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  1. Match Discussion: Game 35 - The Boro (H)

    We lacked pace, the defending was awful. The game was screaming out a 0-0 draw but the goal Grant scored completely changed the outcome. More focus on creating chances and taking responsibility at the back is required. Good win mind.
  2. New name - same Tony

    Its good to see an older regular return to the community, welcome back @Fan of Big Tone.
  3. Jamie Fullarton

    You have to feel sorry for poor old Halifax, are they not already in a relegation battle?
  4. Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Us (A)

    17 minutes in, 5 shots for Cambridge compared to 0 from Notts. What is with the formation change?
  5. Did none of the clubs before us not have excellent standards? He is the type of person who would laugh at gullible fans, I hope we don't take this any more seriously. He has shown that people have worked with him and he lets them down.
  6. Nile Ranger

    Would anyone real Notts fans want this poor excuse of a human playing at the club?
  7. Interesting article Joe, I think you have hit the nail on the head. Lets hope Kev can fix things.
  8. Have we bottled it?

    Maintaining a playoff place would be my target now. Realistically I think we are going to need to overturn the poor form that we have hit in 2017, I would be happy if we did manage to hit the playoffs but anywhere around 10th is fine.
  9. When the dust settles

    The hard bit was going top, maintaining it should be easier because its not like any injuries have impacted us that much. It's poor form, negative tactics and woeful decisions which are holding us back. My worry is that the players no longer believe they are good enough despite Nolan thinking its about believing the hype.
  10. Kevin Nolan tears into Notts County players following Barnet defeat

    TBF it has been long due if people were honest. There was no hiding after the shamble exit from the FA cup, Kevin knows this and he has quickly changed his tune. He needs to be more professional and keep his opinions out of the media. What he says in the dressing room should stay there, it is not for anyone else to know.
  11. Match Discussion: Game 32 - The Bees (A)

    Notts need to continue the league form, Crewe was a good upturn and that has set the standard. We know how to play and fans will expect a repeat. Barnet should be a game where we get 3 points but you never know with football.
  12. EFL chief Shaun Harvey rules out winter break

    I assumed that the players wanted the break? You see it work in other sports but it all depends on how it works with football.
  13. Embarrasing

    We got everything wrong against Swansea but we have the league to focus on from here. There's 3 points to be got on Saturday.

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