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    Notts County FC - Home and Away, I follow some other local teams but my passion is for Notts. I used to live around Hucknall. Darts, Cricket, Tennis, Music

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  1. I see by the poll that hardly anyone wants Pindroch or Duffy, yet Bird has five votes at the time of my post. I think it goes to show how important O'Connor is to the squad by the fact he has 12 votes, compared Fitzsimons and Jones' 11. Those three are the players who are key to being extended, the other thing I don't personally think will do much.
  2. Leadership at Notts

    Quality is the key, if we sign a couple of experienced heads this will help with the leadership on the field. I think the main thing is to sign people who bring someone we don't have or improve what is existing, previous managers tend to bring in too many players who are alike and this only leads to problems down the line. Notts has to think outside the box and Nolan must bring in quality over the summer.
  3. The opening game of the season

    It will be somewhere like Carlisle away.
  4. Sam Hughes and Scott Cuthbert

    Two loans and one potential permanent signing? It could be another slow summer.
  5. When Amazon Alexa thinks she is being funny...

    Well that is one thing I suppose, now if only Alexa had the ability to wipe the memory clean.
  6. Notts County pre-season schedule

    A solid test pre season would be excellent, it's good to see two teams lined up from the top two tiers. Lets just hope Alan Hardy has the agreements signed and safely kept!
  7. Ben Hall

    If we are pushing for a league title this may encourage to come back, yet I would agree that him sitting on the bench would not be the best thing for his career. I would have him and Brisley starting regularly, they seem to make a good pairing at the back. However, if Duffy does stay I doubt Nolan will do this. I would welcome him back though.
  8. how many times have you led pon?

    4 days won [I must try harder]. Last time I did: October 23 2017
  9. Where does every one sit on match day.

    I'm in the Pavis not that far from the away teams dugout.
  10. Which retained players would make your team?

    There's Five definitely Fitzsimons, Tootle, Brisley, Jones and O'Connor.
  11. Re-signing lost/former PON members

    It's just somewhere to chat and catch up on everything Notts related. There is no nonsense like on other places and you can tell the sites ran by people who care [it can go quiet], so I will always put in my thoughts when there are things to be discussed.
  12. Stadium improvements

    The food! I never eat from the tea bars now.
  13. Wes Morgan to County ??

    Surely the States or a big paying Asian team would take him before anyone lower than Championship?
  14. The retained list...

    I felt surprised to see Robert Milsom listed within the released players, though he shouldn't be. We all knew that him and Jonathan Forte would be leaving, its less of a shock when you think about the amount of games they both missed. I would have liked to see Richard Duffy join the list because I feel we could have a much better centre back. Adam Collin needed to find a new club, some Notts fans would never accept him.
  15. Notts County's Youth System

    It will be another 10 years before we have a solid youth academy, with all the changes and under the current structure there is just no way any youths will make enough headway in order to get selected for the first team.

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