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  1. Saddening news, the last time I saw a picture of him he didn't look that healthy which is a shame. Rest in peace.
  2. Just needed to settle, give him time. Poor way to make his debut but he looked like he had something about himself at times.
  3. Superb bit of trickier, lovely when it pays off like that.
  4. Looks like he's finding his feet literally now, once he got his first goal you could see he had something. A player written off way too early, but there's still more he needs to do but that will come with time. Him and Ruben Rodrigues are contenders of this seasons best new signing for me.
  5. Welcome to PON @SpellbindingCaskey.
  6. It shouldn't have started if they want to scrap it now, carry on but keep safe. Take a break if needed or dock teams points who fall down with it. Maybe they would take it more serious?
  7. The local Grimsby newspaper has hinted on his antics, but again things have to develop before fans get out their pitchforks. If it's true that he was destined to sign for another club before switching to us, then some fault falls onto ourselves. Would the same fans be outraged that did this?
  8. I would rather see where things go before jumping the gun, whatever is the reason behind Wes Thomas's departure we can only go off what's been reported. I think we've lost a good striker at this level but he could be replaced with some effort.
  9. I don't think DKE is a weakness in the Notts side, but I think he should be played on the right wing or right back. He does well enough at left-back but someone who can put in more crosses would be a bessing. It depends on if it's something he can work on.
  10. Prefer to watch Notts at home but all that matters is getting the points.
  11. I hope you're on the mend @GrannyPie, get well soon.
  12. A bit of drama has emerged from the latest press at Meadow Lane, with the NEP's very own Leigh Curtis tweeting this. Wes Thomas is entitled to self isolate, I cannot see him returning to action whilst he has concerns about his family. This leaves us with Elisha Sam and Jimmy Knowles, both of which could do the job if they're up to it but Sam looks like he would benefit more from the game time. Notts needs to look into what options are out there.
  13. It looked like Notts benefitted from the rest tonight, they looked fit and determined.
  14. I think we should leave the team to get on with things and have faith that they will get the results needed, but to answer the question promotion is the target set back Neal Ardley. It's not my target, I want the club to go up as much as the next person but I am inclined to wait for it. Build a strong enough team to gain double promotions on the bounce. Rather than struggle once we do go up.

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