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    Notts County FC - Home and Away, I follow some other local teams but my passion is for Notts. I used to live around Hucknall. Darts, Cricket, Tennis, Music

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  1. upthepies

    Is John stead the perfect captain.?

    Not "perfect" but he's ideal. His experience and form as of late makes him the best choice out a slim pickings, there's nobody else other than David Vaughan who looks like a good enough candidate. Elliott Ward hasn't been at the club for five minutes and I could see him being replaced. So this is why Jon Stead isn't the perfect choice but his experience and professionalism speaks volumes.
  2. upthepies

    PONcast Episode 42

    Superb episode! I have missed the PONcast. I haven't fully listened to all the points yet, but the discuss is very engaging and I agree its much better than previous recordings. Well done!!
  3. He's no better, however if fans looked at the career profile of Ross Fitzsimons I think they would admit neither his he. Both have had their chance, neither have taken it. Could Fitzsimons improve? Yes but I question his ability to lead and organise his defence properly.
  4. You are @Magic magpie but keep spreading the positivity it may rub off onto someone else.
  5. upthepies

    Biggest derby in League Two?

    Oldham Athletic have always been a much bigger club than Mansfield. Tranmere is a far bigger club than Notts, they have the same issue as us with supporters but even in the Championship they could draw a bigger crowd than Notts and Mansfield combined at both Field Mill and Meadow Lane.
  6. You can't be happy with conceding 3 goals, especially after signing more defenders. I feel his hands are tied with regards to the main issue which we know as being the Fitzsimons matter. His confidence isn't there but neither is the budget to replace him I am afraid.
  7. upthepies

    Champions League!

    What channels are showing the games? I am tempted to watch the Liverpool game, I don't rate PSG at all.
  8. upthepies


    Can we ban politics on PON? I think for the sake of the site it would be best. Just look how it goes on other sites.
  9. upthepies

    Have you ever been fired from your job?

    No, I have never been fired. I have been lucky enough to have owned my own business for a number of years. I have retired early now, my son now runs the business.
  10. upthepies

    romario vieira is a trialist at notts

    It depends how quickly he can reach the level required for League Two football and if he can adapt to player higher up. Look at the players like Elliot Whitehouse who have done well elsewhere but Notts wasted, he could become a good player in the near future and be worth signing. It depends on the gamble.
  11. upthepies

    Caption this

    A new meaning to parking the bus right, Stevenage has decided to transform into one.
  12. upthepies

    Roll Call: Northampton Town (A)

    I will be there, I never miss many away games.
  13. upthepies

    "An Evening With Kevin Nolan"

    Ask him if he was ever given guarantees about his job safety and if he feels after what he had achieved, if he feels this should have brought him more time to turn things around? Please @Lozzle1.
  14. upthepies

    Guess the magpie... revealed

    Well done everyone!
  15. upthepies

    Notts County vs Stevenage: Player Ratings

    I feel sorry for Fitzsimons but he's not good enough unless he improves, there's little sign of that at the moment. He's the only player now guaranteed to start no matter what and that's just wrong! Duffy has competition now, he's failed as the captain but people insist on saying it's the defence that has placed us smack down bottom of the league table. It's not, it's Fitzsimons.

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