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  1. I am of the mindset that someone else will step forward, I wonder if Mitch Rose will come to the plate if he takes over as the captain? Neal Ardley needs to be stronger in giving some of the players better instructions.
  2. The person(s) that caused his death are nothing more than scumbags. Rest in Peace Jordan.
  3. He might as well have come back here until the end of the season, there would be more fight in him than some of them.
  4. A win would keep the pressure on other teams, a draw wouldn't be bad but it's the type of result that Neal Ardley needs to be trying to avoid during games. Notts needs to be more attacking minded, whilst being setup well at the back.
  5. Welcome to the community, @chipmunx.
  6. It makes a change that we aren't signing their players, instead it's ours going to them. I don't think Nathan Tyson would feature much more, if Notts needs a striker stick Enzio up there.
  7. @DangerousSausage Only two teams go up this season, one comes down from L2. 7th would be outside of the playoffs. I am hoping Notts are good enough to finish 4th.
  8. I have just read the memorial entry on the main site of PON, very touching to read the comments. Rest in Peace Mick Vinter.
  9. Welcome to the PON community @Darryl Broughton.
  10. It's always saddening to learn about the passing of someone famous, especially if they had touched your life personally. Mick Vinter has touched the life of many football fans, not just Notts. He was a very good player.
  11. Less expectations if he had signed for free, however, wasn't it Kevin Nolan who brought him to Meadow Lane? If so, he should have knew that £300,000 was silly money for the player. The club won't see a decent return for his investment. I barely see them making a fee at all on him. Our best hopes are using him as a bargaining tool for someone younger and, hope the club just looks at those goals videos the kids upload onto sites.
  12. I know little about him as a player, I will be looking to see how he does but with any signing I don't expect what others might. I would like to see him just settle in firs. If he can make the difference between finishing just in the playoffs, it will be a good signing.
  13. The squad looking confident is a sign that I look out for, usually in the first 5 games teams are feeling each other out.
  14. Hello @BlackJin, welcome to the Pride of Nottingham.

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