner 6 - Got involved and improved the defending after coming on, Notts looked much better with him in the lineup. Tootle 5.5 - Going forward I thought he was the person who would pull Notts level, not a bad performance for a sub who had little time to impact the game fully.
  11. I am looking forward to getting back on the road, Notts shouldn't have too many nerves. These new signings arrive just in time, they make Neal Ardley's squad selection stronger and I am positive the team will do well. 1-0 win is my prediction.
  12. He's someone who can push and keep out Ross Fitzsimons, a different type of keeper all together. Fantastic capture by the club.
  13. Yes, I will be in attendance on Saturday. Not sure how many fans the club are looking to take but it will be a good game.

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