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    Notts County FC - Home and Away, I follow some other local teams but my passion is for Notts. I used to live around Hucknall. Darts, Cricket, Tennis, Music

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  1. upthepies

    Can we welcome our new addition to Pon

    Welcome to PON @KingPie, its great to see you jumping straight in. Enjoy the site.
  2. upthepies

    It’s time to stand behind the gaffer ...!!

    How did you feel seeing Notts thrashed at the time @Magic magpie? Welcome to life as a Notts. I fully agree with you lad.
  3. upthepies

    What TV do you own and how big is it?

    I have a 65inch Sony Bravia as my main viewing television. It's an ultra thin model and a LED TV.
  4. upthepies

    Do you own an Android TV Box, Amazon Fire stick?

    Amazon Fire stick is what I have but I rarely use it, it was more of an impulse purchase because everyone kept recommending it.
  5. Beer for me, it's the drink of my choice out of that list.
  6. I think this fair to say. I don't feel people should be too harsh because we know what type of player the club has when he plays his best, it's about getting him back to that level of performance.
  7. upthepies

    New here

    Welcome to PON @SmithyPie, its good to have you here.
  8. upthepies

    Prediction League Round 4

    Rotherham United 2-1 Hull City Swansea City 0-2 Leeds United Charlton Athletic 3-2 Peterborogh United (Joker) Rochdale 0-1 Barnsley Carlisle United 3-2 Port Vale Morecambe 2-2 Northampton Town
  9. upthepies

    Match Discussion: Game 4 - The Exiles (A)

    Get the ball down and allow the midfield to do their jobs, be smarter in possession and tighter to the opposition when our of it. Any early goal for Notts would be vital. It would be a big boost in grabbing the first league win and dealing with the oppositions attack properly would make things a lot easier. Notts have had a poor start but against Newport County it could start to improve. 2-0 Notts win, Hemmings and Vaughan to score.
  10. upthepies

    too much pressure on notts to do well?

    Hemmings and Dennis played some brilliant football early on, the signs was very promising. I think the squad gets frustrated myself, when they concede they seem to deflate and struggle thereafter. It would have helped if Notts manage to get at least one goal, I do feel they would have came back but without that important strike they are a shallow vessel for what the club needs.
  11. upthepies

    Prediction League Round 3

    Bristol City 0-1 Middlesbrough Leeds United 3-1 Rotherham United Peterborough United 2-2 Luton Town Shrewsbury Town 2-0 Blackpool Oldham Athletic 0-1 Macclesfield Town Swindon Town 2-0 Tranmere Rovers (Joker)
  12. upthepies

    Match Discussion: EFL Cup - The Boro (A)

    The youngsters sounded like they played very well. Tom Crawford has made a mark which will hopefully get him noticed, maybe he should start alongside David Vaughan? Promising display for the league considering it wasn't the strongest squad Notts could field and yet they played efficiently. I would agree that the goals conceded needs reducing, Championship opposition or not you would have to be deluded to think he does nothing but have a negative effect on a players confidence. Notts will only improve when they stop leaking goals. Positive night on the field for me too.
  13. upthepies

    Match Discussion: Game 3 - The Glovers (H)

    Hemmings and Dennis will hopefully start since Stead is playing tonight. Stead can't play both games and give 100%, the weekend is looking brighter already.
  14. upthepies

    Is the US ways of doing things taking over?

    It doesn't bother me, I read words and I understand them. So younger people in the UK do spell using the American way though which should be prevented.
  15. upthepies

    How does Notts improve defensively?

    They need to keep the line which Kevin Nolan has spoken about several times last season, pull in closely and markup to the players near them. If only we knew how to park the bus, this would be the ultimate in strengthening the defence.

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