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    Notts County FC - Home and Away, I follow some other local teams but my passion is for Notts. I used to live around Hucknall. Darts, Cricket, Tennis, Music

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  1. I don't live near Nottingham, so I do miss the city. 1. Having walks along The Embankment 2. Walking to Meadow Lane 3. The old Market Square
  2. upthepies

    Can we welcome our new member

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Kingzmaddiennotts.
  3. upthepies

    Ox-lade is officially a magpie

    Unknown to me but if he's half like his brother he will be a good asset to the squad. Almost finished on the signing front now.
  4. upthepies

    France v Croatia Final

    France cannot underestimate Croatia, just look how they turned things around against England yesterday and even after they grew tired they still passed the ball as if they knew a goal was coming. England never looked like that after conceding and I think it would be a mistake to write them off.
  5. upthepies

    League Two Transfer Roundup

    Thanks for the update @ARLukomski Which of the teams have impressed you the most with their signings?
  6. upthepies

    County memorabilia

    I have a load of things in my loft, many of my programmes are signed by the players Notts have had over the years. I have shirts, artwork and many other things.
  7. upthepies

    Only fools and horses

    Brilliant show, David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst pulled the show off very well.
  8. upthepies

    dongda he

    He looks a cracking prospect for the future. The lad needs to be played and encouraged, he will only get better with time.
  9. upthepies

    England v Croatia

    It wasn't that bad Anti Red. The pressure must have gotten to them once Croatia conceded.
  10. upthepies

    Match Discussion Notts v Derby [Saturday 14th]

    It should be a good run out for both teams. Have Derby signed anyone yet @super_ram? It might be a friendly but for Notts it will see what character and quality this squad has about itself. I hope for an entertaining game.
  11. upthepies

    Guess the magpie

    That's Kristian Dennis no questions about it.
  12. upthepies

    Personalised shirt numbers

    I will have to wait until I get down for the Derby friendly, as this will be the first chance I will get to sort my shirt out.
  13. upthepies

    The First Thoughts Game

    Dark beard and glasses, fantasy football show, sang three lions with Frank Skinner Tommy Robinson
  14. upthepies

    Semi final World Cup predictions

    France 2 Belgium 0 England 2 Croatia 1
  15. upthepies

    The Simpson’s

    I have not watched The Simpsons for years but I do like it. If a standard channel had it on at reasonable times i would watch it, problem is it's never on at night.

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